Lets get down to business: Jahri Evans signs richest contract in NFL history for a guard.

Based on what I’ve seen out of his first 4 years in the NFL I’m not steppin’ out much by saying Jahri has a chance to be one of the all time greats at the position. IMHO the Saints do not get to the Superbowl without the blocks he throws down field in the NFC Championship game on the Pierre Thomas screen pass that went for the TD. Before I get to Mike Triplett’s story on the contract let show the play to which I refered where Evans blocks two Viking defenders to spring Thomas. (Beginning at timestamp 1:13)


Now all the skinny fromMike Triplett at the T-P:

The New Orleans Saints have agreed to a seven-year, $56.7 million extension with All-Pro guard Jahri Evans, according to a league source — the richest deal for an interior offensive lineman in NFL history.

The contract is of what the late Jim Finks would call the “skins on the wall” variety. In others words the performance is rewarded as I continue:

Evans’ new deal does not include any incentive clauses, according to a league source. And unlike some heavily-backloaded contracts that exaggerate the total value, Evans’ deal is structured with the expectation that he will play for all seven years in New Orleans.

Fantastic news for Saints fans!


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