Fox 8 is reporting subpoenas have been served on NOLA 1st City Court and Sonja Spears Updated

This is certainly related to our earlier post.  There is nothing up yet on the Fox 8 website so I highly recommend those so interested tune in at 10 via Tee Vee or the internet.

I think we know what Lee Zurich has been up to since he left WWL.


The story is now up at Fox 8:

Sources tell FOX 8 News New Orleans First City Court received a federal subpoena today asking for records regarding First City Court Judge Sonja Spears.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Attorney are asking for payroll and work records for the judge.

I bet Lee has more too. Sweet.


5 thoughts on “Fox 8 is reporting subpoenas have been served on NOLA 1st City Court and Sonja Spears Updated”

  1. I hope there is nothing major wrong here. She is a great judge; and no I am not a homer here. I have lost several cases in front of her.

    If the issue surrounds her residency then I am truly disappointed in the feds. They run around indicting people for sprts betting and now the residency of a judge, yet allow every major insurance company to get off scott free with outright fraud.

    I am not condoning illegal activity, but it seems the feds are not even handed.

  2. Tend to agree with you NRB. If she is being paid, but ad hocs are sitting for her, then that is a systemic problem with the way judges are allowed to do this; but, under the current system, I would be hard-pressed to think that this was fraud or out of the ordinary with what is normally done (not that I condone that; the system should be changed across the board as this type of ad hoc stuff goes on all the time in the City and Parish courts). She seems to be a pretty good judge.

  3. Guys I don’t know. I’ve got a post in the works on this but its been a long day. That said her hubby seems most unseemly the way he was all cuddled up with Dollar Bill, Moses and the rest of the Jeffersons not to mention Snake Farm. What is her job in NOLA? Part time overseer of the family plantation down south or what?

    The chatter we’re hearing says she is going down.


  4. I just saw Zurik’s “eyewitness” report, and I mean EYEWITNESS; and if I were Letten I would just go ahead and let the jury decide. No deal. This judge should be this month’s ” Most Arrogant Elected Official” poster. Com’on man, any spin is an insult to common sense and decency.

  5. I have to agree with withmergate here cause even a caveman or even my sophiticated uncle swinging with me now on a vine can see that there something very wrong with this arrangement of having other judges do your docket while you drive your kids to a school costing $35,000 a year, yet you owe the IRS, state and city $700,000 in delinquent taxes? I’m curious why they are REALLY living there besides giving their kids a superior education;and if that’s the reason then they need to be awarded parents of the year by our President.Are they running a drug cartel or something similiar?- cause I can’t think how two smart attorneys could earn any more money then in their chosen legal field which was and is still established in the New Orleans area.

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