Steve TheRiot issues a press release. It's getting deep folks.

Folks it is not that Theriot is dumb or a fool. Rather he thinks the general public are idiots. Here is the hot off the press release:

Regarding the lawsuit recently filed by the Parish of Jefferson and Steve J. Theriot against John Does 1 through 100 and the subpoena issued to New Orleans, Net, LLC;

This lawsuit was never intended to silence individuals from expressing their views or suppressing any First Amendment rights. Rather, the focus was on the detrimental consequences that stem from false and injurious statements being made by anonymous posters and bloggers in Cyberspace. With the increase use of the internet, anonymous blogging or blogging by speakers using pseudonyms (fictitious name used by an author) has dramatically increased. Those who are victimized by such anonymous postings or blogs often do not know what recourse they have to seek redress. I sought redress, but the matters I attempted to address by the lawsuit have been and were totally misperceived and mischaracterized; therefore, at this time, I have decided to pursue the matters needing to be addressed through alternative avenues.

Yesterday, I instructed the lawyers to withdraw and dismiss the lawsuit.

Sure Steve and the moon is made of green cheese. En français, “Il veut prendre la lune avec les dents.” Continue reading “Steve TheRiot issues a press release. It's getting deep folks.”

BREAKING: Theriot drops lawsuit against Blogosphere. Updated 3X

Hat tip Koallawalla in the comments. This is a victory for the 1st amendment and those who fought to defend her.

Mr Theriot you did the right thing dropping this suit.

I’ll update this post as the news breaks into the mass media.


Update: Continue reading “BREAKING: Theriot drops lawsuit against Blogosphere. Updated 3X”

Pass the popcorn (and the Rebel Yell)


The plaintiff’s property was located on the Jordan River in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi which endured the pounding winds of hurricane Katrina’s northeast side for hours before the eye wall crossed it and then endured many more hours of wind after the eye passed. Eventually, storm covered the property, but not before the property endured the maximum sustained winds well as one of the longest periods of sustained hurricane force winds in recorded history. During this onslaught, their entire property was destroyed on August 29, 2005, and the plaintiff’s lost all of their personal possessions located upon the premises as well. [See photo as Exhibit A].

Plaintiff’s reported their loss to State Farm, through its national call center while they were still evacuated in Northwest Louisiana. State Farm eventually assigned adjuster, Heather Keyt, an inexperienced adjuster to adjust the plaintiff’s claims. Ms. Keyt quickly recommended that the claim be denied without supporting evidence except for a alleged report by the plaintiff on the cause of the loss being storm surge

….when asked to explain how she came to determine that the house was a total loss due to flood, Ms. Keyt’s consistent and yet unreliable “fact” was a description made in the initial claim recorded by State Farm at its national call center received immediately following Hurricane Katrina. This section of the claim file that maintained the initial information is referred to as the “Facts” section. [Exhibit F].

Mark Flores, one of the insureds and a joint owner of the home, made the initial reporting of the claim. Mark Flores was evacuated to Natchitoches, Louisiana, approximately 40 miles from the Texas border, at the time he made the call to make a claim, and could not have known the cause of the loss of his home. [Exhibit G; Mark Flores depo., pp. 13-14]. Continue reading “Pass the popcorn (and the Rebel Yell)”