Steve TheRiot issues a press release. It's getting deep folks.

Folks it is not that Theriot is dumb or a fool. Rather he thinks the general public are idiots. Here is the hot off the press release:

Regarding the lawsuit recently filed by the Parish of Jefferson and Steve J. Theriot against John Does 1 through 100 and the subpoena issued to New Orleans, Net, LLC;

This lawsuit was never intended to silence individuals from expressing their views or suppressing any First Amendment rights. Rather, the focus was on the detrimental consequences that stem from false and injurious statements being made by anonymous posters and bloggers in Cyberspace. With the increase use of the internet, anonymous blogging or blogging by speakers using pseudonyms (fictitious name used by an author) has dramatically increased. Those who are victimized by such anonymous postings or blogs often do not know what recourse they have to seek redress. I sought redress, but the matters I attempted to address by the lawsuit have been and were totally misperceived and mischaracterized; therefore, at this time, I have decided to pursue the matters needing to be addressed through alternative avenues.

Yesterday, I instructed the lawyers to withdraw and dismiss the lawsuit.

Sure Steve and the moon is made of green cheese. En français, “Il veut prendre la lune avec les dents.”

Rich Rainey updated his T-P story we linked earlier so it is there we stop next because that is not what the Parish Council is saying:

Council Chairman John Young said the law firm that filed the suit, Phelps-Dunbar, had been initially hired by the council to handle the investigation of Anne Marie Vandenweghe, an assistant parish attorney who Theriot suspended in February on suspicion of improperly using her parish computer. She was reinstated just weeks later.

Young said today he was unaware Phelps attorney Nan Alessandra had filed the May 7 lawsuit until after reading a report in The Times-Picayune. Still, he praised Theriot’s decision to end the litigation.

Now leaving aside the fact that Young told a bald face lie on when he found out about the suit as the Parish Council authorized it in executive session over a week before it was filed, we again are confronted with the use of a SLAPP suit to abuse a single Parish employee, Anne Marie Vandenweghe. If this were truly about Theriot’s reputation then the suit would have never asked for information on posters like Prayerwarrior2 who said nothing about Parish Government or Theriot but who did call out disgraced former Parish President Aaron Broussard to repent and tell the truth to the Fed and disgraced former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson to repent. (For the record, if I had a nickel for every time a Parish resident told me Wilkinson was profane (and then some) I’d be on a beach on Bora Bora instead of writing this post.)

Using the official powers of government to crush people expressing their opinions is wrong, in fact I daresay a crime, especially if the intent is to interfere with an ongoing federal investigation. Beyond that Theriot and his band of idiots on the Parish Council have exposed the Parish to a lawsuit, perhaps even Civil RICO, because of their ham handed way of conducting HR and I hope that fact is not lost on the taxpaying citizens of Jefferson Parish. Judging from the public’s reaction to this latest twist I don’t think it is.

Like AROD I don’t think we’ve heard the last from this suit.


14 thoughts on “Steve TheRiot issues a press release. It's getting deep folks.”

  1. TheRiot: “I will pursue other available avenues not only to ferret out wrongdoing, but to ferret out employees spreading
    untruthful information, which is not only injurious to the intended target and his or her family, but also to the
    public at large.”

    Hahaha…. venture a guess at WHO HE IS TARGETING?????

  2. Theriot could use a new petition/press writer. Maybe one of the bloggers named in the suit could be awarded the position. I would say that they are capable of doing a much better job.

    Could the “alternative avenues” include the creation of a new Blog Inspector General position? The Blog Inspector General’s job would be to post untruthful statements in “Cyberspace” in an attempt to discredit anonymous posters who have posted factual information about JP.

    Didn’t I read that Federal investigators were reading slabbed to obtain information related to the JP corruption scandal? This would seem to be at odds with Theriot’s attempt to silence JP critics.

    Imagine that.

    1. You did read that ICBT but then again so is everyone else. 🙂

      As an added bonus we’ve hooked the folks in Bloomington and Northbrook Illinois too.


  3. Ok ok ok ok Here he comes to git’u. Get crunk!

    Herr TheRiot: don’t forget Truth is an Absolute Defense.

    And u r not the only player on the field.

    Here we come to get’u. Can u spell Spoliation?

    Ask Herr Gruntz what that means since u r to much of a weenie to ask AMV. The little lady too much for u bully-boy?

