The end of the mystery……..and Alex the answer is: Who is Elizabeth Birnbaum

I frankly never got why MMS was a daily visitor as our oil spill blogging has been far exceeded by our blogging about corrupt local politicians. Once again did Mr CLS solve the mystery? Nowdy I just can’t place that last name.  😉

Speaking of mysteries I really am loath to link right wingnut Glenn Beck but even a broke clock is right twice a day so let’s welcome Barack and Chicago based Shore Bank which will gladly pay you Tuesday for a bailout today.

Hopefully you MMS people stick around with us. I’m actually MMS positive because I’ll be able to use you folks for compare and contrast.

I’ll have something soon on the oil spill. Meantime check out our good friend Editilla over at the New Orleans Ladder who has all the spill links coupled with the insight and perspective of local.


One thought on “The end of the mystery……..and Alex the answer is: Who is Elizabeth Birnbaum”

  1. Corruption? Cavorting in a sexual manner? Accepting lavish gifts from entities they inspect and enforce ?
    sop: For a minute there I thought we were back on the Jefferson Parish stuff but no it was the explanation of who Elizabeth Birnbaum is: She took over MMS in 2008 to clean it all up. Only she had NO EXPERIENCE with oil and oil companies etc etc etc…
    Learning on the job seems to be the new way of doing things in government …
    Seems a little costly when this kinda stuff happens.

    Just how credentialed is DEANO BONANO to be the guy in charge for Jefferson Parish re this catastrophe? Last I saw he was just another bozo from the Coulon/Yenni eras who was put wherever they needed a YES MAN who was too dumb to ask questions…that is intelligent questions.

    Word is he asks lots of questions like: Why do I have to do that? Do you know who I am? Whose gonna make me?

    But seriously folks, WHAT ARE HIS CREDENTIALS to be labeled Director of Homeland Security for the Parish? Or for that to be even remotely involved in making ANY decisions about the oil spill and clean up? Commandeering BP boats? Aren’t there boats in Jefferson Parish’s arsenal and if not why not? We have Hurricanes remember.?


    Or do we have another Walter Maestri who lied about his credentials ( there was a story in the TP years ago when he was busted) ? Oh but that is right, nothing happened to Maestri as I recall.

    So there is a guy in charge for JP who has NO SCIENTIFIC or POLICE background yet he struts around , ordering people around who are smarter and better credentialed than he is…and he is so arrogant he won’t even listen and learn. Ignorant is as ignorant does. And he is one big ignint som’beach.

    So we have Dumb and Dumber running around Grand Isle and Lafitte mouthing off and making us look absolutely Deliverance Dumb on National TV. AAAAAGH.

    No wonder no one is helping Louisiana. We are our own worse enemies.

    Between Diaper Dave and Macho Mary our Federal clout is nil.

    Then don’t even get me started about our State lilliputians. And the invisible Jefferson Parish Council ( except for Chrissy “Mini-Me” Roberts who just loves a good disaster to draw the attention away from him and his River Birch, West Jeff Hospital and Lagniappe Insurance connections).

    Citizens of Louisiana and specifically Jefferson Parish : We are on our own. God bless and good luck.

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