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I’ve been out and about with the day job without much time to post of late and though I haven’t heard from Nowdy I suspect she’s been busy with the disaster in Central Mississippi while everyone around these parts is watching an epic environmental disaster unfold with the blowout explosion of the BP Deepwater Horizon, resulting loss of life and oil spill. Like so many people from this area I spent time on the rigs both in the gulf and off the coast of California earning money to put myself through college. Boots and Coots is most likely on the job as the Haliburton era begins with a bang. From the look of things, the house that Dick Chaney stunk up should get a quick payback on that timely $240MM investment. Meantime local businessmen with jobs on the line pray for a miracle.

We have a Louisiana 24 Judicial District special election tomorrow featuring an alleged “despicable corrupt skank” against a private practice lawyer. Both are Republicans though I think only one has a decent shot at consistently upholding the law and not being drug down into the cesspool of corrupt machine politics. The Times Picayune recently ran a Paul Purpura story on the race where it becomes clear Debbie Villio is Sheriff Newell Normand’s political bitch as our boy Newell gets down and dirty on Villio opponent Ray Steib:

In a television commercial this week, her campaign chairman, Sheriff Newell Normand, assails Steib for his criminal defense work, saying he employs smoke screens “to keep criminals out of jail.”

Steib said Tuesday he is concerned about crime, too, and his campaign will respond in kind on television, tying Villio to former Parish President Aaron Broussard, who appointed her to her code enforcement job and resigned in January amid a federal investigation of his administration.

“People are tired of political machines,” Steib said.

Criminal defense has accounted for only about 3 percent of his firm’s income, Steib said. He added that he has backing from about 250 attorneys who want a judge “who understands what lawyers’ day-to-day jobs are.”

“I’ve got the experience,” Steib said. “I’ve got the temperament”.

Steib nails it with his remarks. One does not learn the arts of judicial temperament on ones knees.

Meantime the Times Picayune has a soundboard online of certain of Chocolate guys sillier remarks as everyone gleefully counts down the end of his term. My personal favorite:

If you go look at some of these blogs out there and some of the stories that come from the paper and you read the comments … it’s the most vile, angry people that I’ve ever see.

Indeed my good man you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet Ray Ray. 😉

And folks, if you are interested in the oil spill, a local take on Jazz Fest do like I do and pay a visit to artist also known as Editilla over at The Ladder multiple times daily.


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  1. With all the anxiety of the oil spill I’ve been swinging all dayin the rainforest of JP, but now its time to come out of the rainforest and ask the question of my greatest curiousity:Ms. Villio- if you lose the election who are you going to attach yourself to, like a bloodsucking parasite,for your next political croney appointment? As a monkey I know how hard it is first to find such parasites covered over with hair and BS, and secondly how hard it is to detach and permanently remove such parasites;but me think you have been discovered,the BS you have been hiding under has been removed and with the Lord’s help may you never attach yourself again; but it is your destiny now to have to go out into the world and make a private workplace and good name for yourself like all the rest of JP citizens.Good Luck. Happy Trails.

  2. The Villio Campaign (Noodle and Nooky) have consistently labeled Mr. Steib as a Criminal Defense lawyer as though that monicker were some kind of Scarlet Letter. Mr. Steib has stated in his campaign literature that about 20% or so of his practice and about 3% in income is derived from representing persons ACCUSED of a crime. The 78% or so represented by a civil practice is a good thing; since that is about the breakdown for a 24th JDC docket.

    On the other hand the Villo campaign has deposited contributions from noted Criminal lawyers such as Ralph Capitelli and the Marino Law firm, and other lawyers who like Mr. Steib practice some criminal law, that probably equal the fees Mr. Steib has received from his criminal practice. It is also interesting to note that Loren Marino, whose husband is part of the Marino Criminal Law Firm is now the Director of Code.

    In the first primary, the Villio Campaign, like Mr. Steib, made reference to the sanctioned law firm Mr. Klotz is associated with. However after drinking the “your next in line” Kool-Aid” being served by Noodle, Klotz chose to do a hit piece on Mr. Steib, and not Villio, as it concerns his “integrity”. Well we now know Klotz has none, surprise, surprise, surprise !

    When the polls tell you what you don’t want to hear…go to court…and Villio didn’t hear what she wanted to from the judge either.

    I can still hear it now. In an interview by Val Bracy during the 1st primary, Villio was asked about her illegal contribution in kind to Lagasse’s campaign fund while Director of Code. Looking like a deer in headlights, she responds that had she had a crystal ball, knowing that she knows now, that she would be running for judge, she wouldn’t have done that. In others words, oops! I got caught.

    Noodle needs to do his job as Sheriff and pay more attention to the increasing violent crime in Jefferson Parish than trying to help elect a Villio to the bench in Jefferson Parish.

    And what happens to Nooky now, well, elle a pris un coup de vieux, vous ne trouvez pas ?

    Maybe and just maybe Theriot has a job waiting…

  3. Well, well, well, ce qui labaise sont ya’ll faire en ville ? de Brief and Mathilde say as though rehearsed, de vote trou de cul. Bon… let have some Rebel Yell.

    I could tell Mathilde had a cheveux sauvages dons le cul francois so I took a long sip. She reminded me of a prior post by Unslabbed diasecting both Villio’s and the people who have supported her in this judicial campaign’s unethical and possibly illegal conduct.

