Breaking: AROD crosses paths with Judge Lance Africk. Detention hearing scheduled for Friday.

Yesterday evening we received word that things are heating up against in USA v O’Dwyer and sure enough a check of the docket revealed a couple of motions filed by Team O’Dwyer.  I’ll circle back to those but first there was something else on PACER that seemed a bit odd so we must get some background courtesy of Nowdy:

Entry below made on 18th but when you click on docket number screen comes up with “You do not have permission to view this document.”

Summons Issued as to Ashton R O’Dwyer, Jr (jtd) (Main Document 54 replaced on 5/18/2010) (jtd). (Main Document 54 replaced on 5/18/2010) (jtd). (Entered: 05/18/2010)

What’s interesting about it is that clearly there appear to be three versions of the summons issued (but no reason given for replacing twice).

Ashton solved the mystery for us on the summons so here is the very short version of what’s up:

The scene: The uptown side of Poydras Street.
The allegation: Calling Judge Africk a “scumbag” in a low voice as they passed on the sidewalk.
The consequents: Detention hearing scheduled for Friday.

This was news I personally hated to hear as I truly believe the criminal justice system is not properly equipped to handle a defendant like AROD. As I’ve said many times on Slabbed I understand the frustration, both from Ashton and Team USA. My fear is “the problem” will be fixed via a jail cell and I do not believe that is any sort of “fix” in this circumstance.

Now the motions from Team O’Dwyer. We have a Motion for Production and Defendant’s Bill of Particulars. As Ashton lost his computer as evidence when he was arrested he is wanting his emails back along with other items.  I was struck by the fact these motions were filed by Ashton himself which may mean the federal public defenders have vamoosed which IMHO is a very bad sign.

Our readers no doubt recall that I played the role of shithouse shrink in an earlier post I did on this topic. Subsequent court filings further illuminated the issues I identified. I mention this because page 19 of the Bill of Particulars indicate the FBI shared my earlier diagnosis way back in July 2007.

I am afraid this case is headed no where good for Team O’Dwyer. At this point all we can do is pray something positive emerges from this mess.


13 thoughts on “Breaking: AROD crosses paths with Judge Lance Africk. Detention hearing scheduled for Friday.”

  1. My heart goes out to AROD and his family.

    I am praying he sees God’s hand on his life and goes with God’s flow.

    I know of what I speak and I know the frustration

    I also know the peace of resting in HIM.

    AROD: Go in peace my brother. Let God extract vengence from the wicked. The best revenge you can have is living free of anxiety and worry because you are secure in the knowledge God has your back.


  2. Frustration is a fact of life in this coutry that appears to have lost all direction & morals. To many are acting like wee ones fighting over whose toys are whose and screaming, back biting and just plain bad behivor of what should be considered mature leaders in all areas of government and large private organizations.

    It seems that morals, caring for those under them be it workers, citizens, armed forces the only thing that matters to them is their apparent power over others and doing what it takes to maintain that power.

    If the original matter with AROD could be resolved then possibly the rest would fall in line also. Just remember Animal Farm and what was & is being done to him could also happen to you!!

