Catching up with Aaron Broussard. Another subpoena and more documents to the grand jury. Updated

Lost in all the news of Steve Theriot and Jefferson Parish filing suit against the blogosphere was a report by Michael Perlstein of Channel 4 on Aaron Broussard’s latest trip to the federal courthouse Friday in response to another subpoena issued by Team Letten. Broussard was evidently tight-lipped on the content of the subpoena but Broussard’s attorney Mike Ellis did have a few things to say to let’s visit with Perlstein’s report:

This is at least the second time since Broussard resigned from office in January that he has been ordered by the grand jury to deliver records in an ongoing criminal investigation of his administration.

Broussard was accompanied by his attorney Mike Ellis, who declined to give details on the nature of the requested documents.

“Aaron responded to the subpoena,” Ellis said. “I can’t comment on what it’s about, but he was in compliance.”

When to comes to expressing their opinions the Slabbed team rarely minces words and the opinions are usually diverse. That said most everyone has expressed a great deal of respect for Mr Broussard’s lawyer Mike Ellis. Still in all, especially given what we do know about Mr Broussard both in the context of the current scandal and his performance during Katrina I think most everyone was scratching their heads when he mentioned Mr Broussard and “good name” in the same sentence as we continue:

Mike Ellis said, “We really don’t know what the grand jury is about at this point. It’s taken so many twists and turns, I don’t even want to speculate. But I’m not going to allow Aaron to answer any questions or give any interviews until all this is over with and he’s got his good name back.”

As reader commented on the Channel 4 story that leaves us with a good chance we’ll never hear from AB again. Believe me folks it beats the alternative.




Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune also rolled out a story yesterday on this topic that is well worth the read.

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  1. I’ve been wondering – what does it mean that Broussard has not lawyered up with a big name criminal defense attorney? Isn’t Ellis (even if a pro doing what he does) a bit out of his league here in the federal criminal RICO sphere of things?

    – Is Ellis part of the investigation, for instance as campaign manager, funds holder, ethics report submitter, etc.?

    – Is Ellis just that trusted by Broussard and Broussard is just too foolish to go outside his circle? Or maybe he’s not being allowed to – Is this the corporation hiring counsel for their investigated execs, if you catch my meaning?

    – Or does this mean Broussard really knows he just isn’t in that much trouble and all he’s doing is negotiating?

    As for that video, the man has always considered himself a thespian and singer, a triple threat if you will. He probably tried that on the USA’s first thing… probably got a similar laugh track.

    By the way, it’s not just a question about the nature, subject matter of the subpoena, but the source. Is Broussard really still dragging documents out of the JP Building? Doubt it. These must be coming from his own files (and maybe Ellis’ too) at this point, no?

  2. Posted by viewfromhell
    January 12, 2010, 1:14AM
    I know this is going to piss a lot of posters off but, I WANT AARON BACK ! He’s laughing his butt off because the WB politico scum(Heebe,Ward,Sneed,Wilkinson, Butler, Coulon and Whitmer)) screwed us again. There’s a new deal in the making he apparently wouldn’t go along with. Surprise, surprise, surprise ! It just hit me, the toad Roberts and the gang found out that Broussard spilled the beans and that there is a sealed affidavit given to the US Atty by Broussard telling all. Heebe, Ward, Sneed, Wilkinson, Butler, Coulon and Whitmer push Roberts to orchestrate this Theriot move. Why ? So that his friends and former employees at the Auditors Office who, even before being sworn in, he had requested them to come in and “review” Parish contracts; will such a move enable them to shred any evidence of their illegal schemes; I don’t know, what do think ? I’m making no excuse or defense of Broussard, but if you think he knew everything this gang was up to your mistaken. I kept thinking why Theriot, who believe me, makes Broussard look like a boy scout, why him ? He takes shameless and greed to a new level of low. And they shoved him down your throat and you know why ? To show you that they can !

  3. Your first 3 points in order Rocheblave all IMHO:

    Yes, yes and no.

    Ellis has endured some serious medical issues the past few years. A few of our commenters openly wondered if it has dimished his skill set.

    I’d love to see a copy of that subpoena.

    I suspect if Broussard is indicted as everyone expects he’ll be adding to his legal team.


