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  1. Can legal fees billed to a governmental entity be the subject of a public records request? Even if the attorneys’ activities could be protected in some fashion (attorney-client), the amount of fees paid with taxpayer dollars should be a matter of public record.

  2. “Pale” is not in my french memory bank or the google translator. But I’m learning new french words all the time courtesy of our Louisiana friends so I’ll happily take any suggestions.


  3. sop

    I am a person that will admit when I’m wrong….while the anglais verson would contain that….the french would not….

    My humble apologies

  4. I was able to add pale and delete “the”. No exact translation like so many idiomatic phrases in both langauges. No apology required.


  5. What matters in translation ? From one of my most admired authors, the literary genius who wrote, “Playboy of the Western World”, John Millington Synge, and I quote: “A translation is no translation, he said, unless it will give you the music of a poem along with the words of it.” (from, Aran Islands, 1907). Well that settles it, pale moonlight it is Ignatius.

    Sock Puppet, yes you have a right to obtain information regarding how much any of the numerous “outside” attorneys have been paid. Those type of PRRs were routinely processed up until Gruntz reversed the previous open records policy coupled with a change in personnel. I recently filed a PRR for the amount of money paid to Blue Williams relating to its defense in Simon vs. JP, Kerlec (the Nazi case). The case went on for 5 years and fortunately was settled in Mr. Simon’s favor. I also requested the settlement figure, along with the fees, but received the form letter from Giangrosso stating incorrectly and illegally that I was not entitled to such information. However I am aware that Margie Seemann of Citizens For Good Government has been successful on this account. I would suggest you file a PRR and see what happens. So I guess the answer is yes, no and maybe. There are also legal remedies as provided for in the public records law. Until these people are legally mandated to follow the law and held personally accountable, this is the type of continued contemptuous conduct the taxpayers can expect and will receive.

    So Sop how did we, the JP taxpayer and sometimes voter, get to deserve such an arrogant bunch of retirement junkies as our entitled class of politicians ? Why do you, me, and others who post, care to criticize the corruptive forces that are undermining our communal sense of decency and fair play, whether it be Insurance Companies denying legitimate claims; or Political Institutions that have become morally bankrupt; or Big Oil whose allegiance is to no country or it environment, but only to faceless stockholders. Boethuis, our other Ignatius’s philosophical mentor, poses the question that may provide the answer: “Who hath so entire happiness that he is not in some part offended with the condition of his estate ? “(De Consolatione Philosophiae, bk II, 4,41)

    We are now to defend yet another assault of offensive behavior by those who would have us be resigned with the way they want things to be and not as they can, could or should be.

    La passion est la garantie de l’existance, leche-bottes !

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