The Times Picayune takes Theriot to task. Calls Jefferson Parish suit "nonsensical" UPDATED

The editorial board of the Times Picayune has added their two cents to the topic that has consumed my blogging time this week in Theriot’s SLAPP suit against the Blogosphere that is well worth the read. Here is a small excerpt:

Most people, though, wouldn’t expect a government to seek information about suspected misconduct by suing its critics for defamation. Yet that’s how Jefferson Parish interim President Steve Theriot is defending a lawsuit seeking the identity of anonymous online critics of his administration.

This suit is a public relations disaster and likely a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Public relations disaster indeed as the master of disaster in the executive suite and his minion at the Yenni Building swung from this:

et al: je voudrais voir les visages de ces putain de cons lundi matin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to this


in less than 24 hours.  Something tells me Madam Diable is no longer bored with the concept of blogging.

Even worse for Team Theriot is this ill-advised lawsuit has opened the Pandora’s box as our newest commenter, SLAPPHAPPY pointed out in a comment last night here at Slabbed. Rest assured if we had been named instead of just threatened the motions would already be on PACER. On that matter I speak for Slabbed alone but somehow I think those that Mr Theriot has literally backed into a corner may be left with little choice in this matter as it is clear Theriot and the gang will stop at nothing to eliminate transparency in government.

Outside of the huge PR favor done Slabbed by Mr Theriot, I’d like to take a second to also thank the gang for introducing the acronym SLAPP to the lexicon of the NOLA area blogosphere. Strategic lawsuits against public participation is a topic we well covered here through time as State Farm, with the assistance of a rogue federal judge in Alabama has done the very same thing to whistleblowers Cori and Kerri Rigsby before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals finally ended the madness and kicked Judge William “Little Billy” Acker off the case.

Finally I’d be remiss if I didn’t again publicly acknowledge the outpouring of support we’ve received from other blogs too numerous to mention and more than a few residents of Jefferson Parish who took the time to thank me for taking a public stand.  An investigative journalist here in Mississippi told me something along the lines that in the realm of journalism you’re only as good as your word and reputation in the marketplace of ideas. The same is true in the new media and I hope we’ve demonstrated how serious we are with maintaining the right of our readership to express their honest opinions without fear of reprisal.

As always we hope team Theriot comes to its senses and provides the good citizens of Jefferson Parish the open, transparent government they deserve. We’re not holding our breath.


Times Picayune Columnist Jarvis DeBerry has also penned a piece about Theriot’s SLAPP suit which is very good. Here is a peek:

It probably would have been wise for Theriot to include at least one or two Jane Does in his suit, but maybe Theriot figures no lady could be mad at him. What, with his hair?

Clearly, it’s time for Theriot to put on his big-boy pants. Jefferson Parish has beaucoup problems, but people blasting Jefferson Parish or Theriot on (this newspaper’s affiliated website) and isn’t one of them.

Well said Jarvis. The fact Steve and the gang think we are a problem speaks volumes. Comments like this, this, this and this are the reason John and Jane Deaux scare Theriot and Company shitless.  🙂

And even worse for Team Theriot other bloggers now smell blood in the water. I can smell the fear……



7 thoughts on “The Times Picayune takes Theriot to task. Calls Jefferson Parish suit "nonsensical" UPDATED”

  1. Hey Sop what a knock out punch OOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeee Like my hero Ali used to say’float like a butterfly sting like a bee’ and I’ll personally add “the riot’s been hit, the council’s in a fit,so when is riot’s deposition to reveal all the Parish’s sh_t “. I’m curious Steve has Mr. Giangrosso reported to your office yet to disclose he received a 31% raise from $55,000 to $71,000 in August of 2009 and an additinal $5,000 in January 2010 even months before he took over ann marie’s public records department? Steve you asked the council at last council meeting to investigate any other employee receiving outrageous exec. pay plan raises and your brillent lawsuit,according to your BS thinking, seeks to get only information from the bloggers you want to sue- soooo u must be delighted that I encouraged Mr. Giangrosso has fess up and report to u his 40% pay raise in 6 months; beating both Whitmer’s and Wilkinson’s 20% pay raises by 20 car lengths! But I know u are well pleased with all his public records blanket denial letters based on malpractice type case jurisprudence.P.S. Honorable President Mr. Theriot in addition to nana’ peels it is good for your roys to get up every couple of hours from your blogging chair and air out those roy boys occasionally by walking around a bit but not tooo tooo fast u don’t want to dislodge any of your hair dooos!Gotta go swing a little ———-OOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeee!

