BREAKING: Theriot drops lawsuit against Blogosphere. Updated 3X

Hat tip Koallawalla in the comments. This is a victory for the 1st amendment and those who fought to defend her.

Mr Theriot you did the right thing dropping this suit.

I’ll update this post as the news breaks into the mass media.



The Times Picayune now has a very short report up. We’ll link Val in a bit.


Val Bracy over at Fox 8 filed the original report which can be found here. Our readers no doubt remember it was Val who first broke this story in the NOLA mass media.


Rich Rainey updated his story I linked above. Joseph Plambeck at the The New York Times media decoder blog has written another post on this saga this time┬ácovering Theriot’s decision to drop the suit.


5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Theriot drops lawsuit against Blogosphere. Updated 3X”

  1. I certainly hope that this is not “the end of the story”. The lies about the lawsuit being a “tool” to help Theriot ferret out legitimate complaints and real corruption in Government need to be “chewed up and spit out, and then chewed up again” by every Councilperson having oversight over what Theriot, “The Lame Duck”, did to get authority to file thae suit. And since Phelps, Dunbar were representing “Da PaaWish”, their files are “Louisiana Public Records” and discoverable within 72 hours of receipt of a request in writing, and not subject to any “attorney-client privilege”. I respect John Young and certainly hope he doesn’t let this public relations disaster end with the dismissal of the suit. All of us “know” there’s a bigger story out there, but we’re not entirely sure what it is (other than a personal vendetta or intimidation to stifle the exercise of constitutional rights by citizens, because no one could be as STUPID as Theriot and his counsel

  2. From

    “Young said the law firm that filed the suit, Phelps-Dunbar, had been initially hired by the council to handle the investigation of Anne Marie Vandenweghe…”

    THIS is what the suit was about.
    Nothing else, no matter what else they say..

  3. I believe that this law suit was filed out of fear. Fear causes people to act irrationally. Fear causes people to believe that if they can manage/control their environment and everybody in it, they will be safe — safe from criticism and the consequences that may materialize when the truth about the exact nature our wrongs is known. IMHO.

    1. Beyond what has been made public here is some semi informed conjecture:

      Bill Hubbard’s repeated sentencing delays most likely means he is cooperating. Hubbard gives Letten Whitmer. Whitmer (incentivized by saving his wife Dawn) gives them Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson. Wilkinson gives Letten everyone else from Coulon down.

      Theriot did everything he could to keep Wilkinson on the job despite everything that was made public and continued to use the power of the parish government on Wilkinson’s behalf after he left including that silly SLAPP suit. The problem is there is no stuffing that genie back in the bottle. Wilkinson is a smart man and he knows there is only one way out of a long prison sentence.

      I think they had AB before the grand jury last week to drive the final nail in his coffin.

      As always time will talk.


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