The Times Picayune weighs in on Jefferson Parish v the Blogosphere. Open season declared on Parish President Theriot.

Once, when I was still wet behind the ears financial blogger that was full of himself after making some money in the market I didn’t keep my eyes on the ball and literally ended up making an ass of myself in front of a very well-heeled audience. The lessons learned from that experience serve me well to this day. Amazingly the  people that stuck it to me (using sand instead of vaseline) then refused to run me off instead encouraging me to take another bite at the apple. Besides learning the ropes I’ve repaid that favor  few times since and though Nowdy has never acted the part of ass online or in print she had to go through the “Sop crucible” before we started doing this little project called Slabbed together. I say that not to brag nor reminisce; rather because I’ll again repay that favor. Along those lines and before we get to Rich’s story I’d like to take a second to address Mr Theriot directly.

Believe it or not I receive emails from time to time that tell me I have you read wrong. They tell me you’re not a bad fella but you are getting lots of bad advice. You came in as a caretaker but the press built you up as something more than that and that did not happen on its own. Expectations were created, by you in fact. Quickly it became apparent the reality was business as usual though I must give you guys credit for some reforms that have been enacted. But all that was overshadowed by the ongoing federal investigation into Aaron Broussard, Tim Whitmer, Tom Wilkinson and numerous others.

When it became apparent the tentacles of the scope of corruption in the Parish exceeded Whitmer and Broussard you made your first mistake by chipping in with those accused of wrongdoing. Not only that you sent an employee that was simply doing their job home because you suspected her as a source of press leaks. In your world it was not the double-dealing that was problematic, rather it was the fact people were finding out about it. Once you became an enabler you also became a target. People started digging; even worse for you our researcher Bayrat4life took an interest and the result was our post on the Dan Robin lawsuit.

You still have several weeks left in office before the special election. I’m not a communications expert but I’ll tell you what I’d tell my paying clients. Go find someone whose advice you respect, someone not currently in Parish Government or on the Parish Council and ask them what they think of the current mess. Put the ego aside and do some soul-searching about the quality of the advice you’ve received since you’ve been interim Parish President, especially since your baum is being roasted in not only the regional blogosphere but also on national venues like the Yahoo finance boards where I am still well known.

Do the right thing tomorow and kill this suit. Just in case you want to fight I promise you based on the chatter we’re hearing you may just get SLAPPED back. And then there will be no telling how many comments there will be about you and the Parish Council in the accompanying coverage. It should not be lost on anyone that Rich Rainey’s story, posted to at 6:54pm yesterday has vaulted to their #2 most commented story for the entire day with 117 comments as I write this post for publication. Trust me Steve, you don’t want to read what people are saying.

This brings us to Rich Rainey’s story on this whole mess and it is there we go next:

Citing defamation and “suffered embarrassment” allegedly caused by online comments posted at, Jefferson Parish interim President Steve Theriot has filed a lawsuit requesting the identities behind 11 user accounts on the website. did not want to address the subpoena publicly since it has evidently been served:

James O’Byrne,’s director of content, said, “We have received a subpoena and we will discuss it with our attorneys. We have no comment at this time.”

In addition to Theriot, the parish government is a plaintiff in the suit. Theriot said the parish is paying for it.

An examination of the screen names listed in the lawsuit shows that the comments are mostly reactions to news stories about a scandal that tore through former Parish President Aaron Broussard’s administration……..

The user accounts at on Tuesday appeared to show varying degrees of activity. Two appeared to have been blocked by the website, and only three mentioned Theriot by name.  

Other comments on the remaining accounts seemed to focus more on Broussard, Whitmer and former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson than on Theriot’s administration. Whitmer resigned Jan. 4; Wilkinson resigned March 4 after Theriot placed him on administrative leave in February.

What??? Theriot goes after account information claiming he was defamed and only a few of the accounts subpoenaed even mention his name? Oh this is getting good. Are you doing this for yourself Steve are you still carrying water for Tom Wilkinson? Slabbed gets a mention at the end as we continue:

The lawsuit also references messages posted on a local web log called, but doesn’t specifically identify any comments, screen names or accounts used there.

“We haven’t actually been contacted by Jefferson Parish at all, as far as official channels,” said Doug Handshoe, who co-founded that site in Mississippi. After reading the lawsuit, he said: “I think it’s certainly designed to intimidate and silence online commenters.

“We don’t intend to alter what we’re doing at all,” he said.

