BREAKING: has announced they are fighting Mr. Theriot's subpoena. Meantime Mr Theriot waxes nonsensical on the record.

I tell you folks this bunch is the gift that keeps on giving. Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune reports you decide:

Even as he sues his online detractors for alleged defamation, Jefferson Parish interim President Steve Theriot said today his goal is to use their tips to improve the local government.

He told the Parish Council that the lawsuit he filed against anonymous users of is aimed at addressing the concerns they raise — not at blocking criticism of the government.

Word is Theriot’s nose grew several inches after making those remarks and Rich has even more in his report as Theriot continues to make a fool of himself on the record. We’ve been threatened, not served here at Slabbed but I’m extremely gratified to know is doing the right thing here. I’m told that Louisiana has a special anti SLAPP law which can be found here. It is my hope NOLA avails itself of the provision regarding recovery of court costs. made it clear today their stance on this matter as we continue:

“ and Advance Internet believe it is vitally important that responsible members of our online community feel free to comment on our site about issues important to them without fear of retribution or reprisal from the government,” O’Byrne said. “With few exceptions, federal law protects our users from efforts by government agencies to use civil subpoenas to force disclosure of their identities, and we plan to vigorously oppose the effort by Jefferson Parish officials to learn the identities of their critics on”

Stay tuned as there is more coming.


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  1. “Steve Theriot said today his goal is to use their tips to improve the local government. He told the Parish Council that the lawsuit he filed against anonymous users of is aimed at addressing the concerns they raise

  2. This is a 3rd hand report from the Amer. Zombie blog:

    “according to Councilman Roberts’ assistant this lawsuit is targeting a single parish employee:
    Councilman Roberts does not have all the specifics on the suit. Mr. Theriot did make comments at the opening of the council meeting this morning. The suit is specifically targeted at about 12 user names believed to be one person who is a current parish employee under investigation by his administration.

    The Council was assured this is not an attempt to silence critics.

    Councilman Roberts said he hopes this clarifies the issue for you. He wouldn

  3. dude…I was worried that life would be boring without Nagin. Who knew? I hope they don’t withdraw this lawsuit, this may be the most entertaining item of the year. The more Theriot opens his mouth the funnier this is going to get.

    1. Alex the answer is Peggy Barton and Louis Gruntz. Dimmer blubs have never flickered over at the Yenni Building like them 2. Great stuff from Team Roberts over at AZ! And the answer to that question is who is Anne Marie Vandenweghe, the lady who was in charge of public records requests and responding to the various subpoena’s Jim Letten’s boys have been sending over.

      Theriot sent her home. When he found out his “evidence” on her blogging while on tower was bad he had to reinstate her (away from PRRs) but the digging for dirt never stopped as the gang would dearly like to see her gone.

      Mrs Vandenweghe tells me she is not even familar with all of the screen names listed on the subpoena from reading NOLA. I’ll add the subpoena is for more than one person because the person behind some of those handles has approached us on that offer for a free lawyer left by Dirk Diggler.

      Roberts of course has his own skeletons.


  4. Interesting……… I’ll bet Mr. Theriot read this article before filing suit. Hey, Sock, I may be changing my moniker – I kind of like “IAMDIRKDIGGLER.”

    Lyrissa Barnett Lidskyd1
    2000 Duke Law Journal; Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky
    John Doe has become a popular defamation defendant as corporations and their officers bring defamation suits for statements made about them in Internet discussion fora. These new suits are not even arguably about recovering money damages but instead are brought for symbolic reasons–some worthy, some not so worthy. If the only consequence of these suits were that Internet users were held accountable for their speech, the suits would be an unalloyed good. However, these suits threaten to suppress legitimate criticism along with intentional and reckless falsehoods, and existing First Amendment law doctrines are not responsive to the threat these suits pose to Internet discourse. Although the constitutional privilege for opinion holds promise as a solution to this problem, the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence provides little assurance that the privilege can protect the

  5. So if Roberts assistant is Brett Lawson is he the one who said this is directed at one employee who is under investigation?

