Dear Gang I’d be happy to give you more specifics. Anne Marie XOXO

L’exercice de pressions à la hausse des testicules.

0413-10 708 Marlene all emails; I received a “NO RECORDS FOUND” certification from Hearing Officer Crystal Heine. I handled this case when I was Hearing Officer and know there are emails by and between the people I listed on my PRR.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Gang I’d be happy to give you more specifics. Anne Marie XOXO”

  1. Crystal Heine? You mean “Glass Ass?” Is someone pulling strings or were the documents shredded prior the PRR?

  2. One thing is crystal clear, the arrogance of Mr. Theriot et al is alive and well. Does Mr. “the grunt” Gruntz really believe he can continue the stonewall machinations of the past ? The public, the press , the Legislative Auditor, the Louisiana Attorney General, and the Feds can not allow the blatant disregard for the law and obstruction of justice that has been conspired.

    Mr. Theriot et al, it’s not your building, not your offices, not your information; IT’S OURS, the taxpayers. But of course on the advise of Mr. Gruntz’s legal gamesmanship to hold and protect the status quo, it will cost the taxpayers $100,000’s of thousands of dollars of their money to pay outside counsel to defend the indefensible, pay both the cost to litigants and attorneys’ fees and possibly damages ! What does Mr. Theriot et al say…It’s not our money, who cares as long as we can try and stop the public from learning about public business..oops, I mean Mr. Theriot et al’s business !

    Whitmergate is Watergate…….conspiracies to cover-up didn’t succeed then and they won’t now….one by one each participant will weigh whether he or she is going to lie for the “boss”….you and I both know the answer; jail for the “boss,” he gets the big bucks.

    It’s quiet always before the storm; we had several squalls, resignations by Whitmer, Broussard and Wilkinson (the three highest ranking administration officials) within 3 months ! The Times-Picayune’s noticeable absence in covering the on-going Federal investigations of the rampant corruption in JP for the last 10 days or so will not make it go away.

    At the moment, I will Zen out with patience as a virtue.

  3. Isn’t the TP’s Ashton Phelps technically in business with Broussard & Co. by sitting on one or more bank boards with them? Conflict of interest(s) if so.

    What is the significance of the Item Nos. 134 & 151 on the 3/10/10 agenda requests?

    And what is the recourse when faced with the Parish’s failure to respond to public records requests? Why Parish District Court, of course.

  4. So I call to get an update on some Public Record Requests I made and when I ask for the secretary who handled them in the past I am told she has been ‘reassigned’ and no longer handles them. Add to that the ‘reassignment’ of Vandenweghe ( whose Theriot-imposed administrative leave is entering week 3 or 4 as I recall) and the nasty letters the new assistant parish attorney Giangrosso sends with every response and it appears everything new is old again. I cannot help but wonder what they think they are up to at the Yenni Building; and I cannot help but wonder how in the world they think they will get away with it. The mentality for the past 20 plus years has clearly been one of us against them: us= the politicians and their insider friends; them= the rest of the citizens of the Parish of Jefferson. Somewhere along the line someone got the mistaken notion that 1. The Parish was their personal private playground; and 2. They owned the buildings and everything in them. Wake-up call! The horse is out of the barn; the toothpaste out of the tube. All the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put Humpty=Dumpty together again.

    And as for Louis ‘Sgt Schultz’ Gruntz: How’s all that denial working out for you? You lie with dogs you get fleas and you have been in that doghouse for almost 30 years. Yet you are just mystified by all the corruption that went on and is going on RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE. Why Butterfly it is no wonder you don’t know nutthin about birthin no babies. How are your family properties looking these days? Is the new interim Director of Code as cooperative as Ms. Villio and her predecessors? How about all those successions you handle(d) over the years? You profess to be a BIG catholic with your Jesuit training: What would Jesus do? WWJD. ‘Splain that to the generations coming up who will have your trangressions on their shoulders. Confess, repent and ask forgiveness=redemption. Continue as you are going and no one will be proud of being your kin.

  5. I have stated previously that I have no personal knowledge of these Jefferson Parish SCANDALS, which I have been following closely on SLABBED. But a few things I know: I graduated from Jesuit High School with Louis Gruntz in 1965. He was very close friend with my cousin, Ted O’Dwyer, who also graduated from Jesuit in 1965. Ted and Louis were in the same class, and he gave Ted a ride to school every day. Although I was in the same graduating class, Ted and Louis were in a different home room. The point is that my human instincts are to give Louis Gruntz the benefit of every doubt. Now for Gregory Giangrosso: I only met him last summer, but he, too, is a Jesuit High School graduate, working for Louis Gruntz. Human instincts being what they are, I also wanted to give Mr. Giangrosso the benefit of every doubt. Well, I can no longer do so, and I firmly believe that both of them are “up to their eyeballs” in criminal activity, starting with the criminal trespass which the Jefferson Parish Council and Parish Attorney’s Office “enabled and facilitated” on my Family’s land on the Mississippi River batture (and which continues to this day), and going forward to having failed to do anything about because they want to cover their tracks and the tracks of others, and actively engaging in obstruction of justice and a “cover-up”. Both of them deserve whatever may be coming their way. Ashton O’Dwyer a/k/a “The WHITE Henry Glover”.

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