Indeed we don’t. And for the record Mr Theriot we do not believe you wear woman’s underwear like was posted today over at Saints 😉


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  1. Having just left a comment on your post Theriot 3X, now this too ! Sop I must commend you for your relentless efforts to pound out the truth of these matters. Your pointed critique addressed to Theriot, and your participation with Rainey in addressing the issue, lawsuit or no lawsuit, is further evidence of the integrity of Slabbed.

    Although it’s late in the early morning, I’m on my way with deBrief and Mathilde to meet this mysterious Jean Deaux they told me about. Hey Pelican don’t forget that bottle of Rebel Yell, it’s going to be a long night.

    Auvoir Sop.

  2. I’m Sparticus

    The respsone to Rich’s article must be so great they moved it to the Top Story box. At the rate the comments are piling in it will knock James Perry and his traffic tickets out of #1 for commnets in a half hour or so.

    If there is one thing I’ve learned doing this internet thing is that when it comes to bald faced attempts to silence people through fear and intimidation it always backfires.


  3. Knowing this is repetitious : hasn’t Mrs V on several occasions offered Theriot the ‘bad advice’ out?
    I am beginning to believe Theriot has been told by his handlers that since he did not get AMV and the JP mess capped and quickly that he is going to take their bullets. And I am very concerned with the legerdemain of these circus cons diverting the attention from River Birch and West Jeff Hosp. This lawsuit is exactly what I would expect from the likes of those
    looking to sneak past the guards at the gate. Citizens of Jefferson Parish keep your eye on the prize and follow the BIG money. Nancy Cassegne is still the unqualified CEO being paid $400,000 . River Birch investigation is being ‘set up’ as we text. Pay attention or pay through the nose in taxes and fees.

  4. “bad advice” to be certain, but an “honest lawyer” would have told Theriot “don’t piss in your whiskey”.

    Based on the comments to the TP story, John Doe en masse is going to make him drink it (and insist his attorneys take a couple of sips, too).

    You pouring, Sop?

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can someone send a crossing guard to help a traffic fearing monkey cross Airline at the construction site of the Arts Center.Iam trying to get to today’s council meeting so I can ask Mr.Theriot is this the end of the internet concerning JP corruptionquestions? And also to ask him and that arrogant Ms. Barton to please have the courtesy to turn their chairs around to address and face the public’s questions especially those courteous Citizens for Good Government people.Cause the taxpayers including myself and my swinging uncle( we pay very high taxes everyday on our nanas’ from Winn-Dixie) have a lot of questions to ask about the $300 per hour Phelps lawsiut against bloggers who only want transparent government and not have the council passing laws to limit Public Records Request and freedom of speech on the internet. So Mr. Theriot turn around and show some respect and face the public’s questions respectfully today or pretty soon there maybe some federal manager sitting in your chair real soon.Maybe I could call the Animal Shelter to come pick me up?

  6. Nowdy check stats. They appear to have “tilted” with all the traffic coming in. :mrgreen:

    What makes this sweet for me is that I poured that shot this past Sunday back when the gang was still feeling smug, secure in the knowledge this news would ruin many a day come Monday morning when it broke. I think it is still on the table Nowdy.

    Phelphs Dunbar has taken a big black eye in the local legal community for associating with this suit. You know me Nowdy, that is the sweetest things for me.


    A recent study proves that more than 4 years in political office causes severe mental & physical distortions!
    1) Head size increases to abnormally HUGE!
    2) Compulsive need to eat pork!
    4) Dental Deformities
    5) Delusions of Mediocraty

    There are also second-hand effects & although these abberations are not contagious, prolonged contact with politicians will lead to hair loss, nose bleeds & stuttering.

  8. & I take credit for Nancy Drew being Theriot’s hairdresser….

    What are those big-headed politicians trashing at the Capitol today?
    From todays news:
    Joe Harrison, R-Napoleonville, recently won notice when he tried to move the LSU Medical School from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.

    Now, on the hot-button subject of illegal immigration, Harrison has produced an 18-page bill of INDETERMINATE cost that would require every state and local agency to verify the citizenship status of anyone who applies for benefits, with certain exceptions. It also would set up a new unit within the State Police to investigate people who produce fraudulent ID for undocumented immigrants.

    I just cringe when these guys get together…..
    Just because they manange to rig a few voting machines…
    This enables them to enact legislation which will determine the course of people’s lives!?
    Laws are being determined by people who entered & won a contest in which the highest number of votes was the deciding factor!!!?

    A Free Coke…absolutely?
    Free cable…??? maybe

    Imagine having a process which would accurately determine one person’s capability to have authority over another.
    …probably involve a stool sample…

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