Former Exxon Employee to BP: You guys suck!

Don’t take my word for it though. Nicole Dow has the skinny for the Sun Herald:

Gulfport resident Wilton Marble said he’s shocked at how BP and government officials are handling the oil spill cleanup.

Marble knows about cleaning up oil spills. He worked as a safety director for the Exxon Valdez cleanup in 1989.

“It’s shocking to me the rate that BP is progressing,” he said.

It gets even better:

Marble also worries about the methods being used to extract the crude oil from the water. He recalls Exxon using bio-remediation to dissolve the oil, but hasn’t heard any reports about BP using that method. Bio-remediation is a technique that uses natural microbes to dissolve oil.

Wilton you’re not the only one worried.


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