    I have it on good authority that Cynthia Lee Sheng’s office confirmed the lawsuit was targeting an employee who was under investigation for blogging on Parish time. Hmmm now WHO could that be?

    Oh boy. Wait until AMV finds out. I don’t think she will be happy with that.

    Once again Sop, they shot at the Queen. And once again they didn’t kill her. Uh-oh.

  6. IMA, you wish you are packing what Diggler was. Good comment.

    I’ve now seen 3 videos posted here of citizens who were bold enough to stare down the Council and The Riot and tell them that the lawsuit is essentially frivilous bullshit. Maybe I’m deaf or stupid, but I did not hear a peep in response from any of the Council memebers or Paulie Numbnuts. What a bunch of chicken shits. Do these brave citizens not even warrant a response, except for Mr. Young telling Ms. Seeman her time is up? You smug sacks of shit just sit there like lamp-posts, content to ignore the citizens and their concerns as if they don’t exist. Cappella and Young are lawyers. How do you two not know better?

  7. You’re fixing to get a 4th video Sock. 🙂

    Like I always said, with miscreants like Nagin running NOLA, Jefferson parish was able to fly under the radar. You’d think after Damabala dismantled Meffert and Nagin the boys and girls on the Parish Council would have learned that people are watching and that the internet has changed everything.

    And to think we have not even scratched the Lee family gaming interest and Ms Lee-Sheng’s connections to it.

    Target rich…


  8. Is it true that Cindy Lee-Sheng’s husband worked for Whitmer and Coulon at Lagniappe? Speaking of flying under radar, Coulon sure has gotten a break. Gimme that 4th video mofo.

  9. “Even as he sues his online detractors for alleged defamation, Jefferson Parish interim President Steve Theriot said today his goal is to use their tips to improve the local government.

    He told the Parish Council that the lawsuit he filed against anonymous users of is aimed at addressing the concerns they raise

  10. Deepslab. I have a terrible headache from all this. And now no Christmas card ? I don’t think I can take much more.

  11. Now this is something!!!!!!! Posted on

    Posted by Anne Marie Vandenweghe
    May 12, 2010, 10:22PM
    Yes Drew it is me live and in person. When you first posted this story at 8:01 pm I had the good sense to PRINT a copy. It shows YOU as the writer in big bold letters.

    Yet now suddenly it is by-lined to Rich Rainey. Won’t work Nancy.

    Obviously you gratuitously tossed out the headline ” …deadhead…” and mis-quoted me. Since I never and I mean never would ever talk to you there is no way in h#$* you could have quoted me or written about my discussion of this matter.

    I was very clear when I spoke on the phone to Rich Rainey and I had him read back my exact quote several times to be certain he had it right.

    Then you tried to poach his story and elbow in on his success from last night. You are a poor excuse for an editor and a worse reporter. Oh that is right you don’t report because you don’t interview. You just edit reporters stories.

    I have the proof Nancy. Thank God I printed it out when you first wrote it.

    Putting me in a false light and then mis-quoting me when you didn’t even interview me! Gotcha .

  12. Nous sommes maintenant a bascule !

    Sock this is what I know. Well I do know a little bit more. However when Tim Whitmer (and Associates) first began trolling for insurance business he had a connection with Hartwick , Moss (HMIC, LLC). There is also mention of a Brown & Brown of La. Inc. d/b/a/ Marcello Agency in Lockport La. There are a number of clients such as Pampy’s Inc.( yea that Pampy), Target Properties (p/s Steve Wilkinson et al), GIG Investment Group (Daryl Ward, a JP Director) and Q.R. (Quail Run) Development (Walter Morton). We later have learned about Lagniappe and THT. You might be interested to learn that Ronnie Burke and Tim Coulon, representing Lagniappe, met with Muniz to be agent of record for Kenner’s health insurance.

    As to Stewart Sheng I have in front of me the Individual Producer Detail, identifying his license # 452224 and a list of company appointments that are dated current. It is my understanding that he is classified as a “major producer” for Hartwick, Moss. As we all have come to learn this is a split-up business as it relates to fees (who you know may be a more accurate term). So whether he is sharing with Coulon, Whitmer and/or Laginappe I wouldn’t know.

