Sieg Heil! Discrimination lawsuit adds color to the “corporate culture” in Jefferson Parish Government

Charlie Chaplin from the 1940 Movie The Great Dictator

Folks, just when you think things can’t get any zanier in Jefferson Parish government lets add Armand Kerlec to the grist mill as Gambit tells the story of a recent lawsuit in Jefferson Parish that also provides a few clues about the myriad of ways the Parish spends tax dollars including defending hostile work environment suits:

…..a federal judge in New Orleans cleared the way for a March 15 trial in an atypical race discrimination suit against Jefferson Parish. The plaintiff, an Italian Jew and former parish sign technician, alleged that his supervisor repeatedly harassed him with Nazi slogans and racial and ethnic slurs at the parish traffic and engineering department. The case settled late last week.

Charles A. “Chuck” Simon Jr. of Metairie brought the lawsuit against the parish for the alleged acts of his former supervisor, Armand Kerlec, 59, of Harahan. Both men are white, and both worked at the parish traffic and engineering department in Harahan. Simon was terminated in 2005, shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

Using the Hurricane as a reason to purge employees is a topic we visited on 2 occasions as it related to the Parish’s internal audit staff and though the Gambit article does not directly say it it is pretty clear Simon was fired because he evidently belonged to the wrong religion as we continue:

In court filings, Kerlec acknowledged using Nazi salutes and saying “Heil Hitler” on the job. The supervisor, a 32-year parish employee, characterized the gestures as “jokes” that were never directed at anyone.

But offend they did and certainly that was not lost on this 32 year parish employee whom evidently remains on the job despite all this. Mr Simon had some backup in the form of former Parish employees who evidently witnessed Kerlec’s socially deviant behavior for themselves:

Brian G. Johnson, who worked for the parish from 1980 to 1990 — more than a decade before Simon was hired by the parish — gave a detailed account of Kerlec’s antics and racial slurs against Jews, blacks and Italians. “Brian Johnson avers that he observed Kerlec make the ‘heil Hitler’ salute in the work place on ‘many’ occasions,” the judge wrote, adding, “Eric Scott wrote an affidavit stating that Kerlec would call [Simon] ‘dumb Dago’ and Kerlec would regularly perform a Nazi salute in front of [Simon]. Most significantly, [Simon] testified that, on the night he was fired, Kerlec told him, ‘I’m firing your dumb Dago ass.'”

Through this suit Parish residents gain further clarity on exactly the type of person that flourishes in Parish Government. Is it any wonder things are such a mess?


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  1. Not a surprise. Don’t forget the ‘noose’ issue which was news for just a sliver of time. More on that later but know that Byron Lee’s credit card charges ( as reflected in invoices obtained by a Public Record Request) show a sum of about $70.00 or so for a DVD or CD about ‘nooses’ or some such thing. No time now but will dig that up and forward later. And Pelican tell Mathilde it is not just ethnic harrassment but gender discrimination also. And some of the ‘dudes’ complaining of being called ‘dago’ are the perpetrators of the ‘woman’ bashing. What goes around comes around. And yes Virginia there are still MCPs in JP government…thank God for the good men fighting the good fight.

  2. Wouldn’t this have been under Jose Gonzalez, the erstwhile temp parish president, current COO, and long-time public works director?

    {By the way, this stuff is too amusing. In that article’s comment one of Slappy Stevie’s targets, Watchout41, appears and one of his crimes must be that he is there posting all the campaign contributions of several key members of the JP hierarchy. Of course, again, a Mr. “Nola4039” also appears defending Gonzalez’ work as a public works director as a “presidential appointment” and actually describes the size of the budget. Watchout also posted the lists of the salaries of the whole staff for Broussard.}.

    Broussard’s “management style” appears to have been one of non-management with those handling things given full rein to do so.

    And what has really changed in that regard?

    From the now famous TP report on the insane salaries at JP: “Two Parish Council executives make more than Broussard: Chief of Staff Lowell “Sonny” Burmaster at $134,556, and Research and Budget Director Alan Gandolfi, $125,358.”

    Where are Burmaster and Gandolfi on this Parish org chart? Who are they? What do they *do* exactly?

    If you run that TP report for those making over 100K, that pulls up about 34 names. Of that how many have been fired by Theriot? Two?

