Thursday Music: The Chicken is in the pot.


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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thank you Lord!—As Creator you did some fabulous work engineering a thorny catapillar into a beautiful free fluttering buterfly,but your latest metamorphesis of JP piggies into chicken/s in the pot is down right “revolutionary”.Now the question Faithful Father is—- when will you direct Mr.Letten to start serving the soup? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Chris Roberts, quelle merde de poulet sans vergogne arrogant ! Jefferson Parish is choking from corruption, under a ever darkening cloud of Federal Investigations and oil is soon to be in his backyard and what is he doing ? Why insulting the taxpayers’ of Jefferson yet again with some clown jester of having a portrait done of Jose Gonzalez, who was Appointed Parish President for a few days, to have hung on the wall. I quess we know who paid for that forgettable piece of history. Rainey wrote this farce for the TP yesterday. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or throw my laptop out the door, I’m so livid. Thank God Butch Ward’s mini-me Roberts, the hypocrite supreme, can’t get elected Parish wide.

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee I agree with you whitmergate completely. Here we have a corrupt government with multiple resignations and scandals to a degree that a CEO had to step in to temporarily act as President for 4 days AND until another political puppet was installed by the council to shut public records requests down to conceal other scandals.And do we have a council with regrets? No, instead we have a portrait presentation celebrating this political debacle and councilpeople laughing about it!!! MR.JIM LETTEN AND THE FBI— ARE YOU ALL STILL READING SLABBED ? —–I SURE HOPE YOU ALL ARE NOTICING ALL THIS POLITICAL ARROGANCE EVEN IN PRESENCE OF ONGOING INVESTIGATIONS !!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeee

  4. I am nauseated by the behavior which was allowed and perhaps condoned by JP officials, elected and non-elected.

    One Director in particular has heretofore escaped notice: JOSE GONZALEZ.

    Let’s visit Mr. Gonzalez:

    Jefferson Parish News Release dated January 07, 2010

    ( This can be found on Parish website in archived News Releases)

    Aaron Broussard proudly announced that Jose Gonzalez, Chief Administrative Assistant for Public Works for JP was the new Chief Administrative Officer replacing Tim Whitmer who resigned amid allegations of numerous naughty deeds.

    Broussard cited Jose’s ” work ethic, integrity, and experience” in administering seven major public works departments.

    One of those departments Jose administered with his work ethic,integrity, and experience was the Streets/Sign department where Armand Kerlec assaulted Mr. Simon calling him a dumb dago jew and making Heil Hitler gestures at him. This is also the department from which Mr. Simon, the aggrieved victim, was fired post-Katrina when most JP employees most needed their jobs.

    Jose administered this dysfunctional department throughout the five (5) year lawsuit.

    Jose as of January 07,2010 had a salary of $142,340.00 and upon assuming his new position ( I am not making this up these are exact words from the News Release) will receive a five per cent raise, with another five per cent raise due after six months of satisfactory work performance. ( Did I dream it or did the Council pass a Resolution about raises that are over a certain % being illegal?)

    Aaron extolled Jose as having been chosen for his many years of experience and institutional knowledge in the inner workings of JP government and his excellent job performance over his many years of service.

    ” (Jose is) greatly respected by ( his) co-workers and the administration and (has) worked closely with this Council…The immediate mission of Mr. Gonzalez will be to refocus the administration’s efforts on providing the day-to-day services to the people of Jefferson Parish in the most effective manner possible.” Quoth Aaron.

    The News Release states: ” When he was 13 years old he had immigrated with his family to the United States from Cuba, fleeing the Castro communist regime.” HE FLED CUBA TO GET AWAY FROM CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME. Let me repeat that: HE FLED CUBA TO GET AWAY FROM CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME.

    His family must be so proud of him now.

    If you read AMV’s Whistleblower complaint Jose Gonzalez, WHO FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME, sat silently by as da Fuhrer TheRiot, Banana-boy and Herr Donelon framed her. As they sent her into exile. As they isolated her.

    And let’s discuss your MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS POLICY NUMBER 3.06 and AMV: In her Supplemental and Amended Whistleblower complaint she states that upon her reinstatement ( still under a cloud) she was handed a Media Communications Policy # 3.06 which had a cover memo from Tim Whitmer as CAO saying it was essential that all employees understand the enclosed Media Communications Policy. The policy said all media requests had to be sent to the Public Information Office to expedite their request and eliminate multiple departments working on the same issue. It mentions that when permission has been granted ( by Castro?) to speak with a reporter ON A PARTICULAR TOPIC AND THE TOPIC CHANGES MID INTERVIEW you must state the you are not authorized to speak on that topic and you must get APPROVAL ( from Castro?) to continue. The policy itself states it was revised 4-1–2000. Some interesting exerpts from it include: Employees may not provide Parish business information to the media in any form or manner without proper authorization ( from Castro?). AND, …the Director and Public Information Office will decide whether or not the issue is of controversy and therfore, make the media inquiry known to the Deputy CAO, the CAO , Parish President and/or others. Picture Whitmer (CAO) and Broussard (Parish Pres) and Bert Smith ( Depty CAO) getting with other Wilkinson ( Parish Attorney) to discuss responding to the Media inquiries. Uh huh. Regarding on camera interviews all the aforementioned would decide who, if anyone, would be interviewed and to what extent.

