New details emerge about Scott Walker’s violent side. Senator Wicker staffer phone whipped and punched with closed fist.

Scott Walker / The Sun Herald

This Scott Walker update brought to you by Lt Gov Phil Bryant: If he’s warm and Republican he’s good enough for the people in Ocean Springs

Margaret Baker is all over the unfolding Scott Walker meltdown with new details about his arrest in Washington DC for assaulting Senator Roger Wicker staffer Eleanore Kelly. I think it is very clear Scott has problems that go way beyond simple boozing to a place far more sinister. And to think, with the full backing of the state and local GOP political machine, this thug came within 96 votes of becoming the Mayor of Oceans Springs. 

Margaret Baker has the skinny

Former mayoral candidate and local businessman Scott J. Walker assaulted a staffer of U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker’s with a telephone in a Washington, D.C., hotel room in the early morning hours of April 11, according to an affidavit filed in the case. 

Walker was charged with simple assault and attempted possession of a prohibited weapon, the weapon of which was identified in the court record as a hotel phone. 

Terming this clown a businessman makes me cringe as it is an insult to those us that actually earned the title as I painfully continue: 

The pair got into an argument, the report said, after Walker, 30, demanded to see Kelly’s cellphone so he could review her contacts and track any recent calls she’d made. Kelly reportedly refused to turn the cellphone over to Walker. 

And it gets worse from there for those of you wanting to know all the salacious details.  Walker has evidently hired a local thug for an attorney who predictably and unfortunately blamed Ms Kelly for Walker trying to cram his fist down her throat: 

Walker’s attorney in the case, Bernard Grimm, said Kelly was “inebriated” at the time and as a result, Walker was arrested. He said his client is innocent of the charges. 

And since this is in DC, Walker’s local GOP running buds like Pascagoula Mayor Robbie Maxwell and Phil Bryant won’t be able to bail him out of this mess. Just as well as it looks to be past time Scott Walker did some growing up. 


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