Poor Phil – Lt. Governor has silver boot in his mouth

Mississippi’s lawn mower sniffing Lt. Governor, Phil Bryant, continues to make news with a silver boot in his mouth:

Phil Bryant Thinks BP is “doing a good job…a remarkable job.”

“We know BP is hard at work. We know they’ve spent over I think $300 million; there are ten thousand people involved in it; nearly 300 thousand vessels. I think they’re doing a good job…. We’ve done a marvelous job; BP has done a remarkable job at dispersing it.”

Phil Bryant says don’t “over react…its not toxic”!

“So I don’t think you over react…The material that you see now, the rust colored material that is somewhere between 50 and 60 miles out, but if you take a sample of that I am told there are no hydrocarbons in that product so its not toxic.”

Obviously, that silver boot is cutting off oxygen getting to the lite governor’s brain.  Ironically, he made this dumb statement at a Smart Growth conference:

“This is Louisiana sweet crude. And oh, by the way, it’s still 60 miles off our shore. Thus far, we’ve seen nothing….as the product is skimmed off the surface, the closest to shore there is no hydro carbons in it. So, it’s not toxic….There’s no need for panic. It is not the natural disaster, the national disaster that many in the media have led you to believe.”

It’s not just oil that Bryant talks with a silver boot in his mouth.  He recently made room for a few words about the Mississippi’s need for an Arizona-like law on immigration

If you want to know how many undocumented individuals are housed in Mississippi, you may get a wide spectrum of answers.

The informational clearing house website statemaster.com says Mississippi has about 8,000 workers, and we’re ranked 39th in the country. That’s fewer than Alabama, which charts 24,000 illegals, and more than Louisiana, which may have as few as 5,000.

But Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant says Mississippi’s numbers were much larger when he spearheaded a study back in 2006, and they’re only growing. “50,000 illegal immigrants, if I remember correctly, that cost us $25 million,” he says…

In a letter drafted Tuesday to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Governor Bryant says he plans to fight for the adoption of laws in Mississippi similar to that which just passed in Arizona.

Phil’s silver boot just keeps on giving to the opposing candidates in his bid to replace Governor Barbour!

One thought on “Poor Phil – Lt. Governor has silver boot in his mouth”

  1. You know what, and I’m not being sarcastic or demeaning in any way, I think an ideal candidate for governor of Mississippi or Parish President of Jefferson Parish would be an illegal Mexican alien whose been cutting grass for the last 5 years, post Katrina. Why ? 1) he knows he has to work to get paid, 2) he knows what gasoline smells like, and he knows what oil looks like, 3) he’s not going to break the law because he’s afraid of getting caught, and as result lose his job and be deported (a recourse our politicians should have to face), and 4) with 50,000 amigos he can get elected !

    It’s a new world people, embrace it. We are at the bottom (I hope), and radical change could make the difference. “anybody but Jose”…well, what about Jesus (Heysuz)…OK…

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