Judge issues TRO: van Heerden reinstated until further Order of the Court – Hearing continues next week

It’s not over until it’s over but van Heerden will be reinstated under a Temporary Restraining Order issued at 10:10p.m. last night by Federal District Judge James J. Brady, Middle District Louisiana:

Upon consideration of the Motion for Temporary Restraining Order, the record of this proceeding, the Verification and Affidavit of Irreparable Harm, the law, the evidence adduced, and in order to create a state of affairs in which effective relief can be awarded to either party;

IT IS ORDERED that a Temporary Restraining Order be and is hereby entered directed to the Defendant, Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, prohibiting said Defendant from terminating and/or otherwise terminating Plaintiff’s employment, ordering the immediate and temporary reinstatement of Dr. van Heerden to his position in the faculty ranks of LSU and, further enjoining this Defendant, its agents, employees, and assigns from infringing upon Petitioner’s rights under the United States and Louisiana Constitution and under Federal law, and harassing or retaliating against Petitioner, until further order of this Court at the conclusion of this hearing.

A related Minute Entry on yesterday’s hearing provides background on the TRO: Continue reading “Judge issues TRO: van Heerden reinstated until further Order of the Court – Hearing continues next week”

BREAKING: AROD remains a free man. Magistrate Hays imposes more conditions on his pre trial release. UPDATED

I just got in from Jackson and received the news.  Either Nowdy or I will be back to update this post with more specifics. Magistrate Hays exhibited a quality of mercy that was not anticipated here at Slabbed and in doing so well served the cause of justice IMHO.



The docket entry is a form with a handwritten note modifying the conditions of Ashton’s pre-trial release: Continue reading “BREAKING: AROD remains a free man. Magistrate Hays imposes more conditions on his pre trial release. UPDATED”

"Broach"ing the subject – with TheRiot it's all a matter of priorities

We all have priorities. Right? Consequently, we all know how frustrating it is to have something more urgent pop-up and move to the top of the list. Right.  Instead of boring you with a whine about what popped-up that caused me to miss this column at the first of the week, I’ll adjust my priorities and move straight to Steve Theriot’s lawsuit? LOL: Drew Broach:

Steve Theriot, IMHO, must be the ultimate multi-tasker.

Four months into his interim stint as Jefferson Parish president, he’s sweeping out the corruption of the Aaron Broussard regime, averting a fiscal crisis, lobbying the Legislature and pushing back an oil leak that threatens the West Bank.

Now he’s suing his critics, too.

Does the man ever let up? Continue reading “"Broach"ing the subject – with TheRiot it's all a matter of priorities”

TheRiot got a wedgie writing letter to editor in big boy pants!

My big-girl blogging panties fit just fine and I’m more than comfortable suggesting TheRiot’s wedgie wouldn’t dig in so deep on a smaller a$$ that only assigns honorable duties to those “rank and file employees” who have the ability to do whatever work they come to do each day.

Other than pointing out the time stamp on TheRiot’s letter -1 :44am – I can think of nothing else to add to Bloggers harming worker morale, Theriot says: A letter to the editor.

Since taking the oath of office as interim Jefferson Parish president on Jan. 13, I have taken very seriously the task of dealing with the many issues facing Jefferson Parish. As columnist Jarvis DeBerry put it, I put on my “big-boy pants,” use my multitasker skills and deal with the many issues that require my attention on a daily basis. Continue reading “TheRiot got a wedgie writing letter to editor in big boy pants!”

Slicked and SLABBED and "Spooky at a distance"

Only the Senator whose brain is you-know-where could come up with such a bone-headed plan!

Saying that he has received commitments from the Army Corps of Engineers to move forward with long-delayed Louisiana flood-control projects, Sen. David Vitter, R-La., agreed Wednesday to drop his hold that has blocked a Senate vote on the promotion of Army Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh to major general.

Yesterday’s headline story on PoliticsLA.com linked to TP story Sen. David Vitter drops hold on promotion of Corps of Engineers commander and challenged readers to connect the dots.

Drawing a line in the sand, those dots connect to David Vitter’s grandstand.  Could the Senator have been borrowing trouble and buying time for his big oil contributors – just enough time for BP oil to reach land?

You think, perhaps, it was a coincidence that Vitter claimed victory just as PB oil hit land A month after explosion, oil from Gulf of Mexico spill washes ashore in populated areas?

Slicked and Slabbed complete with a photo gallery and theme song.

“Oh the games people play now
Ev’ry night and ev’ry day now
Never meaning what they say, yeah
Never saying what they mean.”

While all eyes were on the oil in the Gulf, big oil was slickin’ and slabbin’ Tulane’s Environmental Law Center!  ThePopTort tells that story in BP and Law Clinics – One Spooky Interaction: Continue reading “Slicked and SLABBED and "Spooky at a distance"”

First there was Me. Now comes Mini-Me

For those thinking that idiot thugs in government only live in Jefferson Parish I offer Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett and his very ill advised use of his prosecutorial powers in a brazen attempt to silence his critics. The Times Picayune picked up the AP story

An American Civil Liberties Union lawyer said Thursday his organization is helping two anonymous Twitter users fight an effort by prosecutors to unmask them after they tweeted criticism of a Pennsylvania attorney general who is running for governor. Continue reading “First there was Me. Now comes Mini-Me”