    And in case you didn’t know John Young’s junior is , you got it, an insurance agent too ! His license # is 17849 and it appears his company appointments are active. Does he work and or split fees with the Burke Group, or any other entity I don’t know.

    Maltilde, de l’air…je te brisele cou, petit gitan … the rest of that Rebel yell is mine ! In order to find out that someone on this list of blogging names in this lawsuit is a JP deadhead they would have to NOT be able to answer the following questions correctly:

    1) On which hand, right or left, is Jerry Garcia’s middle finger missing ?

    2) How did Jerry Garcia come to loose his missing middle finger ?

    3) Can a bear have a missing finger ?

    4) Can a bear paint ?

    5) Can a bear with a missing middle finger play a banjo ?

    As you may surmise the list of questions as to whether someone is a JP deadhead or not could expand beyond the ability to quantitate whether one answers a sufficient amount of questions either correctly or incorrectly. But what I do know is that Jerry would give Theriot the finger with whatever hand has a middle finger.

    I happen to know some of this crew and I think they know who’s a real deadhead as compared to a JP deadhead who is not any one of them. So Theriot what are you and Nancy drew broach gonna spin up to proffer us now ? We know it’s not AMV, we definitely know it’s not Jerry Garcia, so who is it ? Here’s a short list: you; any one of the council people; any one of the council assistants; Alan Gandolfi; Clem Donelon; Louis Gruntz; Peggy Barton; David Fos; Deano Bonano; Greg Giagrosso et cetera (I’m trying to keep it short).

    I can’t even think in French to properly characterize this bullshit.

    But I can feel it… mon seul regret est d’en avoir a peine vu la couleur…

  13. The above comment is mine. Maltilde, I mean Unslabbed, has a habit of running off with my laptop to Ichat with Pelican and post here too when she’s here at the house. I quess she knows I’ll buy her a laptop to avoid this. Well at least we all are friends.

  14. Unslabbed, let me get this straight. John Young’s son, who was so happy with dad that he ran against him while the younger Young was a student, is now an insurance agent?

  15. Man, Drew Broach. That’s “Nancy”? Funny.

    I have been wondering about him for years – that is some of the most pathetic non-reporting to be witnessed in any town anywhere.

    What is up with that guy?

    Why is he so in the bag and why for so long?

    He has had the JP beat for years and the most I can remember were glowing reports of funny snippets from broussard performing for teh Council or at some lousey Blue Jeans Ball episode.

    That guy, Broach, has long been a part of the problem.

  16. Under the Freedom of Information Act, today I was able to secure official documents from the JP Coroner’s Office that Steve Theriot was declared brain dead on August 9, 2004.

  17. Archives from one of “The 11”:

    Posted by viewfromhell
    January 12, 2010, 4:21PM
    I called a friend of friend of a friend of mine at the DA’s office to ask what he was going to do about this hijacking appointment of Theriot. Connick tells him to tell me to stop whining. I said I’m not whining. Then Theriot put his foot on my neck as I was trying to stick my head up out of this hellhole trying to get some fresh air. Man I can hardly breath. We have a DA who won’t do anything; we have a Parish Attorney, Wilkinson who is in the middle of this crap up to his eyeballs; and we got a US Atty who for 10 years looks the other way. The day I crawl out of this hellhole Im going start running away as far as I can.

    And this is what hurt your feelings Heir Theriot ? What about Connick ? What about Letten ? Did they refuse to join in on your crackpot Nazi vendetta ?

