Senator Danny Martiny back in the news.

Senator Martiny, when asked about his neighbors in Lakeview

Love your neighbor as yourself; but don’t take down the fence.

Is anyone surprised by this Fox 8 report by Kim Holden?

“FOX 8 also asked State Senator Danny Martiny about a house he owns on Colbert Street in Lakeview. It’s the only house in the 6100 block that’s visibly in need of repair.

Records show Martiny bought the property in 2007 and hasn’t gotten a building permit on it yet. Martiny tells FOX 8 he’s selling the house to his son, who just got his renovation plans back from the architect…..

Martiny says “It’s not the ideal house to live next to, but it was never my intention to buy the property and keep it boarded up.”

Rockin’ on 3 years there Dano.


6 thoughts on “Senator Danny Martiny back in the news.”

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee “O Danny Boy -the lights the lights….” have been shining on you lately and I think I’m seeing someone being either pretty stupid(i.e.first you didn’t understand your public records bill’s intentions and now you expect all your neighbors to be mind readers and know your intentions with the blighted house); or somone confidently arrogant and doesn’t really give a damn what his voting constiuants and neighbors think. Now since Danny Boy is a college graduate I believe I’m seeing the later.See ya’at the voting booth next election Danny Boy! OOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeee

  2. The rules do not apply to Entitlement junkies like Martiny. He has been a piggy at the trough for so long he is to be pitied because like Aaron “Blanche Dubois” Broussard when his usefulness is over to his good friends (lol) he will be depending on the kindness of strangers.

    The callous disrespect he has shown to the neighbors of that property for three years is indicative of his narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). He is arrogant and a slob. Two very unappealing traits.

    Controlled by the Lee posse. Would sign toilet paper if his handlers put it in front of him. Not the brightest bulb in the chandalier.

    Why didn’t the Nola Code Dept cite him? Now that is a story!!!!

  3. Is it possible that Martini and theRiot are one in the same?

    One thing you can say about them is that they were bad government on their sleeves.

    Jim Letten please help us.

  4. “It’s not the ideal house to live next to…” equals Martini’s (pun intended) other most recent understated faux pas as a result of sponsoring legislative bills to further limit access to public records, “People think I’m corrupt…” ! This coming out of the mouth of one of the most entrenched of all JP politicians. Danny go have another martini and leave the comments to Theriot, he looks better for the part.

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