    The two at the very top, Whitmer and Wilkinson quit for you know why reasons.

    You then have:

    “M A PIRSALEHY Engineer IV Professional Drainage Administration $138,013
    JOSE GONZALEZ JR Public Works Director Engineering $135,562
    M KAZEM HADJIALIKHANI Drainage Director Drainage Administration $135,342
    LOWELL C BURMASTER JR Chf Of Staff Of Parish Council Parish Council $134,556
    DEANO A BONANO Chief Admin Assist/Operations Parish President $132,103
    BERT T SMITH JR Deputy Chief Admin Officer Parish President $129,122
    ANTHONY DiGEROLAMO II Chief Admin Assist/Operations Parish President $128,998
    RANDALL P SCHULER Water Director Water – Administration $128,998
    GWEN L BOLOTTE Finance Director Finance Director $127,472
    ALAN GANDOLFI Research & Budget Director Parish Council $125,358”

    “RANDY NICHOLSON Streets Director Streets Administration $122,855
    DARRYL J WARD Chief Admin Assist/Inform Ser Parish President $119,931
    DEBORAH A VILLIO Insp & Code Enforcement Dir Code Enforcement $119,871
    MARGARET WINTER Environ & Develop Control Dir Environmental Affairs $116,763
    CLINTON J GIBSON JR Parks & Recreation Director Cons Rec – Administration $113,983
    WILLIAM E DUPLAISIR JR Assistant Director Drainage Drainage Administration $113,644
    MITCHELL T THERIOT Engineer IV Professional Engineering $113,610
    DOMINICK J MUMPHREY JR Executive Asst To Parish Pres Parish President $111,279
    LOUIS GRUNTZ JR Deputy Parish Attorney Law $110,662
    MICHAEL SCIONEAUX Personnel Director Personnel $109,645
    FELECIANO MENDOZA JR Human Resources Director Human Resource Management $108,975
    ROBERT C BOURGEOIS Chief Admin Assist/Development Parish President $108,780
    WILLIAM FORTENBERRY Risk Management Director Risk Management $108,025
    VERNON J WILTY III Judicial Adm Asst/Pretrial Rel Pre Trial Release $106,226
    REDA M YOUSSEF Direct Cap Proj & Pub Wrk Coor Engineering $106,129
    MARK DREWES Engineering Director Engineering $105,832
    TERRY R MCCARTHY Executive Director Jeff Parish Finance Authority $105,000
    JUAN J GUTIERREZ Engineer III Professional Engineering $104,569
    EDWIN J DURABB Planning Director Planning $103,845
    BRETT P TODD Wastewater Director Sewerage – Administration $102,797
    JOSEPH R BULLER JR Landfill Engineer Envir. Affairs – Landfill Div $102,525
    ROBERT S HINYUB JR Adm Aide To Council Dist # 5 Parish Council $101,092
    PEGGY O BARTON Deputy Parish Attorney Law $100,397”

    This looks like the higher class at JP includes:

    Public Works
    Select Executive and Council Staff

    This also would seem like the kind of personnel to whom a worker like Mr. Simon would bring his complaints to, but apparently out of that group of 30 or so he had no recourse for this kind of behavior whatsoever.

    Meanwhile workers were handing over “Christmas gifts” of all sizes.

  3. What more could we expect from the land of David duke and his up and coming successor John (free-loader) labruzzo.

    1. I’m familar with Labruzzo. I don’t care about his politics but I do not think he is representing his constituant’s interests in any way shape or form.

      When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself.

      I saved this comment from NOLA as it nails it.

      The people of Jefferson Parish have no one to blame but themselves.

      While you’ve spent the last forty years obsessing about welfare cheats, your own kind has been robbing you blind.

      What are the odds that the JPSO will show up at A.B.s’ house and lead him away in cuffs?

      And of course, the people in power have no qualms about exploiting your hate, your racism, your fear, as it provides them with the smokescreen they need to continue their pillaging and plundering of your hard earned wages, without so much as a sideways glance from you.

      And then you talk about “voting the bums out”, as if the people who take their place would be any different……

      When it comes to Labruzzo it appears the people in David Duke’s old district are getting exactly the kind of government they deserve.

      Can anyone tell me what important public policy issue was dominating the headlines back in early 2008 while the crooks on Wall Street and their enablers in Congress were in the final stages of imploding our financial system do to their greed?

