Senator Danny Martiny back in the news.

Senator Martiny, when asked about his neighbors in Lakeview

Love your neighbor as yourself; but don’t take down the fence.

Is anyone surprised by this Fox 8 report by Kim Holden?

“FOX 8 also asked State Senator Danny Martiny about a house he owns on Colbert Street in Lakeview. It’s the only house in the 6100 block that’s visibly in need of repair.

Records show Martiny bought the property in 2007 and hasn’t gotten a building permit on it yet. Martiny tells FOX 8 he’s selling the house to his son, who just got his renovation plans back from the architect…..

Martiny says “It’s not the ideal house to live next to, but it was never my intention to buy the property and keep it boarded up.”

Rockin’ on 3 years there Dano.


Jim Brown on the Louisiana

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Venice, Louisiana



The blame game is in full force as the Gulf catastrophe oil spill continues to directly attach the Louisiana coast. BP, the giant British corporation that drilled the defective well, is taking the blunt of everyone’s criticism. But BP is throwing off the blame to a list of their subcontractors who actually did the physical drilling. Then the state of Louisiana is lobbing blame at the Obama administration including the Department of the Interior and the Coast Guard. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar seems to be having hourly press conferences saying how he is “keeping my foot on the neck of BP.”

No one really knows who is in charge. A national consensus is brewing that the federal government should be calling all the shots. But the Obama team seems to be bull headedly insisting that the sole responsibility is on the shoulders of BP. What is becoming more and more obvious is that there was virtually no advance planning for such a spill, and the feds just don’t know what to do. So their reluctance to “take charge,” when they know quite well that they will be immediately in over their heads, is not at all enticing. Continue reading “Jim Brown on the Louisiana”