Slabbed takes a look back at Theriot v Cyberspace and ties a few things together as we again call for his resignation.

Steve Theriot / Times Picayune Archival Photo

I recently had one of those famous Slabbed Ah-Ha moments where what seemed to be unrelated events clicked. The result is this post as we can examine the recent events that ended with Mr Theriot withdrawing his very ill advised lawsuit against the blogosphere in context. Unfortunately I’ll also explain why the Slabbed Nation should remained armed and vigilant as the thugs on the Parish Council and their waterboy Steve Theriot are busy hatching the next scheme to eliminate dissent inside Parish Government and trample the free speech rights of those who comment on Parish Government from the outside. Let’s begin with the Ah-Ha moment which came courtesy of a recent article by Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune:

The Internet has become an electrified third rail in Jefferson Parish government.

Most recently, interim Parish President Steve Theriot sued to uncover the identities behind anonymous user names on the website After enduring days of public scoffing, he dropped the lawsuit this week.

But his administration’s wrestling with the online world goes back further.

In January, when Theriot took office in the dust storm of Aaron Broussard’s resignation, chief administrative officer Jose Gonzalez — himself newly appointed after Broussard’s top executive, Tim Whitmer, resigned — said he discovered a wide swath of parish employees with Internet access were abusing it.

About 1,500 computers exist in parish government, Gonzalez said. Roughly a third of those have Internet capability. Access is granted on a case-by-case basis, he said. For example, the parish attorney’s office has full access, but the rank-and-file must prove their case for online access.

“People would come to work, and they were being caught playing games, watching videos — even watching movies, believe it or not,” Gonzalez said.

So he ordered a number of sites blocked. He said most of the pornography sites, the gambling sites, the game sites had been addressed before he took office. This time, his focus was news media sites.

“We were getting reports that there were a number of employees (who) were coming to work and reading the newspaper,” he said., central to Theriot’s later suit though not a defendant, became a casualty of the new policy. It had become a popular stop among parish employees for its coverage of the scandal that led to Broussard’s resignation.

However, Gonzalez said his choice to block online news was not because of the scandal, nor to set the stage for Theriot to sue the anonymous users of for defamation.

Oh really Mr Gonzales? I think you told a whopper to Rich and even better I have proof. Per this article was blocked along with all news sites by the Theriot and Gonzales in back in January, a fact I also confirmed with sources familiar with Parish Government. Simply put it was not possible for employees to post comments to NOLA but it was that was subpoenaed for the IP addresses of those that “defamed” Steve Theriot. A review of the screen names listed in Theriot’s subpoena revealed 4 things:

  1. One of the aliases posted comments exclusively before Aaron Broussard resigned the office of the Parish President thus making it impossible for them to have defamed Theriot as he claimed in the complaint.
  2. A couple of aliases straddled the administrations posting comments before Theriot assumed office and after the blocks were placed on the Parish IT system.
  3. A few of the aliases posted exclusively after the blocks were placed.
  4. A few had extensive commenting records.

A few other observations courtesy of Rich Rainey’s early report on the lawsuit:

An examination of the screen names listed in the lawsuit shows that the comments are mostly reactions to news stories about a scandal that tore through former Parish President Aaron Broussard’s administration. Federal authorities launched a criminal investigation last year after reports that an insurance agency co-owned by Broussard’s top aide, Tim Whitmer, was doing business with public agencies and parish contractors.

The user accounts at on Tuesday appeared to show varying degrees of activity. Two appeared to have been blocked by the website, and only three mentioned Theriot by name.

Of course, savvy members of the Slabbed nation already knew most all of these facts except for the news block placed on the IT system which Rainey disclosed Thursday as noted above. The next piece of the puzzle come courtesy of yours truly, who wrote this back in late February just after Anne Marie Vandenweghe was suspended by Theriot for allegedly blogging while working:

This brings us back to the events of Tuesday night where 3 Parish Attorneys were taken to the woodshed by interim parish president Theriot. Anne Marie Vandenweghe was pretty much fired with “Skip” Hand and Steve Mortillaro lined up in the chop shop. Ms Vandenweghe was the person in charge of honoring public record requests and I suspect the myriad of subpoenas that have flooded the Parish since the double-dealing involving Aaron Broussard and Company broke late last year. It has been suggested in the comments these people were taken to task because they were the source of leaks to the media and perhaps even Slabbed. While I’ll admit our traffic includes a great number of visits from Jefferson Parish Government of late not a single one of our commenters has posted from an IP addy associated with Jefferson Parish Government.

Was our blogging that good that Mr Gonzales would not order Slabbed blocked? I’ll add we never did get a comment from a Jefferson Parish Government IP address but boy were we popular reading over at the Yenni building until approximately a month ago when I noticed traffic tailed off considerably from Parish Government. Surely they knew about us as we were mentioned in the suit so what gives?

