There is a Normand in the woodpile! The politics of driving drunk and Jefferson Parish law enforcement

Norma Broussard has some company (besides DA Paul Connick) in the Jefferson Parish drunk tank as Sheriff Newell Normand joins them. Michelle Hunter has the latest for the Times Picayune:

A sergeant with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office was fired after he was booked Sunday night with driving his patrol unit while intoxicated — the deputy’s second DWI arrest.

Sheriff Newell Normand terminated Dominick Imbornone today……

Imbornone was suspended in 2007 after an Oct. 14 DWI arrest in Metairie. Sheriff’s Office reports said he was in his patrol unit and driving recklessly when another deputy pulled him over at Cleary and West Napoleon avenues.

The irony here folks is that Mr Imbornone could not drive a garbage truck for Butch Ward with such a rap sheet.


3 thoughts on “There is a Normand in the woodpile! The politics of driving drunk and Jefferson Parish law enforcement”

  1. Well at least Normand got rid of the problem. Did he get any jail time for being DUI on duty?

    It was his 2ND ARREST with a video. What do you think he HAD to do??? The question IS: Why does Noodles Normand have so many deputies on his force that have been arrested before? Bar fights, DUI’s, Domestic Abuse, Simple Battery, Rape, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, etc.
    How can these JPSO officers arrest people for the SAME CRIMES that they committed THEMSELVES?

  2. Why does the DA Paul Connick continue to let JPSO officers get away without jail time/prison/etc?????
    The only ones that I know to have been prosecuted were child molesters and the 2nd District Domino’s Pizza Sex Offense after a traffic violation. If that officer were part of the clique of the “Blue Crooked Line of Brotherhood”, he would have probably not been arrested that night, but the shift didn’t particularly care for him much. Why are the REST of them FREE, DA Paul Connick?

    Scared to Death of JPSO Officers and their ability…

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