BREAKING: Steve Theriot and Jefferson Parish sue bloggers. Subpoenas information on Times Picayune commenters. Slabbed mentioned in suit not subpoeaned.

Folks Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot has made the mother of all miscalculations since assuming the reins as interim Parish President in his sanctioned “Strategic lawsuit against public participation” (SLAPP) filed Friday against John Does 1-100 complete with subpoena for commenter information from the Times Picayune. Slabbed, of course plays a special role in this, one I will explore in detail as I can now tie several things together and perhaps even clue in Mr Theriot and his band of arrogant fools on a few things they didn’t know.

First off we were tipped something was coming by the devil herself just under a week ago (translation provided here) as the political machine in Jefferson Parish was no doubt angry and licking their wounds over the spanking their candidate, political hack Debbie Villio, received in the special election to replace Judge Joan Benge in the 24th Judicial District Courts. We began receiving details of the suit over the weekend and today we received our very own copy of the suit. (Embedded below) This little snippet pretty much sums up Mr Theriot’s fanciful legal theories:

Defendants have systematically published messages on the Internet using forums and blogs such as and purportedly dedicated to a discussion of Jefferson Parish and its management.

Defendants, using anonymous screen-names, have published numerous messages containing maliciously false and defamatory statements concerning plaintiffs with the purpose of defaming plaintiffs. By way of example, some of the slanderous and defamatory statements which were published by defendants include, but are not limited to the following: that members of Jefferson Parish Government, such as Mr Theriot are unethical and deceitful.

Now aside from the fact it is impossible to defame a government and public figures have a very high bar to cross in a defamation suit I guess Mr Theriot thought this suit would help himself and his merry gang of miscreants both cover their tracks and send a message about the end result of speaking out. I’ve been at this blogging thang for a few years now and this is not the first time I’ve witnessed a stuffed shirt punk try to intimidate a blogger or in this case a community of bloggers. There are some things we can deduce from the filing though since the ongoing political corruption scandal is a child of the internet a few of the major points being:

  1. The blows being landed by the bloggers are hitting very close to home.
  2. It betrays the prevailing mindset of Mr Theriot and the Parish counsel. Our readers will no doubt remember Mr Theriot stuck by disgraced former Parish Attorney Tom WIlkinson for weeks after damning evidence of his misdeeds and blatant conflicts were revealed while sending home the person in charge of public records requests, Anne Marie Vandenweghe without any evidence of wrong doing on her part. Of course this is not the Parish’s first attempt to limit public access to government with state Senator and political machine lackey Danny Martiny recently filing that bill to limit public access to parish records while being exposed as a fool by trying to put words in Jim Letten’s mouth.

Is anyone else struck by how this suit was filed as it is the Government suing along with Steve Theriot. I wonder who is picking up the legal fees for this fishing expedition? We are well familiar with the insurance defense firm Phelps Dunbar, the firm Theriot hired at taxpayer expense to file this frivolous lawsuit from our earlier days blogging when I connected Phelps Dunbar staff attorney Jane Tucker as a probable Phelps Dunbar plant on the old Folo blog purpose being to use the Dickie Scruggs scandal to hurt the policyholder Katrina cases on the coast. Of course I remember Phelps Dunbar best for being the firm to poach now imprisoned former Harrison County Circuit Court Judge John Whitfield from the bench back in the day.  I speak for Nowdy when I say I look forward to renewing our old acquaintance with this cabal of corporate bootlickers.

Speaking of Mr Theriot does anyone else find it strange he resigned as legislative auditor literally weeks before Aaron Broussard’s resignation. The scandal involving Lagniappe Industries was already beginning to dominate the headlines when Theriot hung up the old ten key and I’m willing to speculate he knew when he left Baton Rouge he’d be interim Parish President in a short period of time. I think that explains more than anything why he was literally installed to the post of Parish President via the bums rush. And of course, Lil Pup didn’t get his cute nickname in a vacuum as he is Big Dog’s protege and the Slabbed Nation knows Big Dog’s curious relationship with River Birch landfill from our post Eau de Landfill which detailed Butch Ward’s hiring of Alario staffer and lobbyist Dan Robin to kill a bill Speaker Alario sponsored, that would have effectively shut down River Birch landfill in exchange for a 4% slice of the River Birch, Inc.

