Catching up with Aaron Broussard. Another subpoena and more documents to the grand jury. Updated

Lost in all the news of Steve Theriot and Jefferson Parish filing suit against the blogosphere was a report by Michael Perlstein of Channel 4 on Aaron Broussard’s latest trip to the federal courthouse Friday in response to another subpoena issued by Team Letten. Broussard was evidently tight-lipped on the content of the subpoena but Broussard’s attorney Mike Ellis did have a few things to say to let’s visit with Perlstein’s report:

This is at least the second time since Broussard resigned from office in January that he has been ordered by the grand jury to deliver records in an ongoing criminal investigation of his administration.

Broussard was accompanied by his attorney Mike Ellis, who declined to give details on the nature of the requested documents.

“Aaron responded to the subpoena,” Ellis said. “I can’t comment on what it’s about, but he was in compliance.”

When to comes to expressing their opinions the Slabbed team rarely minces words and the opinions are usually diverse. That said most everyone has expressed a great deal of respect for Mr Broussard’s lawyer Mike Ellis. Still in all, especially given what we do know about Mr Broussard both in the context of the current scandal and his performance during Katrina I think most everyone was scratching their heads when he mentioned Mr Broussard and “good name” in the same sentence as we continue: Continue reading “Catching up with Aaron Broussard. Another subpoena and more documents to the grand jury. Updated”

More media reaction to Theriot v the Blogosphere. TheRiot makes the New York Times.

TheRiot and his band of idiots on the Parish Council have gone national folks but before we get to that let’s highlight more local media reaction beginning with Louisiana political pundit CB Forgotson who composed a post titled Just a friendly little defamation suit that is very good. Here is a snippet:

I’m sure it was just a mix up in communications with Theriot’s lawyers. They thought he said “sue the bastards.” What Theriot apparently said was “invite those citizens to lunch so we can learn more about their concerns.”

We lawyers often get the terms lawsuit and lunch confused.

Theriot was brought in to restore confidence in Jefferson Parish government. If that is still the goal, it’s time to go to Plan B.

I’m sure I will be hearing from Theriot’s lawyers to get more of my input.

Next up is ABC Channel 26 which also chipped in with a great opinion piece by Jeff Crouere, host of Ringside Politics. Here is a peek:

Interim Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot obviously does not value the 1st Amendment and the right of free speech in this country. He used parish funds to file a lawsuit against anonymous bloggers who criticized his administration in Jefferson Parish. This is an irresponsible and outrageous use of tax dollars. Residents should demand that Theriot drop the lawsuit and focus on his real job, like fixing some of the problems outlined by the bloggers. Continue reading “More media reaction to Theriot v the Blogosphere. TheRiot makes the New York Times.”