Lets see who supports a crooked political hack for Jefferson Parish Judge

A pun does not commonly justify a blow in return. But if a blow were given for such cause, and death ensued, the jury would be judges both of the facts and of the pun, and might, if the latter were of an aggravated character, return a verdict of justifiable homicide. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Note at the end of the commercial the mock courtroom at the Gautheir Houghtaling law firm.

There are dangers in having law enforcement hand pick the judiciary IMHO. Strength of character must not exist in the lexicon of the Jefferson Parish law enforcement community. Sheriff Normand is the hired muscle for the Villio campaign.


25 thoughts on “Lets see who supports a crooked political hack for Jefferson Parish Judge”

  1. Hard on crime and over 200 felony jury trials, but cannot follow campaign laws and has sucked the Parish teat for decades, and sucked it in Harry Connick’s office before Paul’s, Wilkinson’s, etc. (you get the picture and the sucking reference). Of course, civil cases comprise over 75% of the docket, but this woman would not know the application of the insurance bad faith statutes from the requirement for proving an exception of no cause of action. She would have that same “deer in the headlights” look Joan Benge had when trying to understand (for the first time in her life) legal concepts in civil cases that everyone in the courtroom understands . . .except for the judge.

    Hack, hack, hack!

  2. Ten things you’ll never hear Debbie Villio say:

    1. Wait. This might not be legal.

    2. For me, first and foremost, it must be ethical.

    3. I

  3. I know I ‘ve posted this reference to qualifications before but as Sock Puppet writes and I agree VILLIO sucks ! The scare tactics of our new demagogue Normmand is just that, preying on fear when in fact he is the bogeyman in disguise as a lawman.

    A history lesson again: PORTEOUS was an ADA…(IMPEACHED)




    And there is a list a mile long of incompetent ADA’s being “anointed” to the bench of the 24th JDC which pretty much defines the political lay of the land here in JP: Somebody owes somebody something !

    VILLIO, in an interview with Val Bracy on Fox News 8, admitted that “HAD” she known she was running for judge she wouldn’t have participated in an illegal campaign contribution(s)…Meaning it was okay until I got caught. That seems to be the dominant mind-set in JP political circles. This is the one attitude that you would not have a judge possess, or for that matter, any public official.

    I read this morning that KLOTZ had filed a “confidential” Judiciary complaint against STEIB. The mailout by STEIB made reference to KLOTZ working for the Ungarino Law Firm relative to it’s handling of Katrina cases. Well I get a VILLIO mailout yesterday and it states the very same claim as STEIB. Hmmmmmmmmm ! I wonder if KLOTZ is going to file the very same “confidential” complaint against VILLIO ? Or has he been promised the next judgeship, the familiar ploy used by the machine politicians to attack the frontrunner STEIB by allying the candidate who is in the rear with the “promise” ?

    The intrigue continues by the minute…

  4. Let this be a lesson voters….If she say’s if I had known it was illegal I wouldn’t have done it….then the voters must say….. If I had known she would have been elected, I would have voted….Don’t let this be you!

  5. VILLIO’s latest mail out update… yes STEIB has handled criminal cases, 175 according to his statistics, and over 500 civil cases, which when totaled would best represent the docket of a 24th JDC judge as Sock Puppet has eluded to earlier, 75% civil and 25% criminal. Proof that he is the most qualified by experience.

    The MARINO CRIMINAL LAW FIRM supports VILLIO with contributions. In fact his wife Loren was an ADA just before she was recently appointed as Director of Code. Hmmmmmmmmm ! Former Judge SASSONE who allowed murderer, rapper C-Murder to be on house arrest and roam around the country is a constant companion and supporter of VILLIO. The law firm of CRIMINAL DEFENSE lawyer Ralph CAPITELLI is also contributor to VILLIO’S campaign. In fact there are contributions by other lawyers who have handled a minimal amount of criminal law cases listed on VILLIO’s campaign report. Should we be suspect of VILLIO’s ability to keep us safe when a criminal lawyer who supported her wants help to lower a bond; convict a criminal of a lessor charge; or give a suspended or lighter sentence in a serious case. I am and so should you.


  6. Ok Anyone else wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY THINKING?????!!!!!

    Are the elected officials so lost in their personal political bubbles that they cannot see Debbie Villio for what she is? Are they resigned to throwing good money after bad? Are they so far in they can’t stop now? Would it be a bad sign to the next generation about promises from the BIG GUYS not being kept if they bailed on her? Time to put the hooks in the newbies , good and solid, by sticking with their girl, going down with the ship. If we tell you to drop out and wait your turn and we’ll help you then , by golly, we will be there. Admirable. I guess.