  3. From Ashton O’Dwyer. I’m going to try to keep this “short”, which is problematical, because the story is “multi-faceted”. No, The FPD’s office has not “jumped ship” (to my knowledge), although they (Virginia Schlueter, Cynthia Cimino and Ed Casey) are no doubt ‘appalled” over my calling the Scum-Bag Africk a “Scum-Bag”, and he is and KNOWS it. The “shame’ is that the Federal Bureau of Constipation and “Show and Tell” Letten know it, because I articulated it for them over a year ago, and supported my averrments with documentary evidence, but they turned a blind eye to public CORRUPTION in the ranks of the Federal Judiciary at 500 Poydras Street, the same building occupied by Mr. “Show and Tell” (Letten does “real good” at Press Conferences where he takes credit for the work done by others. But does anybody know if he’s EVER tried a case, particularly a jury case, to a conclusion? Has he ever even argued a Motion? Just curious). As far as I am concerned, if the FBI and Mr. “Show and Tell” won’t do anything to FIX the multiple “problems involving PUBLIC CORRUPTION which I reported to them, THEN THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. So, in addition to being a “Scum-Bag”, who can cleanse himself ONLY by doing “hard time”, Africk has the distinction of joining “Crooked-as-a-Snake” Duval and “BGNB” Lemelle as some of the most corrupt Federal Jurists to ever donn a black robe. In a word: THESE GUYS WOULD MAKE TOM PORTEOUS BLUSH! I am a “political prisoner”, although out of jail awaiting trial after spending 34 days of solitary in “The Windsor Court St. Bernard” (Yes, I already have spent 34 days in solitary as a man who’s “innocent until proven guilty”, whereas several Danszinger defendants have already entered GUILTY pleas, but have not yet spent one day in jail. Does anyone ELSE think there must be “something else” going on in matters involving Ashton O’Dwyer?). So, the FBI and “Show and Tell” are protecting AUSA Michael Magner a/k/a the “degenerate cockroach”, who was complicit in my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05, which is more than “enough” for them to do nothing about the crimes I have reported to them. But the ENTIRE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is perfectly satisfied with Duval’s corruption of the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS, BY AND LARGE, BEEN THE PRIMARY BENEFICIARY OF DUVAL’s (remember, he’s “crooked as a snake”) CORRUPTION. And so, Ashton O’Dwyer MUST DIE – and maybe he will, but he will go down fighting, spitting in their eyes, and telling each one of them PRECISELY what he thinks of them. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. It is usually the innocent that suffer as they care and know to do good while the corrupt and crooked know how to play the game and get off with a get out of jail free card!!!

  5. A couple of more details (the “rest” will be in the book) that might pique the interest of the readers of SLABBED given the interest in corrupt Jefferson Parish politics. After I told “Scum-Bag” Africk what he IS, who did he call? Well, I don’t know, but given the fact that he is a former AUSA, it could have been a number of people, including “Show and Tell” himself (they are about the same age, I think, and may have served as AUSA’s together. If not “Show and Tell”, it could have been the “degenerate worm” who is prosecuting me (for now), Gregory Kennedy who, incidentally, WORKS FOR MAGNER. That’s “right” Magner (that ‘degenerate cockroach”) is the degenerate worm’s SUPERVISOR. So the worm puts AROD away for a fwe years, and his boss, the cockroach, lives happily ever after, and never has to worry about AROD again. Now a “real” ZINGER: or Scum-Bag might even have called another AUSA, namely ED RIVERA: “Ashton O’Dwyer just called me a Scum-Bag!” Who IS “Ed Rivera”? I wouldn’t expect any of you to know, BUT ED RIVERA, WHO WORKS FOR “SHOW AND TELL” IS STANWOOD “Crooked as a Snake” DUVAL’s SON-IN-LAW. Ashton O’Dwyer respectfully submits that Rivera may have as BIG a “hard-on” for AROD as Duval does. You see, during the course of the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, before Rivera went to work for “Show and Tell”, I uncovered evidence that “Crooked as a Snake” Father-in-Law, with his son-in-law’s “help”, VIOLATED FEDERAL LAW TO “HELP” FATHER-IN-LAW AVOID HAVING TO RECUSE HIMSELF, WHICH WAS MANDATED BY STATUTE. The whole Federal Judiciary and Law Enforcement “Systems” have IGNORED MY EVIDENCE AND REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. But that’s just another reason why certain people want to see me DEAD or in prison, and at least one additional person who calls himself an AUSA (for now). Ashton O’Dwyer.

  6. I don’t know, Ashton, but seeing that you’re currently awaiting trial, maybe silence would be golden in this instance…at least until after your trial. I know you’re an Attorney and all, but you know what they say about an Attorney that his/herself as a client…just saying this as an “e-friend,” Ashton…really. Don’t tip your hat for the WORLD to see – you’re spoonfeeding them!


