Monday Music House of Pain Edition: Shamrocks and Shenanigans as we check political hack Debbie Villio out of our "Warren" suite here at the Do Slabb Inn.

Debbie dear, whatever it is that causes folks (using their real names) to call you a “skank” here on Slabbed can be corrected IMHO.

Meantime Newell, Paul and the gang could not push you over the top. Certain media outlets may be intimidated by good poll numbers but not such evidently mattered not in the end to the voters. Indictment next???




Here is a video suggestion from a reader dedicated to Ms Villio.


15 thoughts on “Monday Music House of Pain Edition: Shamrocks and Shenanigans as we check political hack Debbie Villio out of our "Warren" suite here at the Do Slabb Inn.”

  1. What a happy day it is in the rainforest -TODAY! The oil spill is being buffered back by the strong flow of the Mighty Mississippi and I believe it even smells a little better I noticed as I was swinging thru the trees with Debbie Villio out of the Parish.However – I’m still a little curious Mr. President Theriot- did you ever get to talk to the Parish Attorney,Peggy Barton, and her ASSts., Gruntz and Giangrosso, about their intentional persistent denial of all public records requests based on false fraudulent case jurisprudence? Did you tell them to continue with their illegal activities to coverup the corruption you were placed in position to also coverup? Or do you sense that the peasants are getting restless as they put an end to Ms. Villio’s parade this pass weekend and may seek to do the same with you? Wise up before the Feds show up Mr.Theriot and pledge alligence to the citizens and good government before its too late!Its time for my afternoon vine swing and I don’t want to miss out on all the fresh air there seems to be in the rainforest TODAY!

  2. I hear there’s a vacancy in the Parish Attorney’s Office. Perhaps she’ll resurface there. This woman has a history of bouncing back into the system after her failed bids for public office.

  3. For some perverse reason I’m almost hoping that Theriot and some of the Council people
    do find a high paying job for Villio to suck on. And all the while, she is still the subject of political and payroll investigations. Such a display of arrogance and stupidity would surely galvenize more registered voters to actually go and vote against these incumbants. We can build on Mr. Steib’s victory, and begin to clean up the human corruption disaster created by these slick politicians who are oiled by contributions drilled from greedy vendors, contractors and lawyers. And let’s not forget two of JP’ favorite sons, Vitter and Jindal, oil industry front men to the core.

    Just think, in 8 weeks, qualifying for Parish President begins !

  4. dear sop81_1,
    how sad that all you have left in your pathetic existence are blogs to vent to…….as if that is relevant. but that is what you are all about. Making yourself relevant. Why? Because you fail at everything else you attempt. You couldnt even get yourself elected a second term on the JP Council. You’ve been married what, 5 times? Every aspect of your life is a failure so you blame people and attack people for your own shortcomings. How pathetic. The best part is you go on live tv stating how God’s faith is what gets you through your days. You encapsulate the word hypocrite to its entirety. The profanity, the insults, the need to attack others, many who have done nothing to you proves that you are quite evil. Ever heard of the Ten Commandments? You break them on a daily basis.

    I can’t wait for your day to come. Karma is the word I am looking for.

    That day will be beautiful.

    Get a life.

  5. I think you have me confused with someone else Devil but if you stick around with us you’ll figure the lay of the land.

    As for my day or anyone elses for that matter I’ve found we all get what we deserve as a general rule there Dev.

    As to the object of your ire it sounds as if they have been to the rodeo a time or two. Crawling out of the cellpool is tough stuff but to the extent it fosters positive change in Parish government it accomplishes what most people in Jefferson Parish desire IMHO.


  6. Devilindisguise is clearly a confused individual if she thinks Sop is even a resident of Louisiana. Probably the most unintentionally funny comment I’ve ever seen.

  7. Laugh away puppet fool. That’s how pathetic you all are. The blogs have now relocated to other cities and states I imagine. What I think is most hilarious is that you are on standby awaiting responses so that you can fire back. That’s intentionally funny because hiding behind your keyboard and attacking others is what your life has become.

    Blogging is overrated.

    I am already bored.

    Pity on you and your nonproductive hobby.

  8. Now Devil you say blogging is over rated but you just won our first ever comment of the day contest. I’m shamelessly ripping off the Times Picayune here.

    Now look I bet you’re a little sore after some of the posts and comments we published but you could make this into a learning experience. For instance you should learn to love blogs, that Warren suite is named after Warren Buffet himself and he was the first person to ever check in. That makes you special since there aren’t too many people that get treated like Warren Buffet.

    So you’re mad now but in time you may just learn to love us just like our daily readers do. 🙂


  9. Oh, I’m laughing alright. “The blogs have now relocated to other cities and states I imagine.”
    What does that even mean? There are blogs everywhere. Did you think blogs were only in La., maybe only Jeff Parish?

    You would have made a horrible judge because you don’t get your facts straight before you write. Your first comment demonstrated your lack of ability to analyze a situation before you opine.

  10. Sock Puppet:

    Keep laughing. Your day will come. I know that there are blogs every where. But I assume this one has reached out to individuals located across the map since the blogging got old and may have been too “dangerous.” I am shocked by how much time you all have on your hands. Some of the posts go on and on. Why not just get a diary?

    My comments demonstrate nothing other than I don’t give a shit. These blogs are only important to people with nothing else to do. It’s like an addiction. Maybe there should be Intervention for OCD specific to blogging. And it’s all mean. The things written are not opinions. They are judgments of others and attacks. For no good reason other than to deflect that self misery.

    “Your first comment demonstrated your lack of ability to analyze a situation before you opine.” Thanks Bill O’Reilly.

    Later losers, I’m done.

  11. Oh, you give a shit alright. You’ve been back to leave 3 funny comments, and God only knows how much time you’ve spent reading this blog. Go get a job, I already have one.

  12. Sock Puppet you nailed it…devilindisguise, like all of the other entilement junkies in JP believe the world revolves around them… and that if their world is turned upside down it has to be someone else’s fault. They are blinded by their greed. How dare anyone critique their conduct while getting taxpayers money as salary; or when they’re running for public office, or are holding public office ? How could there be blogs outside of JP that would concern themselves with government corruption not only in JP but everywhere ? As I’ve written over and over, the arrogance and stupidity of these people have no boundaries. The naivete and contridictions of devilindisguise’s posts is evidence of both.

  13. Guilty Friday diversion?

    Saw the link to this court transcript at Boing Boing.

    Warning: not suitable for work or minors.
    Full transcript:

    Brief explanation why this court proceeding turned out to be Not Suitable For Work or minors:

    Dramatis personae: Denver Fenton Allen, a murder defendant. Bryan Durham, a Superior Court judge. And everyone watching in the peanut gallery-cum-courthouse in Rome, Ga., when things got fiery in Floyd County. a href=””>The action started when Allen told the judge to fuck himself.]

    Full transcript here:

    When on page 10, at line 12 ask yourself how does the judge know this?

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