Former Exxon Employee to BP: You guys suck!

Don’t take my word for it though. Nicole Dow has the skinny for the Sun Herald:

Gulfport resident Wilton Marble said he’s shocked at how BP and government officials are handling the oil spill cleanup.

Marble knows about cleaning up oil spills. He worked as a safety director for the Exxon Valdez cleanup in 1989. Continue reading “Former Exxon Employee to BP: You guys suck!”

Saturday Music: Special dedication

Today’s music is dedicated to certain politicians too numerous to mention but here goes….

Jacques, Ike, Sonja, Aaron, Norma, Paul, Newell, Ray, Debbie, Tom, Tim, Julie, Bob, Tim, Chris, Butch, Baby Butch, Chris, Cynthia, John, Warren, Peggy, Louis plus those thieving bastards Dambala identified (believe it or not I always wondered why Amato was shown the door.)

If I left anyone out please post a first name in the comments. (H/T Editilla)