Luck of the Irish or pot of gold information? USA withdraws motion for O’Dwyer’s pretrial examination

On St. Patrick’s Day, no less, the docket for USA v O’Dwyer shows the USA has filed an Unopposed Motion to Withdraw Request for Pretrial Psychiatric and Psychological Examination of Ashton O’Dwyer.

So, did the USA recognize Ashton as a modern day leprechaun with a pot of gold information or did he just have the luck of the Irish?  Hard to say but Ashton is smart and I bet he could connect a lot of dots for the USA.  The USA’s request for a pretrial psychiatric and psychological examination, as Sop reported, was based on “a pattern of threats in his actions and communications”:

This disturbing pattern of action by O’Dwyer merits an evaluation to determine if he is competent to stand trial and is also further competent to represent himself throughout these proceedings.

However, if there is no longer reason to question Ashton’s competence, there should be an associated credibility attached to his claims and related evidence. While offensive, assholery is not a crime – and, if it were, the prisons would be packed.  The USA’s motion offers few clues: Continue reading “Luck of the Irish or pot of gold information? USA withdraws motion for O’Dwyer’s pretrial examination”

Speaking of “green”

I’m wearing green but otherwise – well, let’s just say that I’m not going to close the “Irish music” gap in my music education and get on with St. Patrick’s Day.  I do have a song, a Mississippi tribute of sorts to the wearing of the green, as well as this note about eating green that I found on the Audit:

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, meat and dairy production get 74 percent of federal food subsidies. Fruits and vegetables? Try 0.37 percent.

As Mississippi native Jim Henson wrote, it really “is not easy being green”!


Merlin’s “Breaking News Story: Florida Insurers Hide Profits While Claiming Losses To Get Rates Raised”

Chip Merlin has done such an excellent job summarizing the key points of How Insurers Made Millions on the Side that I’ve reproduced the post on his Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog in total with this h/t and big “thank you”.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune conducted a year long investigation into the manner Florida insurance companies diverted premiums and monies as expenses and losses to hide actual profits. This revelation is probably shocking to many who have been told repeatedly that the Florida insurance industry is losing money as a result of “unfair” rates and for other claims related reasons.

Investigative journalist Paige St. John reported in How Insurers Made Millions on the Side, that:

Investors and executives in 2008 moved $1.9 billion in policyholder money out of heavily regulated insurers, where profits are capped and dividends are restricted, to separate companies that are owned by the same people, housed at the same address and sometimes use the same employees.

Meanwhile, insurance executives complained about losses and state-mandated discounts, and pressured state regulators for permission to charge homeowners more — even to end rate regulation altogether.

I wonder what the response is going to be from those who supported unregulated insurance rate laws. It is human nature to have a hard time admitting mistakes. If anything, this story demonstrates that laws need to be changed to allow much greater oversight by regulators because some insurance executives cannot be trusted to be honest stewards of monies set aside for the payment of claims.

Some insurance lobbyists defend these activities and even provide a justification: Continue reading “Merlin’s “Breaking News Story: Florida Insurers Hide Profits While Claiming Losses To Get Rates Raised””