Toxic Trailers? The “Strong Arm” gets his ass kicked today in NOLA Federal Court

If there is one piece of advice I would freely give a consumer looking for legal help, it would be to scratch off every law firm that advertises incessantly on the TeeVee. Sadly for the plaintiffs in the second bellweather trial related to FEMA trailers, the catchy, old school advertising slogan did not hold up before a Federal jury today in New Orleans.


2 thoughts on “Toxic Trailers? The “Strong Arm” gets his ass kicked today in NOLA Federal Court”

  1. Most TV lawyers would not try a case with a gun held to their head. I guess the Strong Arm should consider adhering to that general rule. It’s kind of a catch 22 for the TV lawyer, who wants to prove himself to be a real courtroom lawyer. I would think that jurors in a fairly conservative venue like the La. Eastern District would be turned off by a TV lawyer like the Strong Arm. Because these lawyers are constantly on TV begging to be the lawyer of people they’ve never met (which in my opinion encourages needless litigation and frivolous lawsuits), TV lawyers have very little credibility in the legal community . . . and probably even less with juries. Frank should have gotten his dad to try the case.

  2. I hate having cases against him. Not because of his legal prowess and acumen, but because he gives me the creeps. We had a hearing once in conservative st Tammany. He showed up dressed like a pimp.

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