Now per the lawsuit Mr Theriot no doubt would call such statement “defamatory” and I well remember that boob Danny Martiny crying to Val Bracy on the news that people thought he was a crook for sponsoring that silly bill to limit public records requests so it appears the gang in Jefferson Parish either have some thin skins or are so damn arrogant they never stop to consider how they perform their public duties would look to the public. And while I NEVER underestimate an adversary I can’t help but now buy into some of which I’m told offline regarding the literal stupidity and how systemic arrogance causing ignorance shows through with this bunch every day besides what I see exhibited online.

And this brings us back to ‘Lil Pup’ Steve Theriot, a politician that almost makes me ashamed to be a CPA. If he is worried about his reputation for the actions taken during his disastrous tenure as interim Parish President he better be worried more about his reputation from his time as legislative auditor because it is his own double dealing that causes people to think he is nothing but a two bit crook. But don’t take my word for it, James Gill at the Times Picayune exposed it and public interest activist/blogger CB Forgotston called on Mr Theriot to resign over a blatant conflict of interest involving Theriot’s work with Coastal Securities which handled Louisiana government bond issues while he was also serving as Legislative Auditor.

The bottom line for Slabbed is this suit does not intimidate us one bit and we will vigorously fight any attempt to subpoena any information on our commenters. This isn’t the first time some two bit punk tried to silence citizen/bloggers exposing corruption and double dealing. Of course Team Theriot knows this suit wouldn’t stand a chance outside of his home turf so if you want some of Slabbed come get some in Federal court punk. Just be a man and make it your own money instead of having the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish fund your personal vendettas.

Coming soon on Slabbed. Lil’ Pup goes on camera for a video deposition. In part 2 we’ll divulge to the world a few small details Mr Theriot probably wished he had known before he signed on this SLAPP suit.

As promised here is the Scribd embed of Theriot’s suit.

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58 thoughts on “BREAKING: Steve Theriot and Jefferson Parish sue bloggers. Subpoenas information on Times Picayune commenters. Slabbed mentioned in suit not subpoeaned.”

  1. oooooooooweeeeeee, Mr.Theriot I’m so curious that I don’t need to tell you what I’m curious about anymore cause you filing suit to limit free speech and my right to ask questions of a person allegedly installed to restore good government speaks volumes . You are truly the guardian of corruption in JP . You have sat in on council meetings time and time again witnessing the Citizens for Good Government complain about Ms. Barton and Mr Giangrosso ‘s continuous denial of Public Records Requests based on false case jurisprudence and not said a word about their intentional illegal violations.When Mr. Young and Chris Roberts intervened and said they thought Ms. Barton’s statement that she would ‘ take advantage of every exception to deny public records’ was too strong, you stated you would talk to the parish attorneys. So now we still have a conspiracy by the JP attorney’s office to deny public records and now after the council wanted to change the public records law provoking public outcry, you now want to deny free speech on the internet! You have crossed the line by not fulfilling your duty to stop the illegal activities of the Parish attorneys right under your nose and the public will cry out for your removal immediately.But I’m curious about your knowledge of history- “Isn’t this how the Nazi conducted their initial take over and continuous choke hold of their government”.I’ll give you some time to go to the parish library to do your research and answer. By the way I’m curious -I thought the use and viewing the internet was against JP personnel rules or are those rules just for the peasant workers and not the royalty?