    While employed as Director of Code, Villio and her campaign manager arranged a fund-raiser in June 2009.
    Sec. 23-2 (Part II, Code of Ordinances, Article I) Political Activities of Parish
    Employees (h) states that it SHALL BE UNLAWFUL for ANY employee or
    ANY ELECTED PARISH OFFICIAL to knowingly participate in violation of
    of provisions of this section, and such action may be punishable by the
    maximum penalty allowable by law.

    Sec. 23-3 states that violation of Sec. 23-2 provides for the immediate discharge of
    ANY UNCLASSIFIED employee, with the proviso that the JP Council have
    hearing to decide such termination.

    Villio is not now an employee, however her sponsoring a fund raiser for her judicial race is within the time she was an employee and /or service of the Parish is at issue:

    Sec.23-4 Soliciting Funds for Political Purposes; Discharge of an Employee states
    that no employee in the service of the Parish…shall solicit ANY funds for
    political purposes, EXCEPT, Parish President or Parish Council.

    So here’s the kicker: Are any of the ELECTED Public Officials, Sheriff Normmand, District Attorney Connick and Councilman Capella violative of the Parish Law by supporting Villio ?

    Sec. 1-10 (Code of Ordinances, Part II, Chapter I General Provisions) Penalty;
    Maximum; Continuing Violations states that it SHALL BE UNLAWFUL
    for ANY person to violate or fail to comply with any provision of this
    Code. and where no specific penalty is provided for thereof, the violation
    of any provision of this Code SHALL be punished by a fine not exceeding
    $500 or imprisionment for a term not exceeding 6 months, or by both
    such fine and imprisionment is within the descretion of the court. EACH
    CONTINUE constitutes a seperte offense.

    In addition:

    Sec 1-11 Civil Enforcement

    (a) In addition to criminal penalties privided for in Sec. 1-10, the provisions
    of this Code may be rnforced by appropriate civil proceedings in any
    in any court of competent jurisdiction.

    You know what I think ? $500 dollars a day since June by each of these Elected Officials who violated Parish Law is a LOT OF MONEY ! And we, the taxpayers need to collect BACK !

    I might add that Villio made it a point to insert in her bio, that she “volunteered” for Vitter, and like one of her contributor’s motto, convicted ex- St. John PresidentHubbard, she plans “to operate the office like a business”.

    God help us if this person gets elected…

  4. Villio was quoted earlier in the week stating she could feel the momentum building. Crappy weather, JazzFest and another horrible man-made disaster do not bode well for Villio because those hardcore “anybody but Villio” voters will not be deterred. Her soft support, what little of it there is, might be distracted. That momentum she feels building must be Tom Wilkinson’s . . .

  5. Breaking news . . . Villio loses. No doubt she’ll try to get back on the Parish teat ASAP.

  6. Sock: ah would truly hope even those challenged idjits would know bettah than to rile us up like that. Surely they know the plane has been refueled and the missiles reloaded and it’s heading out on another sortie? Four and counting by mah math. Um um ah have to shake mah haid if their judgment is that impaired. Sippin mah Jack and kickin back. Nowdy see ya at the Black and White Store if only in spirit. Hope mah certificate makes some Senior radiant on a summer night. Night y’all .

  7. We, and I include Pelican, Mathilde, and Placide, are really trying to be civil but we can’t and for a very good reason, as you know, so here’s to Ms. Barton et al: je voudrais voir les visages de ces putain de cons lundi matin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Steib had NO endorsements from any JP Biggie: not the Sheriff; not the District Attorney; not any of the Council people; not the Assessor; not the Clerk of Court; no one, de nada…………and he WON !

    In one of the great short stories ever written, “The Pearl”, Eudora Welty sardonically describes
    a tale of how one can interpellate a common object as though it is a dispositive sign of misfortune and/or destiny. What we learn from reading the story is, that when you’re lost, everything’s a sign.

    What we should learn from Mr. Steib’s victory is that we must continue to vote against the forces of evil that have have led us astray. That our votes are not lost, and our votes are a sign of what’s good about our democracy.

    Bye, Bye, Debbie, Bye, Bye

  8. Lawrence, be real careful with your venom. It’s not about being “cowards” or “pussies.” Some people who post here cannot use their real names for reasons you don’t understand. You have a bunch of people who agree with you, yet you call us names. Are you related to Ashton O’Dwyer?

  9. et al: je voudrais voir les visages de ces putain de cons lundi matin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love how whitmergate references and rallies people to go against the forces of evil. Yet, in her lame french tongue, she is nothing short of evil. Quit pretending like you are doing God’s work. The only people you can rally are those who hate as strongly as you (that is why your following comes down to about 3 people). If you hate the Parish and everyone there, how stupid do you look for allowing them to pay your bills? Very! Newsflash: you are no different than anyone collecting a paycheck from JP. In fact, you are guilty by association. Also, how are you different than Deborah Villio? When you couldn’t get reelected on the council for a second term you went crawling to another dept. or worked part time collecting a paycheck. When you sucked at that, you still managed to get a job in the legal dept. You are no different. NO DIFFERENT!

    Your whole life is blogging. Yep, that is what you are most successful at so far. Congrats.

    No one cares anymore.

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