Sniff, sniff – smells political to me: Lt. Governor says folks smelling oil are getting whiff from their lawn mower!

Give Lt. Governor Phil Bryant credit – the man’s got a nose for news.  Literally.  No reporter could possibly pass up the opportunity to write story about the remarks he made at yesterday’s Coastal Development Strategies Conference –  and SLABBED has Mary Perez of the Sun Herald to thank for Bryant doesn’t smell oil.

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant’s response to people in South Mississippi who’ve said they can smell oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf is, “No, you can’t.”

Speaking at Wednesday’s Coastal Development Strategies Conference, Bryant said the smell may be coming from their lawn mowers. “That is not gasoline coming out of the Gulf,” he said

Bryant said the media on the Coast haven’t overreacted to the oil spill, but the same can’t be said of the national media, who compared it with the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. “This is not the Exxon Valdez,” he said.

The Exxon Valdez “this is not” – it’s much larger, Phil – but let’s get back to the subject of politicians and odors and the most well-known story never published.  Ironically, the politician in this story was a  member of our Legislature at the time and, otherwise, in the oil and “gas” business.

Trapped in the inside seat by an ample woman in the seat on the aisle, the Honorable Member was on one of those packed flights connecting Jackson to Atlanta when his body relieved a bit of pressure of the deadly but silent type –  just as the good looking stewardess was making her way down the aisle.  Obviously, he couldn’t open a window; so, politician that he was, he simply fixed his eyes on the lady seated next to him. She, on the other hand, was no politician and as the approaching stewardess picked up the “whiff”, his seatmate turned to him and said loudly enough for the stewardess and those seated nearby to hear, “Needin’ be lookin’ at me like that, I seed you when you tilted!”

So, Phil, SLABBED “seed you when you tilted” and we’re telling you there aren’t enough lawnmowers on the Coast to account for what folks are sniffing.  However, if you let SLABBED know when you’ve got all those lite governors coming, we’ll do you proud with a lawnmower rodeo that you can point to as the cause of the odor.

Bryant referred to Wednesday’s headlines saying BP will pay for an advertising campaign to promote Coast tourism. He encouraged people to keep their reservations for conventions, fishing and vacations. “Don’t cancel it,” he said. “Come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

He is hosting the National Association of Lieutenant Governors in July in Biloxi.

“I’m trying to get every lieutenant governor in America to come here,” he said.

Bryant brought up the smell of oil because the Sun Herald also reported officials saying they were getting calls about a crude-oil smell along the Coast.

Francisco Cruz, Environmental Protection Agency spokesman out of Mobile, said what people likely are smelling are the volatile organic compounds that have evaporated into the air, and he described it as similar to smelling gasoline fumes at the gas pump.

8 thoughts on “Sniff, sniff – smells political to me: Lt. Governor says folks smelling oil are getting whiff from their lawn mower!”

  1. The rumor around certain circles is that the AG’s in Louisiana and Mississippi are trying to develop the “dream team” of private attorneys to represent the states in making their claims for damages to state lands and property.


    Doesn’t each state AG have a team of attorneys? Why give away (at least) tens of millions of dollars in attorney fees when those funds are so badly needed in both states?

  2. I offer Phil as Exhibit A when I say many of them upstate guys have no clue what is going on down here, evidently even when they are down here. Thanks Phil!

    I might as well say it now that we will be supporting Dave Dennis editorially. He is a long time successful construction guy from the Pass. Running a company the size of his means he MUST possess good leadership qualities and he evidently grasps the arcane areas of finance as he did a hitch on the local Fed (which is in NOLA) BoD. He’s a GOP guy but we do not hold that against him because I think he is honest. Having met the man in person I know he’ll do very well in front of a camera. And the fact he is a slabber is always a plus.

    I suspect Dave smells what BP is brewing.


  3. WOW, NAAS! Some things never change. I’ll stay tuned to you and your excellent radar. Just make sure it’s set to maximum range. For you Mississippians to whom “an oil spill” is diesel leaking from the bilges of a shrimp boat or oyster lugger, try making contact with all or any of the following, who work for you, the Mississippi citizen and taxpayer: (1) Mississippi Bureau of Pollution Control; (2) Mississippi State Pollution Abatement Grant Fund; and (3) Mississippi State Bureau of Marine Resources. And don’t forget the “Mississippi State Emergency Agency” and the “Mississippi Highway Safety and Patrol”.

  4. Phil’s clueless remarks were even fodder for the clergy yesterday during services. Once ol’ Phil gets off his scripted talking points it becomes clear there is not a whole lot of intellect behind the mouth.

    Nowdy speaking of popping popcorn. With all the enemies Phil made by going out of his way to punish Charlie Ross for daring to run a spirited campaign against him for Lt Gov. back in 2007 coupled with that mouth should make this election season interesting and enjoyable.


  5. As I have said before, John McKay has my vote! Phil Bryant has always told it like it is. If Phil Bryant says Ocean Springs needs a Republican mayor to “bring more business here”, then you can take that to the bank.

    There was a lot of detrimental alarmist mud splattering when BP sprung that leak. Phil was on top of that too.

    Vote John McKay to keep the charter boats full.

  6. As I have said before, John McKay has my vote!

    Ocean Springs can’t continue to move forward unless big improvements are made. It takes more than a crew to run a boat. Someone must take charge and provide leadership. Opportunities are there for the taking, you just have to be able to put the pork in the barrel.

    John McKay knows how to get it done. Loyal Republican voters await his signal as to whether the baseball team will be named Breeze or Bacon. Schooners sounds like a trumped up name and too much like a bar drink order.

    John McKay might even have a secret plan to get that stadium built in Ocean Springs instead of Biloxi. Just elect him first before asking about it. All it will take is hiring some consultants (and some of the best are somewhat underemployed lately). Don’t even have to pay them up front, they will work on commission. They may even have a site or two already picked.

    Vote John McKay to be sure the pork gets divided up.

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