  18. But this is my all-time favorite :

    posted viewfromhell
    January 13, 2010, 9:04PM
    While I was hanging from the ledge of the hellhole’s opening with one hand, a phone in my other, and someone hanging from my feet, who had someone else hanging from his feet and so on and so on, I heard a voice call down………CAN I HELP YOU ?……….Who in the hell are you ?………..PRESIDENT OBAMA…….What ? What in the hell are you doing here?…….I’M HERE TO RE-APPOINT LETTEN US ATTY…….No, No, No don’t do that ! We want you to appoint a black man so he can go after all these white politician crooks out here. Looks like Letten won’t…….BUT YOUR WHITE, AND I CAN’T DO THAT. PEOPLE WILL SAY MY APPOINTMENT AND ME, THE PRESIDENT, ARE RACISTS………But most of us in this hellhole are white. We need help………THAT’S NOT THE SAME, WE WERE SLAVES…….then what are we ? Political prisoners?…….ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE………but when Letten prosecuted the black politician Sheppard out here, no one called him a racist………..THAT’S BECAUSE ALMOST EVERYONE OUT HERE IS WHITE. LOOK, THERE’S TOO MUCH WEIGHT. I CAN’T PULL YOU OUT……..Well how in the hell are we gonna get out of here ?…….I WOULD SUGGEST YOU ALL TRY AND CRAWL OUT TOGETHER. MAN, I GOTTA RUN. SOMETHING ABOUT SIPPING SOME TEA IN NEW ORLEANS………After Obama left it occured to me that the reason this guy is always getting awards is because he trys to help people. Just then the phone rang. Who’s this……..SATAN……..What ? What the hell do you want ?…….I THOUGHT YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO DOWN ANY FUTHER THAT THERIOT IS YOUR NEW PRESIDENT IN JEFFERSON PARISH…….Just then I could feel my hand slipping from the ledge. THE END.

    Nothing left to say…

  19. Looking at the list of the damned….Did anybody but me notice that they got at least one of the names wrong?

    Gee guess its the whole story of a rose is a rose by any name

  20. Uh, about Stewart Sheng, let’s not foget that the agent for service for Lagniappe was Hinyub.

    And who does Hinyub work for (now)?

    Why Cynthia Lee Sheng, of course.

  21. Thanks for posting the link to the Code of Civil Procedure Art. 971, “The anti-SLAPP statute”. Its actually a special motion to strike and to enjoin all discovery, in order to weed out meritless suits like this one that chill First Amendment rights.

    If you pull the link to the actual lawsuit filed by Theriot and JP, through their attorneys, it doesnt’ look to this attorney that they were familiar with this particular legislation. My personal reading between the lines is that the verifying affidavit was signed by Theriot in his individual, not official capacity, so that someone somewhere is leaving wiggle room to throw Theriot under the bus.
    An offical cappacity suit, which this one also is insofar as JP is an additional named plaintiff, subjects the coffers of JP to attys fees, an unwelcome pinch as against usual crony-dipping, especially where the John Does are woefully under-enumererated as 1-100, with only 11 screen names. However, the class action for the posters that criticize JP government boggles the mind in numerosity alone, way beyond that number of 100. And if Theriot was fool enough to sign this indiviudually, not merely as Interim Parish President, then he subjects himself to mandatory attorneys’ fees.

    I’d remove the sucker to fed ct on 1st amendment grounds, enforce the injunction on behalf of every anonynous poster, and kick Theriot’s butt. Maybe, just maybe, the JP court crowd would get back to actually serving the people rather than themselves.

    The main point in Art. 971 is subsection (D) which provides for staying all discovery, meaning that the BS subpoenae duces tecum propounded to the parent company of is UNENFORCEABLE under long-standing precedent that encourages public critism and yes, even hyperbole, as against public officials.

    Here’s an example of striking under the anti-SLAPP statute: There was a guy at La State Univ at Monroe who sued a blogger site, The guys was VP of external Affairs, and even though the blogger referred to him as VP of Excremental Affairs, the court said that hyperbole could not be mistalenm for actual fact by a reasonable person, likening the allegedly defamatory statement to a political cartoon. Theriot needs thicker skin or he has to resign. Theriot would have to show actual malice under New York Times v Sullivan, which he cannot do as the matters of public concern are expressed in a public forum such as the blogopshere.

    Keep the faith! No website or blog has to give up the IP address or username’s email to anyone for any reason in this civil suit, except perhaps in a criminal investigation.

  22. And who did Hinyub work for before that . . . Mrs. Hebee. He has better hair than The Riot. Much prettier too.

  23. And least we forget that his law office is the same as JP’s ex-esteemed parish attorney Wilkinson, and that he is the top salaried Council assistant at $95,000 plus … what kind of black book does this guy have ?