    Now get this: The Public Information Officer ( Patricia Borne) will be responsible for reporting back to the Parish President/CAO if there is SUSPICION OF A NEGATIVE REPORT RESULTING FROM THE INTERVIEW OR INFORMATION PROVIDED. In cases where media inquiries involve …notorious or “Hot” ( I am not making this stuff up) issues with legal consequences the, the Parish Attorney should be immediately notified. ( Wilkinson????? Barton????) If a media rep shows up at a JP worksite the employees must “immediately” contact their superiors. And not talk.

    Aaron Broussard signed the Policy as Parish President.

    AMV was handed this policy on April 05, 2010 when she returned to work after her forced exile on trumped up charges.

    Suddenly on April 20, 2010 all Parish Attorney employees received an email from Mary Galley ( Wilkinson’s and now Barton’s secreatry) with a new policy. Just like the old policy. But now with a cover letter from JOSE GONZALEZ saying essentially the same thing as the old one. And the policy is EXACTLY the same as the old one only FUHRER TheRiot signed it. It says it was revised on April 06,2010 one day after AMV was handed the old one by Peggy Barton. Hmmmm. Mrs. V : you listening?

    And even now with the AMPLE EVIDENCE of the wrong-doing by TheRiot, Donelon and Banana-boy JOSE GONZALEZ ,WHO FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME AT THE AGE OF 13, sits silently by. A 13 year old is old enough to understand what is going on. A 13 year old is old enough to grasp the reasons his family wants to get to the free shores of the United States of America.

    Apparently the years have dulled Jose’s memories. He has forgotten why his family fled Cuba. Maybe he regressed over his years in the JP gulag and just accepted the oppression, the censorship, the abuse.

    Jose: How could you not have known what was going on in Public Works/Streets/Signs? How could you not have been aware of Kerlec’s 30 years of illegal behavior? Why did you turn a blind eye when Mr. Simon complained? Why did you turn a blind eye when he was terminated after Katrina? Why did you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when he sued? How could you let him suffer for 5 more agonizing years after the abuse you condoned and conspired to cover-up?

    Why didn’t you stand up for the lone woman in the room and demand she be given due process? That she be given what you and your buddies fought so hard to give Tim Whitmer; Who really was a deadbeat employee; Who really was mis-using Parish time and property; Who really was ripping off the Parish BIG TIME. Where is your outrage about his behavior?

    Where is your outrage over Fuhrer TheRiot’s attempt to trample on the 1st amendment freedoms of all Americans with his ridiculous lawsuit? The freedoms your family enjoy because you FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME. What ? were you afraid to speak out? Did you think you were back in Castro’s Cuba? Was the flashback too painful? Or have you forgotten what freedom is all about?

    Tell me again why your family fled Cuba, amigo. Viva los Cubanos who remember. Who fight the good fight every day. The ones who could not get out. When they can where will they go ? To Fuhrer TheRiot’s communist Jefferson Parish?

    And especially the men and women who fight to make sure JP stays libre for your children and grandchildren.

    Shame on you Jose Gonzalez who fled Cuba to escape Castro’s communist regime. Shame on you.

  5. And now the incestuous behavior of Mini-Mee in lauding the forgetful Senor Gonzalez.

    Jose Gonzalez who fled Cuba to escape Castro’s communist regime.

    Jose Gonzalez who on this Memorial Day weekend is free to say and do whatever he wants to say or do.

    Jose Gonzalez who sat MUTE and who continues to do the bidding of the Jefferson Parish Vichy government.

    Jose Gonzalez who accepted the mockingly given ‘portrait’ to commemorate his four day reign.


    The fact that you continue to behave so badly condemns you as one of them, oblivious to the encroachment of the Communist regime you fled from when your family left Cuba. Did you leave Cuba willingly Jose or did you want to stay and be part of Castro’s oppression?

    Do you now dream of establishing Little Cuba a la Castro here in the Big Easy?

    Dream on. It will not happen on my watch.

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee To borrow an appropriate famous cartoon line, “I taught I saw putty tat” Chris Roberts on FOX news last nite ranting about the smmoke and mirrors of BP depositing suddenly hundreds of cleanup workers on Grand Isle beach shortly before Obama was televized inspecting the beach. Now Mr.Roberts do you have room to talk about smoke and mirrors especially after you and the gang of seven gave the citizens of JP the biggest “pile” of smoke and mirrors, namely Furher TheRiot. Who you all touted as the leader of greatest integrity who was going to restore confidence in parish government.Mr.Roberts, we as good government citizens demand you apologize to JP citizens for depositing one pitiful worker on the beaches of JP government who has since shown only a Nazi personality in installing Mr.Giangrosso to stop public records production, only to follow that with his infamous Nazi lawsuit. Happy Memorial Day to all the suffering peasants of Jefferson– but fear not cause the troops are coming,VIVA LA JEFFERSON !! OOOOOOOwweeeee

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