I just received Phil Bryant's eNewsletter and eVideo update. He is a bigger idiot than I thought….

I don’t know how I ended up getting spam from Phil because I never signed up to receive any email from the ol’ boy. That said folks Phil was in rare form so I think we should quote him. It is amazing how ignorant of the man sounds when he is not ripping on mexicans or otherwise scapegoating a minority. Is it any wonder nothing has been done during his term as Lite Gov to solve the coastal insurance crisis?

Phil Bryant Thinks BP is “doing a good job…a remarkable job.”

“We know BP is hard at work. We know they’ve spent over I think $300 million; there are ten thousand people involved in it; nearly 300 thousand vessels. I think they’re doing a good job…. We’ve done a marvelous job; BP has done a remarkable job at dispersing it.”

– Phil Bryant – WLOX Four O’Clock Show: 05-11-2010

Phil Bryant says don’t “over react…its not toxic”

“So I don’t think you over react…The material that you see now, the rust colored material that is somewhere between 50 and 60 miles out, but if you take a sample of that I am told there are no hydrocarbons in that product so its not toxic.” – WLOX Four O’Clock Show: 05-11-2010

Phil Bryant says its only Louisiana sweet crude – not a disaster

“This is Louisiana sweet crude. And oh, by the way, it’s still 60 miles off our shore. Thus far, we’ve seen nothing….as the product is skimmed off the surface, the closest to shore there is no hydro carbons in it. So, it’s not toxic….There’s no need for panic. It is not the natural disaster, the national disaster that many in the media have led you to believe.” – WLOX News: 05-12-2010

Phil Bryant says you can’t smell the oil

To people saying they can smell the oil, [Bryant] says, “No, you can’t.” The gas smell may be coming from their lawn mowers, he said. “That is not gasoline coming out of the Gulf.” –Biloxi Sun Herald: 05-12-2010

Prior to Bryant’s speech, an EPA official had said what people are smelling are volatile organic compounds that have evaporated into the air, and he described it as similar to smelling gasoline fumes at a gas pump. –Biloxi Sun Herald: 05-13-2010

So why has Phil Bryant been toting BP’s oil? Show me the oil money.

“I’ve been trying to work with BP to encourage them to help pay for a marketing strategy for the Southeast and all our marketing areas that will say ‘this is a safe, comfortable, and delightful place to come and have your conventions and we hope it will continue to be.” – WLOX Four O’Clock Show: 05-11-2010

Four Coast tourism representatives and one person from the Mississippi Development Authority will decide how to spend the next $11 million of the $15 million BP has given the state to promote tourism. The MDA will use its advertising agency, Frontier Strategies* in Jackson, which will earn fees for the work but no commission for placing the ads.

 “Coast officials will direct ad campaign” – Biloxi Sun Herald: 05/25/2010

*Frontier Strategies is owned by Phil Bryant’s political director Josh Gregory. Gregory has contributed $10,000 to Bryant over the past two years and Bryant’s campaign has paid Frontier Strategies $124,518 over the past two years.

If it is because Phil Bryant wants people to visit the Mississippi Coast, then why would he plan his vacation in Florida, only to consider canceling because the oil spill might reach Florida?

“Don’t leave us. I can assure you, you won’t know this oil spill is occurring.” – Phil Bryant – The Mississippi Press: 05-13-2010

“My wife just called moments ago and said ‘should we rethink our vacation in Panama City?’ because 25 to 30 tar balls have floated up on Dauphin Island, by the way we went out can captured those and removed them safely. Tar balls!” – Phil Bryant – WLOX Four O’Clock Show: 05-11-2010

Phil Bryant, an expert on tar balls

“If we see the oil, if we have tar balls, that’s what I’m concentrated on.” -Phil Bryant – The Mississippi Press: 05-15-2010

“25 to 30 tar balls have floated up on Dauphine Island, by the way we went out and captured those and removed them safely. Tar balls!” – Phil Bryant – WLOX Four O’Clock Show: 05-11-2010

“It could come to shore in the shape of what we call tar balls. And they’re about golf size shaped balls and they look exactly the way you would describe them, like tar. But they’re easy to clean up. You can simply go out and pick them up off the beach and hopefully recycle them if you need to or put them in a safe place, but that’s about the worst just now.” – WLOX: 05-12-2010


Meantime more pieces of the Deepwater Horizon washed up on the coast.

The game on Phil. Welcome to the Warren suite here at the Do Slabb Inn.


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