  7. Good advice Shirley. I can’t imagine Cynthia, Virginia and Ed and very happy with this latest turn of events. Yikes is right Matzerath.


  8. Tip my hand? Spoonfeeding them? Well I recently learned that they have been monitering my telephone and computer since early in 2007. And the best they could get me on was a non-threatening “THREAT” that they “made up” out of thin air, against nameless people who are unidentified? And now they’re trying to put me back in the slammer for calling a Scum-Bag a “Scum-Bag”? Are you people AMERICANS? Do ANY of you believe in freedom and individual liberty? Have you ever READ the U.S. Constitution, and the part beginning with: “When in the course of human events…” I’ll say it again: Ashton O’Dwyer ain’t “the story” here. It’s much BIGGER than him; bigger than all of you. Ashton O’Dwyer, and thanks for the advice and moral support.

  9. Condition 7J of the order setting terms of your release is where your problem is Ashton. I’m not saying you committed any crime that lead to that order but it is what it is. We’ll be here to chronical what happens.


  10. Not a problem at all, SOP. My ONLY “problem” is and has been the Federal Government, because if I were to obtain “justice” for the innocent Victims of KATRINA who lived WEST of the Industrial Canal, including Jefferson Parish, all of whom have been denied legal recovery against the Government by a “crooked as a snake” Federal Judge, namely “Duval-Daley-Fayard”, then the Government and TheObamaNation would have to start printing money, again. If “justice'”were to be done on Friday, then the Government “Persecutors” and their witnesses, including Africk who has now proven himself to be a “Scum-Bag” (just as I alleged), AND a “Woosie”, AND a LIAR, would be the one with the “problem”. I repeat, if “justice is done, I don’t have any problem whatsoever.

  11. Well I’m going to put my empathetic 2 cents in.

    The “founding fathers'” were for the most part, a society of nuveau riche gentry which they could not have been in Europe. They devised one of the most refined facist governments in world history. At a time when England was abandoning the concept of a grand jury, they retained it. Why, because whoever tells the story first is generally prevails. Power for the ruling class. Think US Attorney’s Office. The same applies to the conceptual fallacy as it relates to the real world, “innocent until proven guilty” prior to a trial and subsequent to being indicted. There are other examples of the power of the state to predispose prejudice as it relates to someone’s conduct, such as is the case of AROD’s personality traits.

    The above, I have dove-tailed with a long held opinion of human society: the more one refines his /her hypocrisy the more successful one becomes.

    I recall long ago reading Gore Vidal’s commentary on Noam Chomsky’s idea of an elitist ruling class, “the New Manderins” who were responsible for policy decisions, not only in War, but in all political policy in the Unted States (American Power and The New Manderins, 1969). Although the thrust of the book was about the Vietnam War, it was his critical analysis of the people who made the decisions that is what stuck with me, and brilliantly critiqued as I read Vidal’s interpelation. The New Manderin’s are an elitist class of priveleged bureaucrats evolved from a person either comming out the “right” hole, going to the “right school, holding the “right” government position and/or a combination thereof.

    Well welcome to the boundless arrogance of the “Princes of the Federal Judiciary” (think Tom Porteous). It may be bad manners or rude behavior to insult ANYONE in public, but it’s free speech that trumps the feelings of this New Manderin class of pompous ass bureaucrats. So he puts Arod in prison for what ? So he doesn’t have to confronted as a scumbag ? That calling him a scumbag in public broke some bullshit rule of some bullshit proceeding ! So now AROD can go to prison and call this scumbag all kinds of M$$$$R F$$K$$G SCUMBAGS in petitions, interviews, writings etc.

    Tell me we don’t live in a facist society…Kerlec…JP Council and all JP elected Officials…Theriot…ad nausea…

  12. Again, best to you Ashton, what I was trying to say is that I learn so much about your cause (and case) by what you post and it would seem that you don’t want EVERYONE to be privy to some of your allegations…especially while your case is pending…that’s all. Let ’em learn some of it in discovery.

    shirley heflin

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