Saturday Music: Special dedication

Today’s music is dedicated to certain politicians too numerous to mention but here goes….

Jacques, Ike, Sonja, Aaron, Norma, Paul, Newell, Ray, Debbie, Tom, Tim, Julie, Bob, Tim, Chris, Butch, Baby Butch, Chris, Cynthia, John, Warren, Peggy, Louis plus those thieving bastards Dambala identified (believe it or not I always wondered why Amato was shown the door.)

If I left anyone out please post a first name in the comments. (H/T Editilla)


One thought on “Saturday Music: Special dedication”

  1. I’m curious how can humans justify eating cute little piggies? Now for the human piggies at the Parish trough well thats a whole different thing.How’s about a huge Texas A&M like bonfire rally, a vocal vote of thumbs up or down by the citizens present,and then a primitive caveman piggie roast. As for me I’ll just bring my nanas’ and watch the fun from the trees.

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