We were left unblocked to set a trap for the person we now know Theriot and his band of idiots on the Parish Council were gunning for the entire time in Anne Marie Vandenweghe. Obviously, since Theriot and gang later filed suit the trap did not work. This brings us back to February when Ms Vandenweghe was suspended by Theriot as we start with a Val Bracy report for Fox 8:

Vandenweghe says during a meeting on the day she was suspended, parish officials told her they had proof she blogged on parish computers during work hours.

“When I saw the people that were sitting around the table, and I was back here at home by then, and thought about the people that were around the table I realized that I had referred numerous violations by each and every one of them, except for Theriot and Donelon. and I realized that perhaps Mr. Theriot was not aware of the number of violations I had reported,” she says.

Parish President Steve Theriot has said he can’t discuss the specifics of Vandenweghe’s case because it’s a personnel matter, but he did confirm federal investigators inquired about her suspension.

Theriot also said the parish has ample evidence to support the decision to suspend Vandenweghe.

And he made the same assertion over a week earlier just after he suspended Ms Vandenweghe:

Vandenwehge was in charge of public records requests sent to the parish by the media and others. She filed the Whistleblower protection suit with the Personnel Board Thursday and and now the feds are interested in why she was suspended.

“I think it’s a logical move since obviously they’re here looking at what we’re doing,” said Theriot.

Theriot stands by his decision to put Vandenweghe on paid leave.

FOX 8: Are you concerned other employees who might have info won’t come forward because of what happened to her?

Theriot: Well, let me put it like this here, whatever action took place wasn’t because of anyone providing info.

Theriot says the parish has the evidence to back up its decision.

How ironic that Theriot later claimed his lawsuit’s purpose was to gather information from concerned citizens about Parish corruption. Such is the problem with lying Steve because liars have a hard time keeping their lies straight.  And of course we all know now that Theriot was also full of crap about having proof to support his suspension of Ms Vandenweghe. In fact the team seized Ms Vandenweghe’s office computer and her files no doubt rummaging through the information for 5 weeks solid trying to dig evidence to make the decision to send her home stick. They came away with nothing and had to reinstate her while his “investigation continued”. In a sign of desperation he filed suit to save face.

Now this begs the question why spend so much time and scarce tax money trying to crush an employee who evidently was just doing her job? Let’s visit with Val Bracy again who interviewed Anne Marie Vandenweghe for a partial answer:

“It appears the direction of the investigation went from my alleged blogging, which was non-existent, and my internet surfing. Now there’s a reference to my having done some work for my daughter who is in college and/or to my mediation work; mediation work I haven’t done since 2007 and that was prior to going full-time at the parish.” Vandenweghe believes Theriot’s decision to suspend her was based on bad information from other unnamed employees with ulterior motives.

“Perhaps Theriot was intentionally misled by people I had blown the whistle on and that is of extreme concern because that may not be the

only time they’ve done it. We don’t know how many other people are out there that that happened to and that’s unconscionable that someone would do that to Mr. Theriot. It’s equally unconscionable that action would be taken against someone who perhaps would not have the where-with-all to fight back,” said Vandenweghe.

Although Vandenweghe has studied public records law extensively and even led the parish’s employee seminars, the letter from Theriot says

she will be moved to the parish attorney’s Recovery division.

FOX 8: “Do you think they just wanted you gone because you were making public records accessible to the public?”

Vandenweghe: “My opinion, probably somebody somewhere wanted me away from public records. For what reason I don’t know but in having seen what I have seen in handling the public records there would be a number of people that may have that goal.”

After the federal, state and parish investigations into former parish CAO Tim Whitmer began public records requests were coming in by the dozen.

Vandenweghe says some of the responses she received from parish employees showed discrepancies. She reported the conflicts to the ethics board and parish personnel board.

Since Vandenweghe was suspended, the Parish Attorney’s Office’s public records policies have changed. Records take longer to get, if FOX 8 gets them at all and every request FOX 8 has filed is answered with a letter calling our request “overly broad and burdensome.”

I have heard several times of the new policy adopted by Theriot and his band of idiots on the Parish Council which essentially puts each department in charge of responding to salient PRRs. I am not a communications expert but was floored when told about it because there is no longer any centralized control over records that might be released. My inquiry of a source in the communications field professionally told me that is a big no-no. Even worse is the new policy will certainly result in incomplete answers to requests. For example, a contract or contracts with a law firm may extend across several departments so a taxpayer wanting to know how much the mythical law firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe was paid by the Parish will get an incomplete answer unless every Parish department is queried. This procedures makes the process very cumbersome to the point where transparency in government is eliminated, assuming the request even makes it past the desk of the Theriot’s lapdog that is now in charge of PRRs.

