The end of the mystery……..and Alex the answer is: Who is Elizabeth Birnbaum

I frankly never got why MMS was a daily visitor as our oil spill blogging has been far exceeded by our blogging about corrupt local politicians. Once again did Mr CLS solve the mystery? Nowdy I just can’t place that last name.¬† ūüėČ

Speaking of mysteries I really am loath to link right wingnut Glenn Beck but even a broke clock is right twice a day so let’s welcome Barack and Chicago based¬†Shore Bank which will gladly pay you Tuesday for a bailout today.

Hopefully you MMS people stick around with us. I’m actually MMS positive because I’ll be able to use you folks¬†for compare and contrast.

I’ll have something soon on the oil spill. Meantime check out our good friend Editilla¬†over at the New Orleans Ladder who has all the spill links coupled with the insight and perspective of local.