    But let’s suppose the electorate has been paying attention and recognizes the real criminals out there…not the ones who make the evening news every day for murder, rape and pillage but the ones who are corrupt to the bone and steal from us all day every day without fear of any reprisals.

    Until recently of course. And if the huddled masses do have clear vision of the future let us pray they will elect someone other than the annointed…

    And to all the criminal defense lawyers out there : Now you know how she really feels about you.
    Kinda like Newell Normand telling Val Bracy she had ‘no class’ for crashing Villio’s fundraiser with a camera man in tow. Obviously ‘her kind’ was not welcome. Blue bloods and brown-nosers ( is that a word?) only.

    Deepslab : Loved your list. Particularly the BIG HAIR comment.

    Oh this is so bizarre.

  7. All of these great comments make me so eager, I might have a solo slumber party in front of my voting location.

  8. Sock Puppet

    Bring your lap-top so we can slam-slab VILLIO during the night as I too will camp out within the legal distance of my voting place to be the first NOT TO VOTE for VILLIO on Saturday morning.

    For me the most offensive part of this desperate push by Normmand et al to have VILLIO elected is the duplicitous hypocrisy that she and her “handlers” have displayed. On one hand she will take the money from well known criminal lawyers whose practices are predominately representing persons accused of a criminal act; support of a former judge whom Normmand attacked in her failed re-election as being soft on crime, and now try to paint STEIB to be less trust worthy having defended persons accused of a criminal act during his professional career. He’s a lawyer, that’s what he does, represent people both civilly and criminally. VILLIO has always sucked at the public teet. I wonder, does Tom WILKINSON, her good friend who handled many criminal cases of all classifications while expected to be the full time Parish Attorney, share in the same disdain she has of STEIB ? VILLIO and all of her ilk are base hypocrites, they know it and we know it.

    Think about this Ms. VILLIO, you may one day soon need a criminal lawyer yourself…now after maligning all of those who do practice criminal law…good luck on that one…you will pay the piper !

  9. Well said unslabbed. These entrenched “power” mongers are too arrogant to realize how offensive their vulgar display of illusory power has become to the citizens.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this should be a Jay Batt type ass-kicking. But, in a strange way, I kind of hope it’s a runoff between Steib and Villio so that more filth can be revealed about Villio and her ilk.

  10. Today it is Villio from Normand, tomorrow maybe TM from Connick. Never elect a judge endorsed by the law enforcement community, as one day you just might find yourself appearing before a stacked court.

  11. Hey unslabbed and Sock Puppet,

    Let’s have an A ny B ut V illio marathon Friday !

    In fact let’s invite everyone to join in…call everyone you know or think you know to get deep info that can be blogged…this is truly a battle of good against evil !

    Debbie does…no, no, no… I promised I’m not going to write stuff like that…

  12. I like the “anybody but Villio theme” but Don Klotz would be a horrible judge too. He is hardwired to think all plaintiffs and their attorneys are scum (as opposed to only some of them). So, you have Villio (beholden to the Jefferson Parish politicos), Klotz (beholden to the insurance industry) and Steib (who appaers to be a nice guy with a diverse background, beholden to ????). Although I don’t know him well enough to back him forcefully, I pick Steib.

  13. Anyone who votes for Villio is endorsing the Jefferson Parish political machine. If you want more of the same……..then vote for Villio. I, for one, will not be voting for her. Aside from her involvement in the ongoing corruption scandal in JP government, she is unmarried and childless. As a rule, I do not vote for people without children. They just don’t share my world view, particularly where legal matters are concerned. IMHO, life doesn’t happen in shades of black and white, it really happens in shades of grey.

    When she last ran for a judgeship, I found the motto used in her commercials, “One Tough Judge” to be rather arrogant. Having lived in JP since the early 1990’s I have learned that the political establishment here loves to pander to people’s fears of crime, blight, etc., hence the slogan, “One Tough Judge.”

    When I was a small child growing up in the City of New Orleans, the late Harry Lee, Sheriff of JP, erected a barricade at the Jefferson/Orleans Parish line to keep, “All the black men from comming across the boarder and committing crimes.” It made national news and many people in Jefferson Parish through this symbolic jesture was great! This was pandering to people’s fears at its best! The political elite in Jefferson are famous for this. Harry Lee and the rest of these politicos in JP could no more keep black men from comming into Jefferson Parish then they could keep the sun from rising!

  14. Nolakat:

    Do you remember that Villio, in a hurried panic (because of the threat of a judiciary complaint) was forced to put stickers on her “One Tough Judge” signs adding the words “will be” because she was in clear violation of the ethical rules prohibiting a candidate who is not a judge from representing himself/herself to be a judge? She has violated rules and laws repeatedly.