Notice I said this was a partial answer. Our readers no doubt recall, per Val’s report I linked above that Team Letten inquired of Mr Theriot why he let Ms Vandenweghe go just after she was suspended. The US Attorney’s interest here is not local public record requests, but getting truthful replies to the myriad of subpoenas they have served at the Yenni building.

I think it is also clear, as I have opined on several occasions, that Mr Theriot’s actions clearly demonstrate he is trying to protect those under investigation. It is beyond brazen to do so and if the Feds were zeroed in on a group of perpetrators even fool hardy. Something changed that emboldened Theriot and that something was the passing of Maurice Katz, the gentleman who not only could give Team Letten Aaron Broussard, Whitmer, Wlikinson and others in Jefferson Parish  government but also Marc Morial and Ray Nagin. Let’s again visit with Rich Rainey who wrote the story on Hippo Katz’s passing:

Maurice Katz, a longtime habitue of steakhouses and Louisiana politics, died Tuesday at his Metairie home of coronary artery disease. He was 76.

Known as “Hippo,” a nickname he bore from his youth, Mr. Katz endeared himself to the political lives of some of Louisiana’s largest characters, including former Gov. Edwin Edwards and the late Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee. Rare were the days before Hurricane Katrina struck when Mr. Katz could not be found hobnobbing through lunch or supper at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on Broad Street in New Orleans, a magnet for the city’s political insiders.

A source familiar with the investigation disclosed to Slabbed that Katz was Team Letten’s prime target until he died and given the man’s business dealings and political connections that made sense as he could wrap up ongoing investigations in both New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. So who is Theriot and company protecting? Easy question as a few of the rats outed themselves in the story:

“He’s just a wonderful guy,” state Sen. Danny Martiny of Kenner said. “I don’t know if he had that much of an effect on any particular race, but he was a guy who was always around.”……

“Always fun, always a good laugh,” Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng, Lee’s daughter, said of Mr. Katz as she recalled him telling that story. “I can see how my dad would be attracted to hanging out with him.”

While cherished by his friends, Mr. Katz was not without controversy stemming from his political acquaintances. An insurance broker by trade, his work with local governments and public entities brought him close to several scandals in recent years.

In 1999, he was accused in a lawsuit of illegally securing a contract through Edwards to sell insurance to state employees. The suit was eventually dismissed.

Two years later, he helped secure a contract for a company to invest money for Jefferson Parish public school employees, a deal that ended with the employees swindled out of $4 million. Three people pleaded guilty to criminal charges. Mr. Katz was not prosecuted.

Of course Katz was never prosecuted in the old days as he always had friends running the show over at the NOLA US Attorney’s office before Mr Letten took over.  A succession of US Attorneys did absolutely nothing to clean up the open systemic corruption political corruption in New Orleans including Harry Rosenberg and the now disgraced Eddie Jordan. And of course we would not be talking about any of this had Bushie gotten his way and appointed Fred Heebe US Attorney back in 2002 as we continue:

Mr. Katz also was tangentially connected to the scandal that has wracked former Parish President Aaron Broussard’s administration in recent months. He partnered with former Parish President Tim Coulon and Broussard’s chief administrative officer, Tim Whitmer, to form the insurance agency THT Group, which, with its sister company, Lagniappe Industries, was sold insurance to employees with Jefferson Parish, other public entities and parish contractors.

Martiny and Lee-Sheng said Mr. Katz was confident his name would be cleared in the course of the continuing federal investigation of the Broussard administration.

Very doubtful as Katz was actually on the verge of serving several of them up before he died. I do not think it was a coincidence that Danny Martiny was the first Jefferson Parish politicians to try limiting access to public records by weakening the state’s public records law in the legislature.

And this brings us back to the unrepentant Steve Theriot, his nonsensical press releases and letters to the editor which has literally made him nationally infamous (the latest example can be found here at Walter Olsen’s Overlawyered blog.) Clearly the man is not acting in his own best interests by continuing his crusade against free speech and a single employee whose only sin was doing her job too well.  The continued sabre rattling tells me Team Theriot is busy coming up with plan C.  Given the Parish reserved the right to re-file their suit I think it will involve another legal action. Mr Theriot’s letter to the editor did not mention this but his continued abuse of power is what has Parish workers demoralized. I suspect certain employees that have had their good names ruined by following the man’s orders (no doubt to save their own jobs) are likely the most morale impacted. Perhaps in time we can tell their stories too.

Coming soon as we continue the Theriot resignation watch. Slabbed explores Larry Sisung and his various connections to Parish government.


27 thoughts on “Slabbed takes a look back at Theriot v Cyberspace and ties a few things together as we again call for his resignation.”