  2. Where did that devilindisguise go anyway? She told me that my day would come. Could she have meant that I would somehow be a part of The Riot’s joke of a lawsuit? She don’t know us bewwy well, now do she? Or, did she mean that I would die one day, just like everyone else?

    DeBerry is generally good, and this piece is no exception. Phelps- Dunbar, Allessandra and Korn will now be infamous for filing one of the most frivolous lawsuits in history. This one will not soon be forgotten, which is a shame for David Korn.

    But, Under Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure, article 863 (the sanctions article), an attorney or litigant is required to make a reasonable inquiry into the facts and law, and subjective good faith does not satisfy the duty of reasonable inquiry. Sternberg v. Sternberg, 97-101 (La. App. 5 Cir. 5/28/97), 695 So.2d 1068 citing Diesel Driving Academy, Inc. v. Ferrier, 563 So.2d 898, (La. App. 2 Cir. 1990). Either The Riot and his lawyers made no such inquiry of the relevant law, or they were well versed and chose to ignore it. Either way, the conduct of both The Riot and his lawyers is sanctionable.

    This lawsuit is like a fish that gets left out in the sun; the longer it sits there, the more putrid the stench becomes.

  3. Hummmmmm……….Is that stench comming from the landfill? I’AM JUSTY ASKING………….

  4. If Theriot says that the suit is not really about defamation of character and only about a “need for information” to help him better the parish then how can anything that has been written on the blogs be considered any less true.

    This alone should render his petition to be invalid. He has signed a document that he has stated does portray his true intentions. He may have been under duress or coerced into signing the petition.

    Not to mention, he is a JP non elected politician appointed by a government whose officials have been shown to have a complete disregard for the truth,

    The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights allows the citizens to peaceably asssemble and address their grievances with the goverment.

  5. Someone on just posited a query I would have myself except I am exhausted but let me paraphrase:
    Mr T did u or did u not have ‘ample evidence’ that Mrs V blogged during work hours using Parish equipment when u put her on leave and made all those public statements and gave Val Bracy all those interviews? Cause if u didn’t u and any lawyers dumb enough to rep u had best crawl on hands and knees to her house ( u might want to let her VERY angry hubby know ur coming in peace ) and beg her forgiveness and ask how many zeroes it is going to take to get her to let u all off the hook PERSONALLY as in not on the taxpayer’s dole. Phelps it is too late for u to get off the hook but Stanley u might want to reconsider ur involvement. There is no defense here. They fouled their nest. Don’t get infected.
    So there in a nutshell is the status of Theriot and the idiots versus Mrs V. IMHO

  6. The concept of due diligence is apparently lost on JP Officials, elected and non-elected, and their lawyers, Phelps Dunbar and whoever they continue to hire. IF it weren’t, none of this evolving saga would be happening.

    Why isn’t anyone discussing the obvious : 1) Amv filed a whistleblower claim citing wrongdoing by several JP gov’t officials — why is she being besieged for doing what is mandated to be done by all employees, report wrongdoing 2) why hasn’t the Times Picayune asked Theriot and the Council members what investigation has been and/or are they doing about these people who have committed crimes and are still holding their positions–AMV committed no crime, she reported crime yet she was supended, she is being harassed and retaliated against by Theriot et al, 3) why hasn’t the Parish gov’t afforded AMV lawyers for her whistleblower claim but has allowed the Parish Attorneys office to continue to represent Wilkinson and Villio’s interest, and they are no longer working for JP, 4) why is AMV still being targeted for something everyone knows by now that she did not do–but council members are quoted as saying this suit was aimed at AMV for that very same reason, commenting on blogs while at work on gov’t property that she didn’t do.

    These people are so used to lying to themselves and each other that when someone tells them the simple truth, what do they do, attack the messenger of truth !

    I believe the Justice Department in DC should be brought in to re-establish a legitimate governing authority in JP, the sooner the better. There is not one elected official in JP who has any desire or intention to uphold the law as he was sworn to do. We basically have top-sided anarchists who intentionally refuse to enforce the law as written and perform their duty as mandated. They see their obligation as only to what means will accomplish their agenda of greed for money and power fueled by their boundless arrogance and stupidity.

    I intend to begin a petition to accomplish this goal, intervention by the US Justice Dept on behalf of the taxpaying and voting citizens. I also intend to become active with a unionization movement of the working class employees of JP Gov’t as it is their only hope to end their victimization by these political thugs who have had a stranglehold far to long.

    Vive la Jefferson…give me death or give me freedom !

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