Slicked and Slabbed the BP disaster Part 1: Tony Hayward, arrogant ass, welcome to Slabbed.

The pressure is starting to show on His Worship and I hope this series illustrates why. Let’s begin at Crooks and Liars courtesy of Sock:

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To answer Sock’s question let the Slabbing begin.

The outrage over His Majesty’s comments flooded my inbox. This one from a noted litigator sums up the anger:

I want this cocksucker Heyward under oath.

Yep, the people around soggy bottom are officially pissed Your Majesty. Stay tuned as we explore the why from a local perspective in a series of posts we have coming this week. Tony welcome to the hive Bra.


7 thoughts on “Slicked and Slabbed the BP disaster Part 1: Tony Hayward, arrogant ass, welcome to Slabbed.”

  1. And, his Highness, the eleven who perished want their life back too….. Sock, is this a cross-examiner’s wet dream or what?

  2. Get this shit, they tried to pass off my real Containment Dome for that silly box built to catch the oil. Ha, This baby will plug baby plug. But I’m sick of the unit being called what it is now because of the dumb shit. So now she’s the Start 11, Containment unit.

    Oh, by the way speaking of arrognant assholes.I hope that bunch of idiots in Hinds County get a good look at what a damned class action case might actually look like. See when it’s real there’s a lot of people bitching not just the ones used for filing claims for attorney under false pretence. So where the video? Tony, Tony Moroney fee fi mo money Tony!

    Robert Marie

  3. Oh by the way, once capped off I say look to BP. we love the support of your country but your negligence operations in our waters must stop. As we cap your remaining wells you are dismissed and may return to your life back home. Exxon and other American oil firms will care for our needs in the industry.

  4. Damn I meant Star 11,Containment Unit. don’t you hate it when you can’t fix the spelling. What are they trying now? Isn’t it the Low-live, Marine-money maker, Revenue Package.

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee My uncle, my parrot and I would like to express our humble desire not just to seize and liquidate every piece of oil equipment from BP, Transocean and Halliburton; but after all liquidation we want to see the Rothchilds, who reportedly own BP, to be evicted from their castles and fixed with some “white cajun” official work boots and made to work as peasants for minimum wage under President Nunguesser until they clean every bit of their “royal” oil up.Swinging in the rain—OOOOOOOOwweee

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