  2. Holy bat dung Batman! Are they crazy?

    Have they read NY Times v Sullivan; 376 U.S. 254; 84 S.Ct.710? AAAAGH. I know I know it is old law, oh yeah that would be PRECEDENT (sp?). And I quote Justice Brennan: ” …I strongly believe that the Constitution accords citizens and press an unconditional freedom to criticize official conduct.” I don’t know if this is still applicable but I do believe it is good law.

    Yippie -ky-oh-ky-yay. We’re off to the races now. Get in, sit down and hold on.

    I have it on good authority that AMV is re-loading and revving her engines on the carrier deck ready to head out on that highway to the danger zone.

    As I recall she gave Theriot a couple of chances to gracefully withdraw from the fight by admitting he had been ill-advised.

    He instead took the detour to the highway to the danger zone.

    Get in , sit down and hold on. No heads down on this ride. Oh and hands in the air.

  3. I’m making my first “Comment” on SLABBED since being released from 34 days of solitary

    ++++++++++++++++confinement in “The Windsor Court St. Bernard” on March 4, 2010, pending trial for allegedly violating a Federal statute which prohibits threating any person with bodily injury. Let me take this opportunity to repeat what I told the Federal Bureau of Constipation as guns were pointed at my head at the time of my arrest on my property: (1) I have a gun in my pocket (permitted and entirely “legal”); and (2) If I had intended bodily harm to anyone (the FBI didn’t arrest me for over 9 hours after the alleged “threat”), THEN THEY WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD! That’s going to be my “First Defense”, which I hope resonates with my jury. I can’t comment intelligently on what’s “going on” in Jefferson Parish. I’d like to think that mr. Theriot is being “used” by the real “puppeteers”, who we know well, and who still wield the “real” power in JP, and will continue to do so until they are dead or confined to a Federal penitentiary. My Comment is directed to Ms. Alessandra of Phelps Dunbar, and her “Boss”, Kim Boyle, who is on leave to serve as President of the Louisiana Statte Bar Association (Isn’t THAT a “joke”?). These people are NOT lawyers. They are “influence-peddlers”, who sign on to cases like the one filed by Mr. Theriot ONLY when “the fix is in”. The lawsuit does not identify the Section of Court to which it was assigned (unless I “missed” something), which will allow the Public to identify the presiding Judge. Pay very close attention to this, because if ‘the fix is in”, as I suspect, then the defendants, who will include people the Readers of SLABBED know and love, will be in for a “hard ride”. I know of what I speak, because I haven’t won ANYTHING in Court since 8/29/05, NOTHING AT ALL, which is a statistical impossibility for a lawyer who was EXTREMELY successful for over 35 years prior to 8/29/05. My personal experience with Ms. Boyle and Ms. Alessandra was in my personal litigation, involving my abduction, brutalization torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05, which should have been a “slam-dunk” for me, but which was thrown out of Court “on-the-papers”, as we say. Boyle and Alessandra represented some of my former law partners who were complicit in the violation of my civil rights, etc. But I don’t have any “congratulatory” words for them, because they, their cilients, and their clients co-conspirators were and remain CROOKED. So a word to the wise in the Theriot suit: BEWARE.

  4. I have it on good authority that Val Bracy is doing a story with someone we all know to be aired at 9 pm tonight. If not exactly at nine don’t whine. TIVO it. I am.

  5. How does this work? I can say anything I want about anybody I want? This is a great country! After all this time I thought I had to just sit back and take whatever criticism that was thrown at me. I feel so much better, now that I can let my fingers do the talking. Maybe I can be John Doe 101!

  6. Theriot if you post under a verifable real name I’ll pretty much let you post as you please. Otherwise we try to keep things in the realm of the verifiable. No problems with opinions though and we’re happy with lively discussion.

    We’re also more than happy to admit when we’re wrong.

    Anyone with a beef about what is posted to this site can email me at [email protected]. A verifiable name gets mine in return as I’m not much on mystery that way.