  4. Viewfromhell wrote…….”Surprise, surprise, surprise ! It just hit me, the toad Roberts and the gang found out that Broussard spilled the beans and that there is a sealed affidavit given to the US Atty by Broussard telling all. Heebe, Ward, Sneed, Wilkinson, Butler, Coulon and Whitmer push Roberts to orchestrate this Theriot move. Why ?”

    Heebe, Ward, Sneed, Wilkinson, Butler, Coulon, Whitmer and Roberts ……….What is the common denominator between these names? I am not talking theoretical math here. Anyone care to solve the equation??????

  5. You means besides Tim Whitmer and Lagniappe Insurance NOLACAT? I’ve heard the rumor that Broussard is singing to the feds. If that is the case he still will lose that “good name” but he might just save his skin.

    The delays in Bill Hubbard’s sentencing tell me he is still dishing out dirt as well.

    If Letten rolls up Whitmer he’ll have everyone else you mentioned by the balls.


  6. Nolakat, like a snake’s tongue, that equation is forked; the answer is John Alario and Larry Sisung. Both are Theriot mentors.

  7. Michael Ellis is my wife’s cousin (one of them). His medical issues are behind him and he’s “up” on his game. I’m SURE he comes to Aaron, or the other way around, via the Senior partners of “Chehardy, Sherman, Ellis, Murray, Recile, Griffin, Stakelum & Hayes”. Aaron, his co-conspirators (past and present) and his lawyers are keeping things VERY CLOSE. Mike’s representation of Aaron comes as no surprise to me, except that I don’t associate Michael Ellis with SCUM. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  8. Don’t forget about business partners Larry Sisung and Chris Robert’s Atlantic Investments.

    Here is the story of Larry and Chris and Byron from the Times Picayune.

    I’m sure this type of partnership is not remarkable. Not anymore than Coastal Securities underwriting for WJ Hospital and JP Finance Authority of which Steve Theriot was a chairman and member of the boards.

    No wonder Theriot is turning to the internet for tips on how to run the government.

    What can we do to help?

  9. nolakat, I had missed your link. As soon as I saw Sisung I thought of that article.

    And there is Debbie Villio piling up fines on the property to force the property to sell at public auction. Is it possible that TTW, LLC was ready to obtain the property at a bargain basement price?

    And speaking of land deals here is the purchase of the Woodland West golf course property from Willow Homes sponsored by Chris Roberts:

    Jeff Council plans to buy Woodland West golf course
    Ponds for drainage would be built there
    Meghan Gordon
    West Bank bureau

    Published: January 25, 2007

    The Jefferson Parish Council on Wednesday approved spending up to $2.3 million to buy a defunct West Bank golf course, signaling a possible end to the saga between a landowner who wanted to develop the plot and vocal neighbors who worried it would make their homes more prone to flooding.

    And the beat goes on.

  10. Ward et al took the proposed re-development of the golf course to the Louisiana Supreme Court and loss. So who do they go to to bail them out ? Why Jefferson Parish of “course”. Mr. Letten where are you ?

  11. I stall can’t help but ask the question…………Why has the contract with River Birch not been cancelled because of the Lagniappe connection. Other contracts with the same connection have been cancelled by the JP Council. What’s so special about this one????????Any ideas? Instead, the parish spends more money to do a so called study to see if it’s a good deal. I wonder how much we are paying to do that study, which should have been done before such an agreement was entered into, IMHO.

    1. Alex the question is Who are the owners of River Birch, Inc.

      Nolakat the names I’ve heard cut across the political spectrum in Jefferson Parish. We know about Dan Robin and his connection to John “Big Dog” Alario.

      The contract review is another attmept to slather lipstick on that pig IMHO. The prices charged by River Birch are no bargain compared to other major US cities. It is amazing how much info there is on the internet on that from which to run comps.


  12. The lady holding the key is Environmental Dept Director Marnie Winter. Also holding key is her Depy Katharine Costanza. Interview those 2 alone and apart and with total immunity and I bet u got the answers

    I also bet they are scared. The questions will have to be pointed and under oath to get the truth bec they are scared of the RB owners.

    Just IMHO.

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