  24. So, the AMV kerfuffle. And The Riot suing. And the Council just sitting there, butts on hands, lips tight, while citizens walk up, and call and write and express outrage.

    That’s really important to all this.

    Because the problem is the Council is implicated. If AMV (who must have woken up one morning sick to her stomach by what she was seeing and just decided to start doing the right thing at great personal monetary and reputational expense, that must have been quite a moment) has been kicked off her desk in Legal because of what she was doing – replying to public records requests ethically and fully – then The Riot must have had a problem with that.

    The Riot’s connections and compromised situation has been well laid out here. So have certain councilpersons on a few occasions.

    But the AMV-aimed SLAPP suit was the litmus test. How did Agenda Item No. 38 approving the hiring of Phelps and Stewart Reuther go? Did the council vote on it? If so was approval unanimous?

    I’m thinking the Council, The Riot, Gruntz, Villio, Giangrosso, Barton, ALL of them, have a LOT riding on AMV’s personnel/whitsleblower suits/actions, because if she gets back in, the information will flow. Individuals, news reporters, the MCC and other agents KNOW what to ask for now. If AMV gets back in it is ALL OVER for them, simply because the information will flow.

    It did not have to be AMV. She seems like one of those accidental heroines you see in teh movies. She was there and she made a gut call to do the right thing, they attacked her, and now, as they in the flicks, it’s personal. So now they have a real SOB on their hands.

    Truth is, The Riot, Broussard, Whitmer, Roberts, Sheng & Co. DO have a lot riding on this. They HAD to do what they did. Because if the info flows, well it will flow downhill on top of them.

    Fingers in the dyke, fingers in the dyke. They just didn’t count on human nature.

    Go get `em, AMV.

  25. How about this ? Why don’t we all help AMV go get them ! From what I know, she has done this yeoman’s work on her on while still having to go into that hellhole of a toxic workplace.
    I can only imagine the fortitude and resolve that it takes on a daily basis, not to mention the negative emotional toll on one’s well being, physically and mentally.

    Call her up, ask what you can do to help, to support and/or give comfort in her continuing the good fight against the forces of these evil SOBs who have bullied they way over everyone but for her.

    We can all do a part to make a difference, just as those people who made it their business to vote for Steib. Well let’s make it our business to help AMV.

  26. Oh and ps: hinyub’s sister is an assistant parish attorney also Allison Hinyub Langley.

    I return to my theory that
    1. Any of them who had knowledge of any violation of law were under an obligation to report it
    2. They all know something they did not report
    3. They are all complicit
    4. Theriot was sent in to squash opposition, failed and now has to take the bullet and distract us
    5. The big money is in garbage; privatizing West Jeff Hosp.; privatizing the Water Dept; privatizing the Animal Shelter; etc and by pointing at AMV they divert our attention
    6. The whole AMV thing is so overblown as to be a huge red flag. She is just not that important. What are they so afraid of? It is ridiculous.
    Ergo: Follow the money.