  7. Quoth Theriot: “You mean bloggers hurt my fee-fee’s, and someone’s gonna pay.”

  8. As anyone who reads my comments knows, I am a Louisiana lawyer. I am probably one of the few who actually has tried a defamation case. I know David Korn to be a smart lawyer and a professional gentleman, but I am shocked that his firm would subject itself to this kind of sanctionable lawsuit. Sop pretty much hit some of the main legal issues, but filing a lawsuit against 100 unidentified defendants, much less one, is laughable. Can the reputation of Jefferson Parish really be damaged . . . any further? Maybe bloggers hurt the Parish’s feelings. Clearly a transparent attempt to: 1) intimidate people from blogging, 2) smoke out identities, and 3) be a governmental bully tring to silence free speech.

    Me thinks Mr. Theriot just made it worse for himself and Jefferson Parish.

  9. I guess we should all just walk in lockstep when the brownshirts command that free speech is at an end. When will you arrogant, self-centered asses in government realize that we, the citizenry, are angry and weary of antics like this on our nickel.

    I am a lawyer, like Sock, and will gladly offer free legal services to any John Doe defendant. I look forward to taking the video depositions of all you no good, so called good government, unethical plaintiffs in this suit – you know who you are. Phelps Dunbar would need a map to the courthouse. I’ll supply that too.

    As sop says, bring it on baby!

  10. Gentle folks: I have a questions
    does Steve Theriot know he has a huge bull’s eye on his back courtesy of his ‘friends’ at Phelps and the Parish?

    Is this punishment for not getting a handle on the JP mess?

    Did his BOP fail?

  11. IMA:

    You went a step further with the offer of free legal services. I’m on the brink of joining you. Do you think you and I have tried more civil jury cases than the 2 lawyers signed onto this Petition? Do you think they realize we have both the guns and resources to make this very problematic for Theriot and Jefferson Parish? Don’t point that thing at me unless you intend on pulling the trigger.

  12. In the interest of fairness, Harry Rosenberg, former US A, does know where the Federal Court is. As well, there may be some attorneys there who have tried a case or two. But, they should be ashamed signing on to this crap. Esmond Phelps must be spinning in his grave. Oh the irony!

  13. BOP. I’m must find a way to use it in a post title. 🙂

    We have Blondie on the playlist tonight Unslabbed. I’ll try to dig up Here we come to get you for tomorrow.

    I’m building a dosier on Harry as we speak. As I remember his tenure as USA was quite undistinguished despite the wild hair-do. Without doubt he can be a first class ass. They’re fixing to find out.


  14. I predict that by this time tomorrow Phelps Dunbar will have withdrawn any request for blogging names. Shankopotomi that they are.

  15. This could be a good thing. It will allow you to engage in discovery. i.e put Theriot under oath and question him. To my knowledge, none of the implicated governement officials have given depositions or produced documents pursuant to state court subpoena.

    All in all, this suit is a bunch of non-sense and IMO, should subject the Parish and its attorneys to sanctions under La.C.C.P. art. 893.

  16. Then the person who needs “looking at”, and his “connections” to the people who are calling the shots here, is Judge Windhorst. And just in case you don’t “get it”, the “real” lead counsel is Kim Boyle, not Alessandra or Korn, but Boyle is on “leave” from Phelps so she can totally screw up the Louisiana State Bar Association. I’m “telling” you: THE FIX IS ALREADY “IN”. Forget about your knowledge, skills, trial experience and reputations. You’re in for a surprise, for if not, then this “garbage'” would never have been filed. “Down” but not “out”, and still fighting EVIL on an unimaginable scale. Welcome aboard!

  17. Which of the following would likely receive the highest score on a standardized test of intelligence?

    a) A dandelion

    b) Steve Theriot

    c) A coke bottle

    Answer: After the latest JP foolishness, it’s too close to call.