  1. One Director/COO tagged tonight has heretofore escaped notice: JOSE GONZALEZ.

    Let’s visit Mr. Gonzalez:

    Jefferson Parish News Release dated January 07, 2010

    ( This can be found on Parish website in archived News Releases)

    Aaron Broussard proudly announced that Jose Gonzalez, Chief Administrative Assistant for Public Works for JP was the new Chief Administrative Officer replacing Tim Whitmer who resigned amid allegations of numerous naughty deeds.

    Broussard cited Jose’s ” work ethic, integrity, and experience” in administering seven major public works departments.

    One of those departments Jose administered with his work ethic,integrity, and experience was the Streets/Sign department where Armand Kerlec assaulted Mr. Simon calling him a dumb dago jew and making Heil Hitler gestures at him. This is also the department from which Mr. Simon, the aggrieved victim, was fired post-Katrina when most JP employees most needed their jobs.

    Jose administered this dysfunctional department throughout the five (5) year lawsuit.

    Jose as of January 07,2010 had a salary of $142,340.00 and upon assuming his new position ( I am not making this up these are exact words from the News Release) will receive a five per cent raise, with another five per cent raise due after six months of satisfactory work performance. ( Did I dream it or did the Council pass a Resolution about raises that are over a certain % being illegal?)

    Aaron extolled Jose as having been chosen for his many years of experience and institutional knowledge in the inner workings of JP government and his excellent job performance over his many years of service.

    ” (Jose is) greatly respected by ( his) co-workers and the administration and (has) worked closely with this Council…The immediate mission of Mr. Gonzalez will be to refocus the administration’s efforts on providing the day-to-day services to the people of Jefferson Parish in the most effective manner possible.” Quoth Aaron.

    The News Release states: ” When he was 13 years old he had immigrated with his family to the United States from Cuba, fleeing the Castro communist regime.” HE FLED CUBA TO GET AWAY FROM CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME. Let me repeat that: HE FLED CUBA TO GET AWAY FROM CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME.

    His family must be so proud of him now.

    If you read AMV’s Whistleblower complaint Jose Gonzalez, WHO FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME, sat silently by as da Fuhrer TheRiot, Banana-boy and Herr Donelon framed her. As they sent her into exile. As they isolated her.

    And let’s discuss your MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS POLICY NUMBER 3.06 and AMV: In her Supplemental and Amended Whistleblower complaint she states that upon her reinstatement ( still under a cloud) she was handed a Media Communications Policy # 3.06 which had a cover memo from Tim Whitmer as CAO saying it was essential that all employees understand the enclosed Media Communications Policy. The policy said all media requests had to be sent to the Public Information Office to expedite their request and eliminate multiple departments working on the same issue. It mentions that when permission has been granted ( by Castro?) to speak with a reporter ON A PARTICULAR TOPIC AND THE TOPIC CHANGES MID INTERVIEW you must state the you are not authorized to speak on that topic and you must get APPROVAL ( from Castro?) to continue. The policy itself states it was revised 4-1–2000. Some interesting exerpts from it include: Employees may not provide Parish business information to the media in any form or manner without proper authorization ( from Castro?). AND, …the Director and Public Information Office will decide whether or not the issue is of controversy and therfore, make the media inquiry known to the Deputy CAO, the CAO , Parish President and/or others. Picture Whitmer (CAO) and Broussard (Parish Pres) and Bert Smith ( Depty CAO) getting with other Wilkinson ( Parish Attorney) to discuss responding to the Media inquiries. Uh huh. Regarding on camera interviews all the aforementioned would decide who, if anyone, would be interviewed and to what extent.

    Now get this: The Public Information Officer ( Patricia Borne) will be responsible for reporting back to the Parish President/CAO if there is SUSPICION OF A NEGATIVE REPORT RESULTING FROM THE INTERVIEW OR INFORMATION PROVIDED. In cases where media inquiries involve …notorious or “Hot” ( I am not making this stuff up) issues with legal consequences the, the Parish Attorney should be immediately notified. ( Wilkinson????? Barton????) If a media rep shows up at a JP worksite the employees must “immediately” contact their superiors. And not talk.

    Aaron Broussard signed the Policy as Parish President.

    AMV was handed this policy on April 05, 2010 when she returned to work after her forced exile on trumped up charges.

    Suddenly on April 20, 2010 all Parish Attorney employees received an email from Mary Galley ( Wilkinson’s and now Barton’s secreatry) with a new policy. Just like the old policy. But now with a cover letter from JOSE GONZALEZ saying essentially the same thing as the old one. And the policy is EXACTLY the same as the old one only FUHRER TheRiot signed it. It says it was revised on April 06,2010 one day after AMV was handed the old one by Peggy Barton. Hmmmm. Mrs. V : you listening?