  27. What a dumb ass Theriot is? “I’m too embarrassed”. Remember for the last couple of years you were never elected by the people. You kissed someone’s ass to get the job in the state. Remember your daughter Wanda received a free tuition scholarship for Tulane University from one of your buddies in the state. That should have gone to someone who actually needed that scholarship. Who do you think you are? Your head and hair are so big right now coming off your State Auditor’s position. But let me tell you a little something about interim Stevie. He is protecting his good buddy on the council little Chrissy Roberts. What a dirt bag you are Chrissy Robert. Chrissy was the one who got this idiot Theriot elected as interim PP. Chrissy wanted someone that he can control to keep his buddies on the JP Payroll. Theriot is supposed to be cleaning house in the Parish. Only the ones that they want to get rid of. Then why is Chrissy’s good friend, Judge Vernon Wilty on the Parish Payroll making $110,000 for Judicial Review. What the hell is that about? Wilty is the Justice of the Peace for good ole Gretna and has been for a number of years. He is good buddies with little Chrissy Roberts. Why would the Parish allow Vernon to run his Justice of the Peace office out of his Parish Job- Judicial Review? Why isn’t anyone looking into this? I will tell you why because Crissy Roberts is protecting his friend and so is idiotic Theriot. Crissy also has another Gretna friend Lucien Gunter who is in charge of JEDCO. This guy doesn’t even live in Jeff Parish any longer and he is making over $100,000. He lives across the lake. Is anyone checking this out? Also check out Chrissy’s other friends who are profiting big time from Jefferson Parish Contracts. Chrissy good friend Calvin Kass always throws Chrissy a very nice fundraising party at his house every year. Because of this Chrissy awards Calvin with numerous contracts in Jefferson Parish and has been for many years. Chrissy’s other good friend Larry Sisung has made millions in the Parish. Someone needs to check this out. When Chrissy was running for his seat 7 years ago, he was already working for Sisung making commissions being the representative for West Jefferson Medical Center, just like Lagniappe. Even after he was elected the commissions continued. Someone needs to check this out too. We all need to remember that the current council will be running for other positions next year except Sheung. We all need to stand up and say enough is enough from these incompetent so called politicians. Throw all the their asses out. Remember they also voted to sue the newspaper because they were all embarrassed about what people were saying about them. Their feelings were hurt!! They are all filing suit and we as taxpapers will have to pay for this and then award monetary damages to our asshole interim president Theriot. Give me a Break!! Shouldn’t they be worried about the OIL DISASTER rather than filing suit. All the other parishes are very involved in this disaster. They are all over the news. Where are the JP officials in this Disaster. What are you doing to help the individuals & business devastated by this disaster? Oh yeah, I forgot. You, Theriot, Chrissy Roberts, Lagasse, Congemi, Sheung, Capella, Lee are too embarrassed about what people are saying about you. What a total embarrassment you all are to this Parish!! You will all be voted out when you even try to run for office.

  28. Drew Broach and Paul Rioux. Never in our years doing this blog have two people done more to chase off newspaper sources to a major criminal investigation (to our benefit here at Slabbed) than them two guys. You nailed it Rocheblave.

    If Val Bracy ends up with a well deserved Peabody for her reporting on this, hopefully she’ll thank both them guys by name. I know I thank God for them everyday.


  29. Sorry, hope you don’t mind another post on this topic. JP is the state’s most populous parish and I would bet they have mroe subscribers in JP than Orleans, you would *think the TP would have an interest in stories that JP readers want to read.

    I actually had an interesting experience with a writer for the TP once. I wrote him a comment on a story about the Redflex camera scandal and pointed out that some how, some way they had amazingly and egregiously failed to note that Judge Bob Murphy’s wife was the broker for the contract. the writer responded that he had included it but that the editor had removed the reference.

    Now, who *is the TP’s editor for JP stories?

    is it Drew Broach?

    I’m surprised this story did not get more attention, “Theriot orchestrates a quick turnaround in Jefferson: Drew Broach”:

    The story is carried out in an onsequious tone, but also it reads like it was actually written by some pol’s PR team/ It concludes, sickeningly, “Theriot says he arrived in January to find government operations dysfunctional. “I think there was an abdication of responsibility in some areas,” he says.

    To illustrate, he tells the second story.

    One day an underling gave him some papers to sign. Among them was approval for $50,000 worth of work done by a contractor on a house, part of a government-sponsored community development program.

    He refused to sign. The underling said he must, that the parish president always signs these.

    Theriot, the guy in charge of a half-billion dollar budget and 3,100 employees, of rooting out corruption and reforming the government, doesn’t have the time, patience or expertise to approve a $50,000 project. The front-line inspector is the one who needs to be doing that job and, more important, putting his name – and neck – on the line. If anyone is later subpoenaed to tell the grand jury about the job, it isn’t going to be Theriot.

    He’s not just protecting his backside. He’s making the employees accountable for their own work. If they have to sign, chances are they will ensure the money is spent properly and the job done right.

    That makes sense. And if it isn’t the way Broussard did it, that’s all the more reason to do it Theriot’s way.”

    Really, gagh.