  18. And another thing “squared”. Since I don’t want to unnecessarily disparage Judge Windhorst (wasn’t he a maritime plaintiffs’ lawyer who practiced with Jim Wysocki, and killed himself and Larry Wiedemann’s oldest son by flying his small plane into a “front” years back on Thanksgiving eve?) If Windhorst recuses himself, then he’s “as pure as the driven snow”. If he holds onto this case, then he’s been compromised, and is “dirty”. As to that “goofball” Harry “Rosenstein”, is SLABBED aware of the fact that “Rosenblatt” is representing C. Ray Nagin in defense of the ethics charges which have been brought against the former mayor since he left office? So, what’s “Rosengold’s” motivation? Is it that every Negro deserves legal representation in cases filed against them by “Government”? Or is it that “Rosenblum” genuinely believes that the former Mayor can’t possibly be guilty of any wrongdoing and, therefore, deserves a vigorous defense? Or was “Rosenbein” simply approached by his Partner, Kim Boyle, and told, “If you don’t take this case, which I brought to the firm, then you’re a RACIST.” (By the way, who’s the “Billing Attorney” for C. Ray’s representation by Phelps Dunbar?). And I have some ‘friendly” advice for Harry: Go to a dentist and a barber, in that order, and do it now!

  19. Came across looking good…but from a PR stand point get them a better pic IMO it will help in the long run


  20. sop

    Your big time now… gotta thing of you Public image…LOL


  21. I’d rather be small time and live in a better world but I made my mind up after the storm I wasn’t going to keep my mouth shut.

    I am still amazed at my accent, once upon a time I talked like a Yankee.

    Anyone new to the blog wishing to comment please feel free. 1st comment automatically goes into moderation and after that you can post away. Nowdy sometimes works the late night shift but if you leave a comment tonight don’t freak if it doesn’t show until tomorrow morning.

    If the story makes the WVUE website we’d be grateful to any regular commenter that leaves us the link here in the comments to this post.

    And to all you new folks welcome to the premiere lay-written legal affairs blog in the country.


  22. Newbies be aware; the sysop will take take of you however…the rest of the gang may eat you alive…but hang in there and you will become family in a short time…LOL


  23. And another thing “cubed”, emanating from “confusion”. If Theriot’s and the Parish’s lawsuit against yet unnamed commentors, who the plaintiffs maintain defamed them (and maybe “others”, not yet named, and if some of the commentors posted on “”, whose owners are “The Times-Pick-Your-Nose”, who have been represented by Phelps Dunbar for “generations” (the current TTP Editor is Ashton Phelps, whose Great Grandfather, Great Uncle, or a cousin from “WAAAY Back”, was the “Phelps” of Phelps Dunbar, then what the heck is the firm doing appearing as counsel for Theriot and the Parish? It would seem to me that one or more defendants might be arguing, in the alternative, that (1) my comments constituted 1st Amendment free speech; (2) were not defamatory; and (3) anyway, “publication” was TTP’s call, not mine, so look to them for your damages, if any. Does anyone really understand how Phelps Dunbar can be representing the plaintiffs in a lawsuit which, on its face, certainly implicates a long-time client of the firm? Phelps Dunbar has certainly represented TTP for the 35 “plus” years I was with Lemle & Kelleher, pre-KATRINA.

  24. Hey hey Sop: you still blogging with the peons down here in the lower blogosphere? Agreed with Sock you are better looking than that self portrait on Fox 8 tonight. But oh boy the sound bites you made. Awesome.

    So what exactly did Steve Theriot and his merry band of 6 men ( well maybe) have in front of them when they ambushed AMV back in February when Theriot stated he had “ample” evidence of AMV’s blogging during work hours?

    Is this lawsuit just an attempt to ‘cover’ their original sin when they tried to frame her ? Are they trying to ‘launder’ the evidence?
    Hmmmm. Curioser and curioser.