    And even now with the AMPLE EVIDENCE of the wrong-doing by TheRiot, Donelon and Banana-boy JOSE GONZALEZ ,WHO FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME AT THE AGE OF 13, sits silently by. A 13 year old is old enough to understand what is going on. A 13 year old is old enough to grasp the reasons his family wants to get to the free shores of the United States of America.

    Apparently the years have dulled Jose’s memories. He has forgotten why his family fled Cuba. Maybe he regressed over his years in the JP gulag and just accepted the oppression, the censorship, the abuse.

    Jose: How could you not have known what was going on in Public Works/Streets/Signs? How could you not have been aware of Kerlec’s 30 years of illegal behavior? Why did you turn a blind eye when Mr. Simon complained? Why did you turn a blind eye when he was terminated after Katrina? Why did you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when he sued? How could you let him suffer for 5 more agonizing years after the abuse you condoned and conspired to cover-up?

    Why didn’t you stand up for the lone woman in the room and demand she be given due process? That she be given what you and your buddies fought so hard to give Tim Whitmer; Who really was a deadbeat employee; Who really was mis-using Parish time and property; Who really was ripping off the Parish BIG TIME. Where is your outrage about his behavior?

    Where is your outrage over Fuhrer TheRiot’s attempt to trample on the 1st amendment freedoms of all Americans with his ridiculous lawsuit? The freedoms your family enjoy because you FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME. What ? were you afraid to speak out? Did you think you were back in Castro’s Cuba? Was the flashback too painful? Or have you forgotten what freedom is all about?

    Tell me again why your family fled Cuba, amigo. Viva los Cubanos who remember. Who fight the good fight every day. The ones who could not get out. When they can where will they go ? To Fuhrer TheRiot’s communist Jefferson Parish?

    And especially Viva those who fight to make sure JP stays libre for your children and grandchildren.

    Shame on you Jose Gonzalez who fled Cuba to escape Castro’s communist regime. Shame on you.

  2. Just a brief background of Lawrence Sisung, Jr. (I will go into detail at a later date). Mr. Sisung, Jr. was a boyhood friend of B.H. Miller, Jr., whose father was “Chief” Miller of Gretna for a long time. Chief Miller was a benefactor of Mr. Sisung, Sr. B.H. Jr. was on the JP Council for 20 years, retired to become Chief in 1976, then passed the Council seat on to heir apparent Butch Ward. Lawrence Sisung, Jr. became superintendent of the JP School Board around 1972-73 up and through 1978-79. Subsequent to his leaving the School Board, Mr. Sisung, Jr. went into business for himself as a “financial advisor”. His “schtick” was to move himself into any deal where he could get a little piece of the action, and consequently acquired the nickname “LP”(little piece). John Alario had become Speaker of the House in the La. Legislature and Steve Theriot had been serving as a state representative during Alario’s tenure (he now has served over 38 years, longest in La. Legislative history). As a result of Theriot’s relationship with the Big Dog, Lil Pup was appointed to the Bond Commission. And it was during this time frame in the late 1980’s through about 1999, that Sisung and Theriot developed their bonding (pun intended) relationship.

    When this scandal broke in late October, early November, there was a commentator on NOLA (not me) who consistently railed about how many of these politicos had their start on the JP School Board, and he/she was absolutely correct. And just to list a few who come into play as this investigation unfolds:

    School Board Members, Aaron Broussard, Steve Theriot, Chris Roberts

    School Board Superintendent: Larry Sisung, Jr., Elton Lagasse

    This person stressed the need to investigate the corruption of the JP School Board and the correlation of former School Board members who were now the major figures in the federal investigation now, as if to say, that the JP School Board was and is the training ground for corruption on JP. If that’s an accurate assessment, then I submit that there aren’t enough FBI agents and/or US Attorneys in the United States to deal with that problem alone.

    What’s team Theriot’s next move… I can only imagine. But this I can say with certainty, Phelps, Dunbar should not be part of it for their own good. As you have stated in an earlier post Sop, it’s getting deep, and it is my opinion, it is the experience of wading through a swamp with crud up to your neck that will see this BS through, not 2” CRAP Briefs.

    Later, gator…

  3. JP executive staff and directors are at will employees appointed the the JP parish president. They do not have the same employment rights as JP civil service employees. Of course they do not receive the same salaries as the civil service employees either.

    In many cases these positions are given to politically connected individuals. Some of the executive staff have even given campaign loans to the parish president’s campaigns.

    This practice seems to mirror the politically connected vendors contributions.

    You can imagine how long a member of the executive staff would last if they went against or didn’t follow the parish president’s wishes. In the Broussard and Coulon administrations they were under Tim Whitmer’s guidance. series on JP council campaign contributions seems to illustrate the Pay to Play practices implemented by the adminstraton and council.

