TheRiot got a wedgie writing letter to editor in big boy pants!

My big-girl blogging panties fit just fine and I’m more than comfortable suggesting TheRiot’s wedgie wouldn’t dig in so deep on a smaller a$$ that only assigns honorable duties to those “rank and file employees” who have the ability to do whatever work they come to do each day.

Other than pointing out the time stamp on TheRiot’s letter -1 :44am – I can think of nothing else to add to Bloggers harming worker morale, Theriot says: A letter to the editor.

Since taking the oath of office as interim Jefferson Parish president on Jan. 13, I have taken very seriously the task of dealing with the many issues facing Jefferson Parish. As columnist Jarvis DeBerry put it, I put on my “big-boy pants,” use my multitasker skills and deal with the many issues that require my attention on a daily basis.

The lawsuit that was filed by Jefferson Parish was not to challenge the First Amendment rights of our citizens, but rather was an effort to alleviate detrimental consequences stemming from false and injurious statements being made by anonymous posters and bloggers in cyberspace.

In sum, the parish was asking for no more information than The Times-Picayune demands of anyone who wishes to write a letter to the editor, as stated on your editorial page.

Some of the individuals who may have been disclosed by the lawsuit are those who allege unverified wrongdoing of rank and file employees who come to work each day and perform their duties to the best of their ability.

The Internet blogging sites allow the world to view unverified allegations posted by anonymous individuals. If the same information was received by The Times-Picayune, it would be verifiied [sic] before it was published. The current situation, left unchecked, is harmful to parish employees and their families, and generally hurts morale in the workplace.

In order to obtain the same basic identification information that The Times-Picayune demands, the parish had to resort to the judicial process. Since the discussion on this matter has been misplaced to date, I instructed the lawyers to dismiss the litigations [sic].

Since The Times-Picayune is an aligned party with in that it publishes its news stories and articles on the website, the parish would welcome the newspaper’s assistance or influence in obtaining said information.

I believe that the general public should expect and demand such action from an accredited news organization such as The Times-Picayune — an organization that the citizens of Jefferson Parish rely upon for accurate news reporting.

Steve J. Theriot

9 thoughts on “TheRiot got a wedgie writing letter to editor in big boy pants!”

  1. My God, he’s stupid. And he just cannot stop drawing attention to his abject stupidity. Please sue me Steve.

  2. Who says the information is unverified…you, Herr Furheur. The problem is you and people like you who want things to remain as they were, having employees working in fear of losing their job if they report wrongdoing or criticize how decisions are made or not made or refuse to be harassed while working ? You should meet up with your model employee, SS Kerlec and have a computer burning party, preferably at the River Birch landfill.

    Now with this burning perverse desire to know names, obtain address, etc of bloggers you
    have deluded yourself with presuming how to run a newspaper ! The news business, Herr Theriot, is grounded in free speech, and idea that seems to be an anathema to you in particular. Or is it that you want to control the Press also. You and other JP political thugs have gotten a free ride for way too long on the backs of people like Nancy Drew. It’s over, and soon our nightmare with you will be over, as it has been with the likes of Coulon, Whitmer, Wilkinson and
    Broussard. Possibly Mr. Letten might invite you to join them in the very near future.

    Go away. RESIGN NOW…

  3. Mr. Theriot I think your letter to the editor might be best critiqued as an irrational faux pas.

    The argument you attempt to postulate, your need to know names, is both fallacious and insulting.

    Whitmergate, along with me, Mathilde and Placide, will have much more to say about your fatuous behavior. I can’t wait till ‘Gate gets back with the Rebel Yell as we parle around the pool this afternoon analyzing the many problems ahead for you, legal and otherwise.

  4. oowee Hello Riot- can you hear me through my gas mask? You forgot several words when you wrote: “The current situation, (namely me as your friendly Parish Furheur), left unchecked is harmful to parish employees and their families…”.Even the innocent free vine swinging monkeys like myself and uncle are fearful of you,your secret police and “secret rooms”.You have caused us to become bunker bound, but soon the Feds will spring us and we will once again swing like free monkeys in back of the NonPerforming Arts Center.We are presently reading by moon light the”Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” to learn how to deal with you and your goose stepping council. oowee

  5. URGENT NEWS RELEASE !!!!!!!!!!!! Hollywood,La.:AP/UPI/JP——- The movie,”The Riot Sues NOLA-The Movie”, which premiered solely on http://www.slabbed a few days ago has captured a majority of the Awards. The votes are in and the following have won Golden Awards :Steve TheRiot -best actor in a passionate insanity role in “TheRiot Sues NOLA-The Movie”; Mike of – best script,best documentary,best producer in “TheRiot Sues NOLA-The Movie”; the JP council gang of 7 – best stand-ins with no vocal lines in “TheRiot Sues NOLA-The Movie”.Steve has already been signed for leading roles in soon to be released,”Stop Pickin’on Little Pup”; “The Little Auditor Who Couldn’t”;”Brainless”and the much awaited “White Haired Elvis Visits Marrero”.Accepting the awards for Steve in Cannes, France is Cherie, of the JP Yenni Bldg., who frequents Cannes on behalf of JP for what purpose no one knows. Sorry to say Steve will not be attending as he is currently in Ochsner rectal ward recovering from hemmoroid/ wedgie surgery from prolonged blogging. However, he is recovering well after some “Chicken in the Pot Soup” personally prepared by local chef,Jim Letten. Wishing Stevie well and a speedy donut-hole recovery!

  6. I’m sick of sic. Pretty scary when the leader of one of the largest Parishes in the State and a CPA can’t even write a grammatically correct letter. But I guess I’m being petty (although if you cannot get the basics of English 101, why would you understand Government 101). You dumb ass!

  7. Oops “But” not “put.” I sic’d too! What I get for typing on Steve’s small keyboard.

  8. The largest environmental holocost to hit our nation’s shores is occurring right now in our back yard and our Parish President has the time to respond to the blogging law suit in an editorial. Well, if our society can take anything away from watching the ridiculous nature of the public debacles that seem to occur on a daily basis in JP it should be that character matters. IMHO.

  9. “…false and injurious … unverified…hurts morale in the workplace…”
    These were the words used by TheRiot in his big boy pants letter to the TP Editor.
    And today the TP reports that the issues bloggers were hammering TheRiot on using Slabbed were quite true and injurious, were verified and if anything his Attack Free Speech Lawsuit to create a chilling effect hurt morale in the workplace more than any blogging.

    To claim that any post is unverified until and unless one of the miscreants admits to it or some 3rd party confirms it is ASSININE.

    AMV clearly verified many corrupt practices and blew the whistle on same…but according to TheRiot her findings were ” unverified”.

    Question for TheRiot and his supporters: What kind of VERIFICATION did he perform before puting AMV on administrative leave for alleged blogging and internet surfing? How much time did he spend doing that ‘verification’ before breaking down her door and hauling her before his Kangaroo Court of incompetants?

    Oh and President Young: When you fired AMV while she was out on sick leave what type of verification of the legality of your RESIGN OR BE FIRED edict did you perform? Or are you going to rescind your Live in the Parish to Work in the Parish/ Resign or Be Fired edicts in later TP posts?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    These after the facts ‘oopsie-slipsies’ are getting old. Get it right ahead of taking the action you idjits! So now how do you ‘fix’ the mess you got us into Johnny?

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