    That five inch high stack of ‘blogs’ and 30+ names she allegedly used sure has dwindled…too bad she did not have a laptop. Too bad she did not blog from work. Too bad they tried to frame her.

    Theriot and his thug-bullies should stop while they have a chance. Apologize for their blunders. Drop all the bullshit lawsuits. And pray AMV lets them off easy. Seven guys ganging up on one lone woman in a double secret meeting after they violently broke into her office, ripped off the locks and took her computer. SEVEN men. And her. And oh yes, Security to escort her out the building. And then Theriot gives an interview to TV and newspapers stating there was ‘ample’ evidence for putting her on administrative leave. And for 5 weeks this ridiculous charade continued until Theriot et al had to eat crow. AMV was brought back. To a different job. And subjected to daily harassment and what sounds like a toxic work environment. Not given access to tools required for her to do her job. Read her Supplemental and Amended claim filed with the Personnel Board. It probably explains this lame lawsuit that may get all the goofballs sued. They probably think it gives them leverage to get her to not move forward with her lawsuits. NOT if I know the lady.

    Obviously going head on at her is NOT a smart move. Maybe the Council should weigh in and pull the lil pup down. Maybe the Parish Attorney and her cronies should be sued for malpractice. Maybe Phelps Dunbar should ask AMV if she would go to a settlement mediation BEFORE the real lawsuits start flying. Maybe Phelps better check their malpractice insurance.

    But then what does the Parish have to offer AMV? Not a whole lot at this point it seems.

    Someone with a cooler head better intervene before the bully-boys and sorority girls go too far and there is no turning back. Knowing what I know of AMV once that switch flips it is all over but the shouting. And at this point I would hazard a guess she is really really close to calling it over. But for the shouting of course. And the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Heads up. Hands in the air. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Sop: like you said a long time ago” If you shoot at the Queen, you had better kill the Queen.” Or something like that…cannot wait to see the next interview. Maybe Val Bracy can get Fox 8 to let her travel to the hinterlands and do it live. Yee-haw. Git the good china out Ma. Cannot wait to see Ms. Allesassandra and President Boyle in Mississippi with Rosenberg Rosenberg 1825 Tulane. They are in for a treat. As are we. Bring the bug spray.

    Oh and Mr. Theriot: Ask your fellow public officials and friends and advisors how they take their coffee because me thinks Mrs. V is gonna do some deposing. And Requests for Admissions. And Interrogatories. And all that other legal stuff ya’ll do in lawsuits. That you filed . And she will no doubt join in some fashion. Just for the practice. And the free shots at discovery. Whoeee an old fashioned barn burning good time to be had by all. Ya’ll know she is an attorney right?

  25. Yes, well, AHEM!
    I’m so proud of you slabbers.
    Where to start where to start…

    Unslabbed, perchance Theriot wears a KICK ME sign?

    All youz legal regals gonna make that cock shine in the sheen of Pontchartrain.
    I see Red Beards and Blue Eyes,
    spurs and adrenaline,
    and the Moon runs hidden beneath crude tide risen.
    You know where I got my money…right heah

    Ashton, we missed’ya, bra.
    Outta da’can and onto the slab just in time for
    I feel better already.
    I don’know if they let you near a computer in the Windzor, HA!, but these cats here swung the 40 for you.
    They didn’t turn their backs. They held The Line.
    They kept the Light On fo’da Omega Man.

    And finally, Youz Twoz!
    Si Judas aurait pu utiliser la langue un peu plus de Theroit n’aurait jamais vu le jour.
    It takes me a second to catch up wit’you guys, especially in the midst of the Next Big Thing, when this Small Dick Motherforking Icehole Corksucker steps into the Disaster to WHAT? SUE BLOGGERS?
    This is like Kafka on Nitrous!
    Uh… Big Oil Thingy coming toward da’parish? Uhmmm.
    Anyway, who gives a flying frog for this sort of tiny dancer.
    Youz folks should get a job nailing coffins in some Faulkner novel.
    That’s all I’m sayin. HA!
    Sooo we gonna see what kinda nuts this squirrel’s got zippered?