    I’m not sure what “One Tough Judge” ever meant anyway. Does that mean you are going to be tough on lawyers, plaintiffs, corporate defendants, individual defendants, small businesses . . . or only criminals? You’re right about the Harry Lee thing. All this does is to suggest that the judge (usually a former prosecutor) is aligned with the police and DA. JUDGES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING IMPARTIAL!!! Why is this method of campaigning any different from saying, “I’ll be tough on scumbag plaintiffs who file frivolous lawsuits,” or “I will clean the clocks of thieving insurance companies that use their outrageous profits to stomp on their own customers”? It’s not.

    Justice is supposed to be blind and all juridical persons (individuals and corporations alike) are supposed to come before the courts without any predisposition from the court in which they appear.

    I do zero criminal work, but this bothers me. What bothers me more is that I think a lawyer friend of mine and I have tried more civil jury trials than all of the judges of the 24th JDC and Orleans Civil District Court combined (when they were lawyers). One thing we have advocated for (whether you are in favor of an elected or appointed judiciary) is much more stringent qualifications for Louisiana State Court judges. The requirement under the La. Constitution (that requires only 8 years of “admission” to the bar) is pathetically weak. More stringent requirements on civil litigation and trial work would eliminate the line of 24th JDC Assistant DA’s who waltz into a judgeship because they believe it’s their turn . . . and their entitlement.

  15. Anybody, but Klotz! Its not even close no matter what you think of Villio. Klotz would be a diasater of monumental proportions.

  16. I bookmarked this response to an editorial by the TP, Jan. 10th concerning the “problems ” we have with our judges and lawyers.

    “I’m curious but was there any discussion by your editorial staff as to what is the root of this corruption within our legal profession and judiciary ? Well the process by which judges are elected and and /or appointed is seriously flawed. Elected judges mostly depend on attorneys to contribute to finance their campaign; appointed judges mostly depend on the contributors who have given money to the elected official who must sponsor their appointment. It’s all about the money ! So until some responsible people start a serious debate on how to avoid the money quotient then you can only expect more of the same.”

    And look where we are in this race: VILLIO = MONEY

  17. Below is the part of the La. Constitution that addresses judicial qualifications. Please note that only 8 years of being “admitted to the practice of law” is required. This means that you don’t ever have to step foot in a courtroom before running for judge.

    Judges; Qualifications

    Section 24.(A) A judge of the supreme court, a court of appeal, district court, family court, parish court, or court having solely juvenile jurisdiction shall have been domiciled in the respective district, circuit, or parish for one year preceding election and shall have been admitted to the practice of law in the state for at least the number of years specified as follows:

    (1) For the supreme court or a court of appeals – ten years.

    (2) For a district court, family court, parish court, or court having solely juvenile jurisdiction – eight years.

  18. nolakat,

    The no kids thing gets me too. Prior to Code Enforcement, Villio was the head of the JP Community Justice Agency, another fascist department. She set up the kangaroo FINS court and Saturday morning Violence Prevention that have entangled many innocent families in the justice system for reasons such as untucked shirts, cursing and fighting mostly related to lack of supervision. Instead of providing counseling students end up in the court system due to zero tolerance at a cost of betweeen $75 to $125 for the privlege.

  19. POPEYE,

    MD is Michael Delesdernier. He, like VILIO, lost the Judicial race in 2007. Now he supports VILLIO.

    MD and KLOTZ will have to fight it out as to who’s promise to be the next judge means anything at all or for that matter to either of them ?

  20. Sock Puppet,

    VOTE NO VILLIO NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE are going to be at the poll at 6:00 am…………….Taste Donuts after to celebrate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I’m up already (it’s 4:30). I get to do two of my favorite things today: vote against Villio and go fishing. I almost don’t even care if I catch anything.

    This Delesdernier guy is a piece of work. My kids go to school with his. In 2007 his wife ran around trying to get all of the other school moms to wear his stickers during his failed campaign. My wife said MD’s wife acted like her husband was already a judge and all you ever heard from her for several months was how her husband was running for judge.

    When he ran last time, he seemed to detest Villio and was the one protesting her “One Tough Judge” signs. Now, he’s backing her by making baseless complaints against Steib (they were tossed out yesterday). Whitmergate, I think you are clearly right about a “promise” being made. But both of these guys (Klotz and Delesdernier) will be shat upon by the “powers” because they are not ADA’s.

    Good voting!!!!!!!!

  22. Yhe primary results are almost a mirror image of what happened to Jay Batt. The machine can only muster so many votes. She will do worse in the runoff.

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