I’ve been waiting for a chance to post this for a while…….

There is a method to my madness and thanks to Mr Steve Theriot and his band of thugs on Parish Council  I have a chance to properly introduce the Slabbed Nation to Angela Russell. But before I get to Angela, how about a word from our sponsor, Ed Rust’s State Farm.


Those of us that follow Angela know her best these days for being prolific on Twitter and her following is impressive. Like so many Slabbers on August 29, 2005, Angela’s life changed profoundly due to catastrophe. Just months earlier on February 24, 2005 a fire destroyed her home in Alabama that killed her husband. I think our audience will find the story of her experience with the good neighbor to be enlightening because what happened to the people on the Gulf Coast after Katrina pales in comparison to Angela’s experience and that of Jennie Hampton which we covered over 2 years ago.

We keep Angela over in our blogroll under insurance for those so interested.


One thought on “I’ve been waiting for a chance to post this for a while…….”

  1. History/Civics lesson 101 for Adolf Theriot and his band of brownshirt thugs:

    Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are protected by the US Constitution with the First Amendment. Before our founding fathers wrote the Constitution newspapers were subject to libel or even sedition if their opinions threatened the government. The notion of “freedom of the press” later enshrined in the US Constitution is generally traced to the seditious libel prosecution of John Peter Zenger by the colonial governor of New York in 1735. Mr. Zenger was acquitted after his lawyer, Andrew Hamilton, argued to a jury that there was no libel in publishing the truth.

    During the American Revolution, a free press was identified by Revolutionary leaders as one of the ELEMENTS OF LIBERTY THAT THEY SOUGHT TO PRESERVE. The VA Declaration of Rights (1776) proclaimed that “the freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty and can Never Be Restrained But By DESPOTIC GOVERNMENTS.”

    One of Thomas Jefferson’s goals was to create a government that would provide both security and opportunity for the individual. An active press is essential as a way of educating the population. To work freely, the press must be free from control by the state. Jefferson was a person who himself suffered slander and defamation of character by the press. Despite this, in his second inaugural address, he proclaimed that a GOVERNMENT THAT COULD NOT STAND UP UNDER CRITICISM DESERVED TO FALL.

    Jefferson Parish is named after President Thomas Jefferson. He would be ashamed to have his name associated with this DESPOTIC GOVERNMENT. Maybe the name of this local government should be changed to CRONYVILLE.

    Where does Adolf Theriot and his band of brownshirt thugs think they live? This is not Nazi Germany. Jefferson Parish is located in the United States of America. Maybe they should seek citizenship elsewhere.

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