Comme le ph

For our newer readers who are scratching their heads at the post title, here at Slabbed we were very early innovators on the topic of Desiree Rogers, President Obama’s former social secretary. Before taking the job at the White House, Desiree worked at Allstate and the executives are always fodder for banter on a good finance board and Allstate’s board at Yahoo is no exception (and trust me when I say even them guys think Mr. Theriot is a pussy).

The old posts we’ve done through time from late 2008 to date can be found here, here, here and here. Here at Slabbed we stipulate the daughter of the late Roy Glapion is both highly intelligent and one heck of a hot babe. But Desiree also reportedly left no “lasting footprint” at Allstate where she evidently made a mid 6 figure salary working on the company’s Facebook page. So with that in place lets visit with a recent thread that tickled my funny bone as our own Steve pokes fun at another poster who may well be Ms Rogers and it is there we begin:

seems like allstate is not keen on non-white representation at senior levels. diversity is only for sales, not in practice. US and Continue reading “Comme le ph”

The Times Picayune takes Theriot to task. Calls Jefferson Parish suit "nonsensical" UPDATED

The editorial board of the Times Picayune has added their two cents to the topic that has consumed my blogging time this week in Theriot’s SLAPP suit against the Blogosphere that is well worth the read. Here is a small excerpt:

Most people, though, wouldn’t expect a government to seek information about suspected misconduct by suing its critics for defamation. Yet that’s how Jefferson Parish interim President Steve Theriot is defending a lawsuit seeking the identity of anonymous online critics of his administration.

This suit is a public relations disaster and likely a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Public relations disaster indeed as the master of disaster in the executive suite and his minion at the Yenni Building swung from this:

et al: je voudrais voir les visages de ces putain de cons lundi matin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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