    Then there was this: “Still, the lawsuit asks for unspecified monetary damages and says Theriot and his administration “have been injured and have suffered embarrassment, loss of personal and business reputation, as well as other damages which will be proven at trial of this matter.”
    When asked about using such a forceful tone if his only interest is to gain information, Theriot said he couldn’t explain the language.

    “I can’t tell you that because I don’t know,” he said. “I didn’t write the lawsuit. The attorneys did.””

    But there is an affidavit signed by him and notarized by Peggy Barton.

    And then Broach pulls out a quote (above) which AMV later posts she did not give him. So if so where did Broach get it?

    Today in a backhanded reference, he proffers what “if Vandenweghe is considered a kook and a malcontent”. He also referes to the nola commenters as “trolls.” Though he is mocking Theriot’s suit it seems pretty weak, and Broach is very late to that party and yet at the same time does not even realize that he is revealing that he shares Theriot’s views on AMV and the commentors.

    Something is up with this guy. Sounds to me like he has been fed by the Broussard & Wilkinson krewe (& their judge friends) for years and nothing has changed unless it starts becoming incredibly clear that he too will become compromised, at which point he has to throw out a critical bone. Meanwhile he’s thrown in one grossly glowing report on Theriot and two backhanded slaps at AMV.

    Finally, Rainey lets out that, “Acting Parish Attorney Peggy Barton said Alessandra has been hired previously to handle internal personnel matters. While neither Alessandra nor her law firm has billed the parish yet, Barton said payments will be made under a contract that caps attorneys’ rates at $225 an hour and paralegal work at $105 an hour.

    Barton said she was unaware that the target of the lawsuit might be a parish employee, and Alessandra would not comment.”

    So adding all this together, we see that Phelps Dunbar (and maybe Stanley Reuter) were already hired to work for the Parish to work their case vs AMV and it sure likes that was done in conjunction with Peggy Barton. And wasn’t she Wilkinson’s and Villio’s pal for years?

    It looks like the one thing that makes one expendable at JP is if the press catches on enough that they might be asked direct questions. It further looks like the whole goal of Mr. Theriot is to cut off all information flowing out of the parish that would lead the press where to go. Hence Giangrosso turning off the public records spigot and getting rid of AMV is so important.

    So Barton decided this step had to be taken, put the petition in front of Theriot, said “here, sign, pup” and he did so. Maybe it’s true, maybe the lackey did not even read it.

    Reminds me of what Huey Long said about OK Allen and how he’d sign a leaf if one blew in through the window onto his desk.

    Following all that it looks like Barton is the one calling the shots and following that it looks like Wilkinson is maybe still calling the shots to Barton from the outside.

    How else does this work?

    1. I missd that column Rocheblave until you mentioned it.

      He forgot to ask Theriot what happened to all that proof on AMV he said he had back in March when he sent her home. Given the circumstances and what we know I’ll add it takes a special kind of fool to continue playing the role of Theriot’s cyber-waterboy.

      Save up them links because when everything comes out we can have some fun with them.


  30. Is Nancy Drew calling AMV a kook and a malcontent? If not from him where did he get it from? What is up with that? Is he reporting? editorializing? slandering and libeling?defaming AMV?

    Get out the check book boys we need to add more zeroes to her check courtesy of the TP and Nancy Drew.

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much with Broach Unslabbed. I think there are around 10 people in NOLA metro that think Theriot is doing a good job as opposed to helping his crooked friends cover their tracks and Broach happens to be one of them.

      If this is the hill he picked to plant his flag and die upon so be it.


  31. Nancy Drew…qu’est-ce qu’un salon de coiffure fourmis a JP…Il a du se pencha reel faible pour recevoir cette partie en ligne…

    Everyone who has read Slabbed knows how I re-act to the “Kill the Messenger” approach, like the one that Nancy has began against AMV. The modus operandi is pathological, infer diminished capacity, characterize that something is wrong with the person reporting doing, deflect and conspire to cover-up of those who committed the wrong. Nancy’s collusion with the political thugs to defend the indefensible, now is buttressed by his base personal attack he will soon regret. Theriot should ask the Council for money to pay their punked out attack dog, assuming Nancy isn’t already being paid already.

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