    Many potential vendors do not even attempt to bid on Parish contracts since they think that the politically entrenched and connected firms will recieve the jobs.

    The new Inspector General should look at all of the bigger contracts awarded by the Parish to determine whether or not patronage has played a part in the process.

    When can we expect Jim Letten to hand out indictments to JP government officials, will it be in 2010? Will the indictments include RICO offenses?

    In the meantime we in “Cyberspace” and AMV suffer slander and allegations of wrongdoing from the unrepentant JP government.

  4. IMHO there is only ONE REASON to continue to harrass and retaliate against AMV: To intimidate any other employees from coming forward with information about corruption in Jefferson Parish.

    The lawsuit was designed to intimidate non-employees from coming forward with information about corruption in Jefferson Parish.

    So by attacking AMV and by filing the lawsuit against non-employees the thugs and goons thought they could intimidate EVERYONE.

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Stupid is as stupid does. ( Forrest Gump)

  5. Ok, I have a couple questions (and I may have more, since this is yet another ridiculously good post in what is a long line of great reports better than anything you will find from local tv or print news but which may take a while to digest…):

    First of all couldn’t they have done an internet audit at the Parish HQ & buildings? Because what was all this alleged blocking based on? Just random observations? Did they block espn or sportsline during playoffs and March Madness? How about CNN, Fox, Drudge, Ebay and Youtube, because those probably get used a LOT at JP too in terms of alleged time wasting (which let’s face it goes on at all workplaces but doesn’t result in this kind of hunt for strawberry ice cream a la Captain Queeg).

    If they *do have such an audit it should be proof positive and AMV should *ask if they have such a report because it would likely exhonerate her.

    If it’s based on casual observation well that’s pretty loose and they can just stop bothering. Well, presuming stopping employee time wasting was their real goal. Which it’s not.

    Secondly, if they were looking for AMV’s posts on here, how difficult would that be? Aren’t there a couple open letters posted here? Do they really have to pin that as having been done on “company time”? But those have to do with the whistleblower action, right? Not anything beforehand which would have been the actual result of the employer termination action in the first place?

    Here’s another question: how long can this foolishness keep up? When is the final personnel board hearing, and when can AMV finally file her sure to come appeal and get to the depositions, discovery and all the real fun? Why the heck are they even going *there???

    When they finally do get there, Theriot might look a little like this when all is said and done:

    1. Spot on Telemachus. Thus far Mr Theriot has not addressed her concerns or the issues she raised. Instead it was one big fishing expedition. My real time observations coupled with those contained in the T-P article tell the story.

      I have some more docs coming with respect to the personnel board a bit later on.


  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee Coming up out of our maze of tunnels to get some fresh air and to say to Sop—Your post is the best summary the slabbednation and JP public will ever read of the past true facts surrounding JP’s blogging issue. Anyone past the third grade after reading your post can now see that the JP Council/TheRiot’s lawsuit was not only not supported in law, but IT HAD NO BASIS IN TRUTH OR FACT. It would seem that such a lawsuit could even be adjudged by any reasonable person to be not only frivelous but worthy of the status of legal malpractice. Malpractice similar to the hundreds of form letters denying public records sent out by newly appointed JP Public Records Asst. Attorney, Greg Giangrosso,(which are based on fictitious case jurisprudence,as per Council Chairman John Young).SIDEBAR QUESTION: Is that sporty-looking Greg in The Sock Puppet parody premiere on the far left with the golf visor,white golf balls, bow tie and cigarette saying, ” …… big balls to deny public records”? If I were Greg and Phelps/Dunbar I would be fearing a Louisiana Disciplinary Board investigation on such work products and possible disciplinary actions thereon.But who am I but just a little silly monkey now living underground who sees,hears and then speaks the truth.Keep up the great investigative reporting Sop and maybe you will find a Peabody on your mantle on Christmas morn. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Oops—– I almost forgot to tell Mr. Jose Gongalez that the rainforest nation, in sincere recognition of your outstanding interim role in supression of the freedom of free speech and the media and a key kangaroo court participant,will be taking a collection in back of the NonPerforming Arts purchase a one way ticket to visit your relatives(if they have survived Castro’s political and physical torture) in Cuba so your memory of communism can be “refreshed” and to build your appreciation and knowledge of what makes for good transparent governmentin JP. Then again, you may want to stay and send for your family in JP to follow seeing that your political outlook seems to have changed a bit. “Osta la vista” Jose, enjoy your trip and hopefully new life with Fidel,whom Nagin on his Homeland Security fact finding vacation found to be very intelligent in bodily evacuation, or was that emasculation?. OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeee

  8. Someone with their wits about them who can talk with the Furheur, should suggest he resign. Like Telemachus, it appears that Theriot has mentally embraced “his” Capt. Queeg mindset.
    And if his press release and subsequent letter to the editor isn’t enough to convince you, then still having:

    !!!!!Deano Banano, the person who provided the 5″ stack of blogging names that were used to
    frame AMV and that in fact were not hers. Breaking into Amv’s office, when a key was
    available, was yet another bizarre act of aggression directed at AMV by Banano. Also
    Banano is a principal in the drug test cover-up at the Animal Shelter which includes altera-
    tion of public records. There is more, from the JP landfill as it relates to River Birch, to
    possible abuse of authority while Homeland Security director. You want to have Phelps
    Dunbar earn their money ethically, have them preform a Due Diligence investigation on
    all the listed allegations of wrong doing laid out in AMV’s whistleblower claim or have
    you ignored to read it like Phelps Dunbar has ? Malpractice ? Arbitrary and capricious
    action ?

    ??? Giangrosso, the assistant parish attorney you hand picked as public records provider. I can
    only assume by your refusal to answer the public’s questions of why the Parish Policy
    under your direction relating to the unconscionable stonewalling of accessibility to
    public records that we pay for and are not yours alone, you will ignore the illegal
    raises Giangrosso obtained from your good buddy Wilkinson and his incompetence to have
    performed professionally in any of the designated duties assigned. But then again, this is
    how you people control, with lackeys who believe that BS that they can be fire at will, so
    they suck up to do your bidding !

    Theriot, blindness as a result of refusing to see is not a legal defense, it is legal contempt !


  9. I, the clandestine rainforest parrot, also says– RESIGN NOW– RESIGN NOW — RESIGN NOW –RESIGN NOW –RESIGN NOW–RESIGN NOW — RESIGN NOW–RESIGN NOW–RESIGN NOW–RESIGN NOW–RESIGN NOW–RESIGN NOW–RESIGN NOW–And Stevie, what part of that do your two(2)neurons not comprehend ?

  10. Amazing. So was she fired for blogging, or for being to compliant with releasing information? If I understood her comments, it was the latter.

  11. She was neither “fired” or “to[sic] compliant”. Ms. Vandenweghe was put on paid administrative leave based on framed evidence of alleged blogging which she did not do. Ms. Vandenweghe, under the direction of her immediate supervisor Louis Gruntz, legally returned the subpoena requests of both the FBI and the US Attorney to the Grand Jury in performance of her duties relating to public records.

    To infer otherwise could be construed as just another attempt to further slander and defame Ms. Vandenwedge at this juncture in time, considering what we have learned here at the Slabbed nation.

  12. More stuff and tidbits:

    personnel rules:

    More CMA searches:!.DOC

    Anyone know what this is about?:!.DOC

    How about this? – What is going on with the Ethics Board?:!.DOC

    Here is the form for submitting public records requests and JP has an actual email address for directing such inquiries – question is who receives this?:

  13. Telemachus my browser says it cannot find the page. anyone else having that problem?

  14. Sorry, I’ll take another crack at this. I linked to native files instead of the html’s (typically if you have a problem with the native files you can press and hold the control button, but below are the html versions).

    The Council seeks to restrict records re: Ethics Board investigations? Is this different or the same as the Martiny Rule?:!

    And this? Did JP reach some sort of settlement with the TP regarding the release of records here?!

    JP hires a group called CMA Technology to do searches:!

    CMA again here:!

    Personnel Rules for JP – did not realize thsi was online:

    Public records form, I wonder where the [email protected] email add goes to?

  15. Maybe all Jeff Parish public record requests should now be sent to CMA Technology Solutions.

    On joint motion of all Council members present, the following resolution was offered:
    A resolution authorizing the execution of a new agreement continuing in substance the original Agreement between the Parish of Jefferson and CMA Technology Solutions dated January 6, 2010, as authorized by Resolution No. 113618, adopted on December 9, 2009, to assist in the search for electronic Public Records subject to a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena for a total cost not to exceed $75,000.00; and providing for other related matters. (Parishwide)
    WHEREAS, there was Contract for Services between the Parish of Jefferson and CMA Technology Solutions dated January 6, 2010, as authorized by Resolution No. 113618, adopted on December 9, 2009; and
    WHEREAS, the term of this agreement was inadvertently allowed to expire during the course of providing services to the Parish; and
    WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of the Parish to execute a new agreement under the same terms and conditions of the January 6, 2010 agreement, to establish a new termination date of July 23, 2010.
    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Jefferson Parish Council of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, acting as governing authority of said Parish;
    SECTION 1. That the Council does hereby authorize the execution of a new agreement continuing in substance the original Agreement between the Parish of Jefferson and CMA Technology Solutions dated January 6, 2010, as authorized by Resolution No. 113618, adopted on December 9, 2009, to assist in the search for electronic Public Records subject to a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena for a total cost not to exceed $75,000.00; and providing for other related matters.
    SECTION 2. That all costs shall be charged to Account No. 63520-3952-7331.
    SECTION 3. That the Council Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman, is authorized to execute the new Contract for Services with CMA Technology Solutions.
    The foregoing resolution having been submitted to a vote, the vote thereon was as follows:
    The resolution was declared to be adopted on this the 10th day of February, 2010.

