Old mother Hubbard in a new dress? Parishes questioning ties of RAMJ Construction

Val Bracy on top of another story reports, “Jefferson and St. John are questioning a company that wants to do drainage work for the parishes”.

…On Wednesday, the Jefferson Parish council is scheduled to vote on a contract with RAMJ Construction. RAMJ was the lowest bidder on a $4.6 million drainage maintenance contract.

“We need to get to the bottom of who actually owns the company,” said Councilman Chris Roberts.
Perhaps, Mr. Roberts hasn’t mastered the search function on the Secretary of State’s website.

According to Secretary of State records, Roy Madere, Jr. is a registered officer for the newly created construction company. He’s also an officer of Hubbard Enterprises along with the wife of convicted St. John parish president Bill Hubbard. According to an email sent to Jefferson Parish council members from the public works director, RAMJ is also owned by Mike Knox, another former Hubbard Enterprises employee.

The drainage contract RAMJ bid on is the same one the council canceled with Hubbard Enterprises after Hubbard pled guilty to federal bribery charges last year…The email from the Jefferson Parish Public Works director says that parish attorneys advised awarding the contract to RAMJ, but Roberts says there’s still more research to be done. Continue reading “Old mother Hubbard in a new dress? Parishes questioning ties of RAMJ Construction”

Nowdy sent me an email saying I needed to post……

And I was thinking another week toiling away here in the salt mine should just about catch me up. I don’t blog about the day job much and I won’t start today beyond saying that I see more of my friends from the surety arena this time of year more than any other. I enjoy those visits.

No links because I have not the time but last time I saw the legislature here in Mississippi was fixing to pump another $20MM of taxpayer dollars offshore to Mr Chaney’s reinsurance friends in Bermuda. Here at Slabbed we’ve made no secret of the fact we’d like that money spent here at home.

I did see James Gill tackle Tom Porteous yesterday and he did great work providing the background on why the Harahan boy made bad needs to resign from the bench before the US Senate impeaches his sorry ass.

Our researcher is out on medical. We hope he heals up quickly and pain-free.

I’ve resigned from the Allstate Board at Yahoo which in internet parlance means I’ll be back at some point in time later on. Continue reading “Nowdy sent me an email saying I needed to post……”