I think we’re getting close to welcoming the Jefferson Parish School Board to Slabbed

We haven’t forgot about you guys no siree. I’d say more but my source would then have to kill me. I will say what I’ve been told has nothing to do with this though my bestest beetches at Phelps Dunbar once again show up like a bad penny in parish government. This time it is wild hair Harry instead of Nan and Dave. Did Harry actually do anything when he was USA in NOLA besides draw a paycheck? I didn’t think so.

Pop some popcorn folks ’cause this is getting good.

Oh yeah, here is a great link for you Jefferson Parish folks to chew on that has absolutely nothing to do with this post though I could write a book on the subject. Then again someone already has. Those were the days…….



2 thoughts on “I think we’re getting close to welcoming the Jefferson Parish School Board to Slabbed”

  1. Let me see if I get this straight. JP hires Phlips, Dungbar at $225 per hour, and a para-legal at $105 to SLAPP Ms. Vanenweghe’s Whistleblower claim filed with the Personnel Board. They fail to conduct a “Due Diligence” investigation of the charges asserted, only to file a 2” pasted brief of JP’ s party line as expounded by Louis Gruntz and Clem Donelon which IMHO is legalese bull-shit.

    Now Phlips Dungbar is getting paid $175 an hour to do a “Due Diligence” investigation into the controversy between a board member and the board Superintendent.

    I don’t know but do you think something’s wrong with this picture ?

    JP Council pays more NOT to have a “Due Diligence” investigation which should have ethically proceeded any filing in the Vandenweghe claim by Phlips, Dungbar; BUT the School Board is paying less the correct procedure by Phlips, Dungbar. No wonder they had to hire an ethics lawyer to represent them in the JP debacle, only thing is that again, the JP taxpayers gets F$$K$D for having to pay for Phlips, Dungbar’s lawyer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Letten where are you ?

  2. Well, I guess Adam & Reese has competition.

    Hey, there’s a little scam guys like Rosenberg and Ciolino run: they go on tv, lay out the ethics and criminal cases againts people, buuuuuttttt….. you can conflict them out if you hire them or their firm. Then they don’t appear on tv to talk about you anymore. Kind of a protection racket.

    But, then there’s this: Glenn Hayes. A future baby Aaron wannabe in training.

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