  26. HAHAHAHAHA OK’ville…
    These friggin’translaters are about as competent as my last 3 therapists!
    What I meant to say in Internet French:
    If Judas had just used a little more Tongue then Theroit would have never been born.

  27. First of all, Pelican and I want to thank Mr. O’Dwyer, not only for his insightful historical commentary relating to the legal community of New Orleans, but also with regard to his reserved sentiments of past events. He is the gentleman he can be.

    Hey Nowdy, talking about Pee Wee, what about this piss ant lawsuit ? These hour grinders at Phlips Dungmore need to stick to what they they do best: Deny, Delay, Defend ! What damages, and from whom ? Eleven posters, and 101 posts ? What about the other 102 posters + and 1100+ posts about Theriot ? So which one poster caused what percentage of damage ? This is A FRIVOLOUS SLAPP BS lawsuit that you Theriot, in all of your arrogance and stupidity, will have wished you never, ever filed ! It is a lawsuit YOU WILL PAY FOR PERSONALLY. Did your hairdresser Nancy Drew from the TP suggest this cock-a-manned idea ?

    deBrief, moins je pense, plus j’existe… lets have another Rebel Yell…combein cela va-t-il me couter? You mean, how much money the taxpayers of JP are shelling out for this ego trip? All I can tell you is that Theriot doesn’t care nor do the Council people whom you haven’t heard a peep from. And Young or Capella really think either one of them can be the next Parish President ? Vous les paysans, vous avez des truffes a la place de cerveau !

    Kudos… Kudos… Kudos to Damballa !!!

    And a heartfelt thanks to IMAANGRY. Your offer, and hopefully other lawyers who would team up with you, is just what is needed to demonstrate to these arrogant entitlement troglodytes that the soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq are not dying in vain. That the ideals of free speech, freedom of association and constitutional civil liberties are alive and afforded to everyone in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

    J’ai bien peur que l’heure du diner ne soit passee, au revoir…yes… one more Rebel Yell deBrief, s’il vous plait…

  28. Merci, mon Pere. Oh,un moment. I can hear John Doe’s lawyer now while reviewing the material Theriot had to produce in complying with a subpoena duces tecum. Regardez tous ces livres ! Comme vous etes vieux jeu.

    And yes, we will need to depose you and all the council members who, in executive session (euphemism for: public it’s none of your business how we waste your money) agreed to file this groundless SLAPP lawsuit.

    I’ll bet these AHs had no idea this was coming ! A bientot…

  29. Why does Mr. O’Dwyer remind me so much of the Tom Wilkinson (the actor) character in the movie, Michael Clayton?

    He’s growing on me.

    By the way, don’t forget the connections between the TP’s owner and Broussard (for instance they are both on the board of First Bank (or is that Omni? The TP has regularly carried Mr. Broussard’s water – see the obsequious article of a couple weeks ago of all the *good reform work the JP chief has been doing or the retraction from a couple months ago, etc., all that’s been going on forever.

    Can we refocus on the petition for a bit?

    No real defendant named.

    No service.

    No real allegation of harm.

    No cause of action.

    Yet there’s a subpoena duces tecum is attached – now whas *that served on the TP???

    Because if it was maybe Mr. O’Dwyer is right; maybe this is just a kind of kabuki.

    Maybe this never goes before the judge.

    maybe the TP gets served and (like Tracie Washington/Ray Nagin/Veronica White) they get this fancy legal looking document and just feel compelled to respond. Maybe the judge plays along o maybe not; if it happens and appeals follow so what? Look at Tracie Washington, what happened to her? She broke every ethical and legal rule in the book and yet she’s still practicing and councilpersons (Jeff Thomas’) emails are still floating around out there, maybe in the hard drives of Ike Spears.

