Speaking of “green”

I’m wearing green but otherwise – well, let’s just say that I’m not going to close the “Irish music” gap in my music education and get on with St. Patrick’s Day.  I do have a song, a Mississippi tribute of sorts to the wearing of the green, as well as this note about eating green that I found on the Audit:

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, meat and dairy production get 74 percent of federal food subsidies. Fruits and vegetables? Try 0.37 percent.

As Mississippi native Jim Henson wrote, it really “is not easy being green”!


5 thoughts on “Speaking of “green””

  1. I had to look that up Editilla – and found Chapel of Moloch and Bride of Hell. Does it count that much of the time I spent as a bride was hell and I was too green to know better at first?

  2. Calendar. Next I bet they do a Calendar.
    Thanks. I’m jus’wonderin if Ah’m’seein what Ah’m’seein?
    But is I suppose it is great news that Mitch tapped Sandy and HJ Bosworth for seats on a subcommittee of his Flood Safety Task Force, and also tapped Sandy’s husband as a Co-Chair or that subcommittee… and also Sandy’s sister-in-law to head his economic development task force…
    That’s a good thing, right?
    These are some of those Good Democrats, right?

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