  4. I just read Herr TheRiot’s entire Press Release.

    Does he think he lives in Iraq? Or Iran? Or Nazi Germany?

    He is an illegitimately appointed caretaker. NOT elected by the people. He has gone off the deep end and appears to believe he is the Great Dictator.

    His statement is more disturbing than his lawsuit!

    AMV may need protection from him from the tone of his threats.

  5. Seems to me that TheRiot is a “pot calling the kettle black”.

    As I recall, this episode of the saga of corruption in Jefferson Parish started when “anonymous” individuals made “false and injurious statements” about a “Parish employee” to TheRiot.

    TheRiot, who had no aversion to “anonymous individuals” at that time, then “suspended” the employee on the basis of those “false and injurious statements” and compounded the injury when he repeated those “false and injurious statements” to the mainstream media reporting for the newspaper with nation’s 52nd largest circulation, the Times Picayune.

    250,000 readers is a low educated guesstimate of the number of individuals (not households) who saw the “false and injurious statements” TheRiot made about AMV reported in the Times Picayune, print or online.

    Add the data showing nearly 630,000 households of viewers (not individual viewers) in the New Orleans DMA (Designated Market Area) in 1998, the year reported in the data I found

    1,000,000 – a million or more individuals – is a low quesstimate of the total number of individuals exposed one or more times to the “false and injurious statements” that TheRiot, a public official, made about AMV, a public employee – and there are some really, really “detrimental consequences” that will “stem” from that.

  6. Seig Hiel, Herr Theriot…qu’est-ce qu’un troglodyte putain…je suis gene qu’il a un mon francais…j’espere qu’il a ete adopte…

    If I were Jewish and lived in Jefferson Parish I would be alarmed…If I were Jewish and worked for Jefferson Parish I’d be afraid…can you say Simon vs. JP/Kerlec !

    Is your statement a build-up to some type of insanity defense that your lawyers plan to plead for your defense against the ever mounting lawsuits you spawned by your’s and the Council’s decision to “get” Anne Marie Vandenweghe. This vendetta now is out of control, as evidenced by the “blogging” lawsuit filed on behalf of JP and yourself at the expense and opposition of the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish.

    Either you wrote this disturbing press release which would be evidence that you are a liar, or more pathetically, someone else did and you were fool enough to claim it is yours. Herr Theriot you have by far exceeded any boundaries of common decency expected of anyone in your posistion. It is more an injustice do to the fact that you were illegitimately seated as Parish President by this rogue Council.

    I can only imagine what you and your “brown shirt” political thugs would do against the anonymous bloggers if you were given their true identity. I am always amused by those “anonymous critics” who blog about their hypocrisy concerning the dangers of anonymity.

    Your statement was void of any reference to statements expressed that hurt your feelings, or any facts that were not true.

    I expect that a swastika flag will be flying over the Yenni Building and that Herr Kerlec will be your bodyguard.

    You are truly a disgrace, and the only alternative is that you RESIGN NOW !

  7. IMHO, this is an attempt to target and discredit employees who may have first hand information that could expose much of the wrong doing that this group has been part and parcel to. The powers that be are fearful of what might come out — and who might be implicated –in the ongoing criminal investigations. Perhaps this is a despirate attempt to discredit any potential witnesses who might have given information to the feds. I don’t know if that includes the likes of AMV, but I have heard that there are other members of the rank and file who have been quesioned about potential wrong doing. What better way to destroy their credability than by painting them as worthless time wasters who play on the internet all day while on the parish dime. Let’s not forget that this vindictive move was financed at the tax payers expense.

  8. Pseudonym Schpooodonym!
    Bet Voltaire would’ve gotten a kick out of that one… were it uttered by anyone with more than poodle dung for brains.
    TheRiot is starting to sound like the name of a fey championchimp wrestler.
    Substitute Zed’s famous basement line from Pulp Fiction:
    “Bring out TheRiot.”

  9. I find the comments relative to the Nazi like atmosphere at the Yenni building quite interesting considering the fact that there are already Gestapo substations established at the entrances to the two parish administrative buildings. We have taken public buildings and are making them no longer accessible to the public. Herr Theriot did not establish the precedent, he is merely keeping with the previous Chancellor’s tradition.

  10. If he wants to find out what’s going on then he should have an audit of all internet traffic done on any Jefferson Parish government computer. My guess is he’s scared what he may find.

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