    I hope Mr. O’Dwyer is wrong. I hope Judge Windhorst will do the ethical and legal thing and kick this to the curb with teh first exception filed by the TP – presuming they file one.

    If you recall the scandal with the ACOE employees typing from their work computers and the head of nola’s interconnectivity department storing IP’s because he was so outraged and offended they were working on public money and posting. Remember that?

    1. I’ll be honest and say I do not want to believe what I have heard regarding the role of the Times Picayune in Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s suspension. We have alluded to it in the past here on Slabbed and it is an integral component of Part 2 of this post. I say that because the scenerio Ashton and Rocheblave describe could well have already happened.

      Some of the reporting on the scandal by the T-P hs been excellent. Some of it, especially Paul Rioux’s stuff, really makes you wonder.


  30. I mean, maybe the TP gets served with the SDT…

    By the way – any takers on ETA when the TP actually reports this story and if they do at all?

  31. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeee, me think unslabbed is right, tis’ lil’ pup’s lawsuit is going to be like me and my uncle swinging wildly though the air on our vines everyday and screaming like my first ride on da’ big zephyer going down that first riser at Ponchatrain Beach!I can tell already that there are many more hundreds of JP citizens now logging onto http://www.slabbed as the musicals are playing very slow, slower than I eat my nana. Like unslabbed I believe tis lil’ pup lawsuit is all about Ann Maria Vandenweghe’s whistleblower lawsuit which while I was scratching my butt and watching the last council meeting on Cox cable I heard John Joung read that the council was going into executive session on her personnel whistleblower appeal(i.e didn’t read her name but only the personnel suit number)and I’d be willing to bet the council discussed the filing of lil’ pup’s suit to chill AMV’s appeal.That would make a good subject for a subpoena just to see if the entire council (just like they drafted resolutions in secret to transmit to Sen. Martiny to change the Public records Act) is conspiring against and spending thousands of taxpayer dollars to silence one(1)uno Asst. Parish attorney,AMV, who just did her job in producing public records; records which on their face alone began to expose(i.e.payroll fraud)just the tip of the iceberg of corruption in JP government. Tis’ all about the records which speak for themselves and the intentional conspiracy by the Parish attorneys( Barton, Giangrosso) to deny each and every request. All of which brings me to pose today’s curious qestion to Mr. Theriot-Do you remember it was one (1) uno person and some tapes which brought down the evil Nixon dirty tricks administration?- I’ll let you go to the library to look that one up Steve and you can get back to me next week! Meanwhile, all you new loggers get off your and blog what you see and hear in the Parish so the truth about the corruption can come out into “the Light”.And now back to my happy swinging! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwweeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    1. Yesterday, we came within 84 views of setting a new Slabbed record for page views in a day which dates to March a year ago. Then it was the Jamie Perdigao saga coupled with a poke at Allstate.

      From the looks of things George, we shatter that old record today. 🙂


  32. Now’s the time to combine Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. New Orleans has a promising mayor and JP has a respectable police department.

  33. Wow, as usual, yall make things happening here in Tampa, FL, appear

    B O R I N G !!

    John Does 1-100?? Geez, they didn’t leave much room to the imagination in case they think of anything (or anyone) else to add to their “complaint.” WHAT A JOKE!

    Finally, I think it’s a bit presumptuous for the Plaintiff in this “complaint” to say:

    “…Defendants have systematically published messages on the Internet using forums and blogs such as and purportedly dedicated to a discussion of Jefferson Parish and its management…”

    and, if so, THIS IS A PROBLEM BECAUSE??????????????????


    1. What a real treat to have Shirley stop by with us! I may have forgotten to mention to the gang in Jefferson Parish we have a national readership that now thinks y’all are bozos.

      Watch what you say Shirley. 😉


  34. Thank you slabbed. Thank you Mike. Thank you sop81_1.

    Viva la freedom de la press.

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