  16. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT–PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT This is a good government solicitation for the calling of all citizens with a burning interest in restoring transparent government to JP to seriously consider filing to be a candidate to run for Parish President or one of many council positions.Only qualification is that you sign a pledge that upon election you will draft a ordinance prohibiting any campaign contributions by any person or corporation doing business with JP government. Said ordinance would also carry a penalty of instant complusory resignation and loss of all parish matching retirement funds for any violation.No qualifications, as suggested by Councilman Capella, “to be the best and brightest” cause you can’t be any dumber then the present government body. Nor can you be as arrogant or corrupt as the Nazis currently in power.VIVA LA JEFFERSON

  17. The JP Personnel Board may have some authority to review allegations of ethics violations committed by the unclassifed employess of the JP administration according to this article by the Times Picayune published during Tom Wilkinson’s delayed departure.

    John Combe, who sits on the parish’s three-member personnel board, said the board normally deals with classified employees covered by civil service rules but may also investigate unclassified political appointees, such as Wilkinson, under certain circumstances. He said the charter gives the board authority to review allegations of ethics violations for all employees.

    There is a need for this since the “unchecked” JP admistration has caused numerous allegations of ethics violations and finds itself in the middle of a federal investigation.

    Perhaps instead of consulting the parish attorneys office for advice in personnel matters they should consult with the Personnel Board. It doesn’t sound like the board has been pleased with the Parish administrations conduct.

    Telemachus, thank you for the TheRiot video. Now Theriot has two major films that will surely be nominated for the River Birch academy awards. Here is a theatrical release of TheRiot’s lawsuit:

  18. Pelican and I agree, Ms. Vandenwedge’s “Anschauung” is our guide of how the Jefferson Parish Charter and the JP Code of Ordinances reads in common English language usage and the legislative intent as written.

    For years Louis Gruntz and Clem Donelon have run roughshod over the proceedings of the JP Personnel Board. Their purpose was and is to protect the status quo with their bullying BS that the law is what they say it is. Well it’s not, and all the party line 2″ briefs by Phelps Dunbar is not gone to make it so either. Possibly Mr. Nass is numb from the mantra of Gruntz and Donelon and has resigned himself to protect his retirement.

    Ms. Vandenweghe’s “Plaintiff Memorandum and Appeal of Hearing Officer’s Findings” were posted her on slabbed about 2 weeks ago. deBrief had the good sense, without the benefit of Rebel Yell I might add, to download and print us a copy. Whether her argument is sui generis or de nouveau as it relates to her Whistleblower claim is still at issue; the Board voted 2 to 1 to hear her claim.

    To answer “i can’t believe that” query, yes the Personnel Board can investi-
    gate unclassified employees misconduct. (see: JPPB rule II; Section 8, EXCLUSIVITY AND REVIEW, 8.1; JP Code of Ordinances, Section 23-118; R.S. 33:1236(51); Section 23-118(d).

    Mr. Combe and Ms. Ward were non-political appointments and they voted to hear AMV’s
    claim. Ms. Rodrigue (former Clerk of the JP Council) was appointed by the JP Council and
    not only voted no, but declared that there was no basis for a hearing !

    Pelican and I both agree that there is lot to be learned about the Parish Charter and the Code of Ordinances from reading Ms. Vandenweghe’s Memorandum. We would also suggest going to
    Muni-Code (google Muni-Code Jefferson Parish) to gain more insight about what has gone wrong with this rogue government.

  19. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee Sooo– What about that ——- The personnel board was originally seen on the news in a hot debate with Mr.Gruntz over the board’s right to investigate fraud (i.e.Villio and Karen Parker) and then everything just kinda’ fades into the sunset without another word? How about it personnel board, have all of you(Nass, Comb, Ward) been yourselves intimidated and reprisals made against you by the JP Nazis? How about the employee Nunez another whistleblower we read about in today’s TP in East Jefferson Section? Why has it taken so long for the board to hear his case? If the board can not protect whistleblowers from day one from this Nazi government than I guess the board needs to be replaced by the next truly good government Parish President. Cause we the voting citizens won’t forget about your weak spine, yellow belly response to the current whistleblowers and will be petitioning soon for your replacement!!!!!!!!!!!Either do your job as board members or crawl back into your holes ! Watch for falling banana peels cause I would want you to slip and hurt that already weak spine/yellow belly of yours, you pitiful slimmy snakes.OOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeee

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