Better than I used to be: Sammy Kershaw tries again for Louisiana Lt Gov

Well folks at least he sounds honest and Louisiana does have a history with singing politicians.

First Sammy:


Now Jimmie:


Monday Music House of Pain Edition: Shamrocks and Shenanigans as we check political hack Debbie Villio out of our "Warren" suite here at the Do Slabb Inn.

Debbie dear, whatever it is that causes folks (using their real names) to call you a “skank” here on Slabbed can be corrected IMHO.

Meantime Newell, Paul and the gang could not push you over the top. Certain media outlets may be intimidated by good poll numbers but not such evidently mattered not in the end to the voters. Indictment next??? Continue reading “Monday Music House of Pain Edition: Shamrocks and Shenanigans as we check political hack Debbie Villio out of our "Warren" suite here at the Do Slabb Inn.”

Literally a gushing fishing story: Slabbed presents video and an eye witness account of the Deep Water Horizon blowout

Around 10pm the entire center of the rig started rushing water downwards over all the pipes… I’ve never seen such an event take place. I looked at my friend who previously worked offshore, and he said that’s BOP something another and the rig took a ‘kick!’ I thought the rig was sinking and that was their way of bilging… But nope! Methane gas began BLOWING out of the West side of it and the noise of the thrust was louder than anything I’ve ever herd (sic) ..

Thanks to a reader the answers to several email questions from other readers begins to take shape as Slabbed covers the Oil Spill. I’m an old offshore service hand from way far back working offshore during the summers to earn money for college.  Aside from the pictures posted by the fishermen there is no doubt in my mind the account is accurate because of the slang terminology. For those not as familiar with the workings of an oil rig a BOP is a “blowout preventer” and a “kick” is the slang term which describes encountering a geological formation, such a  gas pocket, in the “hole” that actually enters the wellbore causing the drilling mud to back up in the drill pipe. Thus far I refused to speculate as to the exact causation of the blowout as there are different “varieties” of the event. Now it is clear the drilling pipe ruptured under the pressure of the “kick” which quickly escalated into a full-bore blowout and from the sound of things it was the worst variety for a semi submersible rig in the uncontrolled release of gas from the well as we continue: Continue reading “Literally a gushing fishing story: Slabbed presents video and an eye witness account of the Deep Water Horizon blowout”

Slicked and Slabbed

“BP is responsible for this leak — BP will be paying the bill…”

Mr. Obama met with Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana upon the arrival of Air Force One in New Orleans. Then he went to Venice for two hours — by road, rather than helicopter, because of inclement weather — to look at the response.

He stopped to speak to several fishermen, assuring them that BP would reimburse them for lost earnings. But reimbursement may be one of the largest battles to come, given that federal law sets a limit of $75 million on BP’s liability for damages, apart from the cleanup costs.

“It’s going to be extremely tricky” to reimburse fishermen and others if economic damages tally above $75 million, said Stuart Smith, a New Orleans-based lawyer who is pushing for Congressional action to amend the law…

Offhand, I’d say oil will freeze over before the law is amended. Like “big insurance”, “big oil” spends its money on influence – spreading dollars around the politically “slick” – and few politicians are slicker (pun intended) than Louisiana’s own David Vitter:

The potential magnitude of the disaster and the limited liability established in law, “big oil” is spilling into federal court about as fast as its leaking out of the deep water well: Continue reading “Slicked and Slabbed”

Slicked and Slabbed

In just a few months, the slabbed will mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the spin of the scheme that transformed the hurricane into “the Great New Orleans Flood”:

“The word game started with water – lots and lots of water – lifted by Katrina’s powerful winds, waves became walls of water – collapsing with such force water went further inland than shown on any flood map. New Orleans, the Big Easy, became the only bowl it never wanted and, those playing the word game began calling Katrina, the windstorm, the Great New Orleans Flood.”

The slabbed have now been slicked but spin is spin, even when it’s  the “big drill down spin” – and just as the best place to hide a needle is a haystack of needles, the best place to hide a leak is in an oil rig that’s bleeding like a stuck pig.

The Sunday Times (London) sets the stage for the “big drill down spin” with BP warned of rig fault ten years ago:

BP faces fresh questions over the cause of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill after it emerged that problems with the type of equipment that led to the disaster were first reported a decade ago.

In June 2000, the oil giant issued a “notice of default” to Transocean, the operator of the rig that blew up last month. The dispute was over problems with a blowout preventer, a set of iron slabs that should close out-of-control wells. It failed on the Gulf of Mexico rig, triggering the explosion and oil spill.

Transocean acknowledged at the time that the preventer did “not work exactly right”. The rig in question, the Discover Enterprise, was unable to operate for extended periods while the problem was fixed.  The preventer was made by Hydril, now owned by GE’s oil and gas arm, and Cameron International, a Houston company. Cameron also made the preventer on the Deepwater Horizon, the rig that exploded. Its preventer was fitted at about the same time BP was complaining of problems with its sister vessel.

BP’s past problems with the preventer emerged as a giant oil slick, fed by the uncapped well, began lapping the coast of Louisiana…

Notice the way the Sunday Times (New York) slips in the mention of three leaks as it does the BP spin in BP Describes Race to Fix Well as Obama Warns of Oil Damage:

BP was leasing the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded on April 20. Two days later, it collapsed into the gulf, and the oil began leaking. BP, working with an array of government agencies and private companies, has been unable to stop the flow of crude from the well.

Bob Fryar, the company’s senior vice president for operations in Angola, who was brought to a command center in Houston for the engineering effort, said that on Monday, BP hoped to install a shut-off valve on one of the three leaks. That may stop some of the oil flow, Mr. Fryar said.

But the biggest leak, at the end of the riser pipe, which Mr. Fryar said was the source of most of the spewing oil, cannot be shut off this way. The company intends to address that leak by lowering a containment dome over it and then pumping the oil to the surface. That effort is still at least six days away, Mr. Fryar said. Another containment dome, for the third leak, which is on the riser near the wellhead, would follow two to four days after the first.