After the storm: A look back at Ike and Sonja Spears and Hurricane Katrina. "I think we have a problem with leadership in the city right now…."

After yesterday’s post on Sonja and Ike Spears was published the emails with additional links came pouring in and as I followed the links I was struck by the old adage about telling the truth because it is hard to keep lies straight. In this case the lies involve a sitting judge and that judge’s residency in New Orleans 1st City Court Judge Sonja Spears, who now claims, through a taxpayer paid spokesperson, that she moved her family to the Boston area for medical treatment.

Her hubby Ike wasn’t singing that song before Sonja got sick though, as this piece with Morehouse Magazine from 2006 indicates:

IKE SPEARS NEVER DREAMED that he would live in Boston, but that is where he and his family ended up after Hurricane Katrina. Spears, who was born and raised in New Orleans, his wife, Sonja, and sons, Diallo and Omari, initially rode out the storm in a Houston hotel.After nearly a week of taking in the devastating news about their city, the Spearses decided that it was time to head to his wife’s hometown. Soon they had an apartment, and the kids were enrolled in school.

“Let’s just say my wife and kids adjusted much better than I did,”says Spears of his experience in Beantown. He and his wife also were faced with the challenges of juggling their careers and family between both cities. Spears, an attorney, and his wife, a judge, took turns returning to New Orleans for business, always sure that one of them remained in town with the children.

Spears says he continues to connect with his Morehouse College family since the storm.“We have created a collective network, passing on information about FEMA, Red Cross, housing and insurance companies to each other.” Despite the many challenges of living in post-Katrina New Orleans, the Spears have decided to return and rebuild their Uptown home that,during the storm,steeped in nearly four feet of water.

“I think we have a problem with leadership in the city right now that has made it hard for a lot of people to return. But, in the end, I think it has taught us all the value of patience.”

Considering Ike Spears association with Dollar Bill Jefferson he certainly knew the subject matter of which he spoke in that last sentence. But it gets even better because it appears that Sonja Spears may have used the United State’s Court System in a fraudulent way by filing a False Claims Act Suit against two camper trailer manufacturers that provded FEMA trailers after the storm. Given the multi million dollar home the Spears have in Boston plus the one in New Orleans and Ike’s admission they got an apartment in Beantown naturally makes one wonder how many days Sonja Spears spent in her FEMA trailer while Hubby Ike was defending State Farm in court.

And in that final twist of irony Ms Spears lawyer in this case is Alan “Show me the money” Kanner who evidently never met a False Claims Act case he didn’t like regardless of the underlying case facts.  I pulled the suit off PACER and have embeded it for the Slabbed Nation courtesy of Scribd:

[scribd id=31032300 key=key-2hzvjtnhmeg14u35r8fs mode=list]

Perhaps Tanzy can stop in and leave us a comment in Judge Spears defense courtesy of the New Orleans taxpayer. Sonja honey, you got bigger problems than Lee Zurich.


3 thoughts on “After the storm: A look back at Ike and Sonja Spears and Hurricane Katrina. "I think we have a problem with leadership in the city right now…."”

  1. I’m curious Ike – how can you write in Morehouse magazine there’s a leadership problem in New Orleans in 2006- when did you or your wife volunteer to help any of your poorer brothers in the 9th ward? Did you gut your own house or did volunteers from Christian churches gut it as they did the same for all your poorer brothers in the 9th ward? No, me think you and your wife are the leadership problems and we would like you’ll to stay in Mass. where you think the doctors and $35,000 schools are better, but please do us a favor and stop taking New Orleans taxpayers money for a job your wife doesn’t want to do anymore because me think driving your kids to an elite school shows great leadership qualities in Mass.!

  2. Mr. Spears is also taking $30,000 of taxpayer money per year as a staff attorney for the Mortgage & Conveyance office in Civil District Court. I would like him to account for the hours he spends doing this job.

  3. You are so very right Sock! I forgot Ike was taking $30,000 a year from N.O. taxpayers for his being a civic leader in Mass..Since you say Ike you now have all this “patience” after Katrina how’s about taking your time and a deep breath and tell us just how you earn your $30,000 pay check in Mass.? I’ll be swinging on a few vines while you think up some big BS story- no, you sick too and under the care of the only physician in the country who can treat your ailment? Sorry, try again that one has already been taken by the ” Da Judge”.

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