      Immigration. The sad thing is all the illegals in this country combined could not maliciously damage our economy nearly as badly as our native sons on Wall street and in the government.

      We all get the government we deserve.


  4. …and as always, dylan’s “only a pawn in their game” from times they are a changin’ provides a nice soundtrack.

  5. We’re glad you found us too Matzerath. I tried hunting the Youtube of Only a pawn in their game but there are only covers of that song.

    Perhaps with the internet and broader access to information maybe the Times are a changin’….



  6. Just reading Napolean Broussard’s depo, pages 36 etc. are a hoot:

    ” Q. I think my direct question to you was,
    11 as parish president, as head of the ship, as we
    12 say in admiralty and maritime law, did you make
    13 any attempt to meet with your directors or
    14 emergency management chiefs or personnel to
    15 determine what plan they had for the parish
    16 with regard to the evacuation of essential
    17 personnel, such as pump operators, prior to the
    18 arrival of Hurricane Katrina?
    19 A. No, ma’am.
    20 Q. Is there any particular reason why you
    21 did not, because you were parish president?
    22 A. Again, emergency plans are written in
    23 advance of emergencies, and these plans are
    24 implemented according to their own benchmarks
    25 and their guidelines. I trusted the people
    that were in place.
    2 Q. You said that you read the Doomsday
    3 Plan. Is it correct that you did not even know
    4 they had a Doomsday Plan before Hurricane
    5 Katrina?
    6 A. That’s correct.
    7 Q. You didn’t read it until after Hurricane
    8 Katrina?
    9 A. That’s correct.”

    ” 17 Q. Who informed you that the pump operators
    18 would not be manning their pumping stations?
    19 A. Tim Whitmer.
    20 Q. What was his occupation with the
    21 administration at that time?
    22 A. He is the chief administrative officer
    23 of the parish.
    24 Q. Did he tell you who made the decision to
    25 remove the pump operators
    1 A. No, ma’am.
    2 Q. Did you ask him?
    3 A. He said it was the plan that was in
    4 place. Yes, I asked him.
    5 Q. Did he give you a name of anybody?
    6 A. He said it was in the plan to do it that
    7 way.
    8 Q. Did he tell you that he made that
    9 decision?
    10 A. No, he did not.
    11 Q. Did you ask who made the decision?
    12 A. Yes. He said it was in the plan.
    13 Q. Now, after the fact, and now knowing
    14 that a lot of your parish flooded, have you
    15 gone back to do an independent investigation to
    16 determine who made the decision to remove the
    17 pump operators?
    18 A. It was this plan that we have in front
    19 of us at this moment. That is the basis of the
    20 decisions that were made regarding evacuation
    21 of all personnel. This is the plan that was in
    22 effect, and the plan was implemented.
    23 Q. I understand that you have a plan, and
    24 that the plan was implemented. Who gave the
    25 authority for the plan to be implemented?
    1 A. Well, if a plan is in effect, and it has
    2 its benchmarks that are incorporated in the
    3 plan, then the plan is activated according to
    4 benchmarks that trigger those aspects of the
    5 plan.
    6 Q. Who activated it?
    7 A. Well, I would assume it would have been
    8 the Office of Emergency Management, who has the
    9 direct oversight of the plan and the
    10 implementation of the plan, as I said earlier
    11 in my conversation.
    12 Q. Would that be Mr. Maestri?
    13 A. Yes. That’s my assumption, it would be
    14 Mr. Maestri.
    15 MS. JACOBS:
    16 In connection with the testimony of
    17 Mr. Broussard, I’d like to offer, introduce,
    18 and file into evidence the Catastrophic Weather
    19 Event Doomsday Plan as B-1 and ask it be filed.”

    And then:

    “Maestri said he wrote two versions of the Doomsday Plan: one in 1998, during Parish President Tim Coulon’s administration and when Broussard was council chairman, and another in March 2005, a revision requested by Broussard through Tim Whitmer, his top aide who supervises department directors.

    “Was it your impression at the time you had the meeting with Mr. Whitmer that Mr. Broussard was fully aware of the Catastrophic Weather Plan because he had in mind a change of the shelter location for parish employees?” plaintiffs attorney Richard Martin said.

    “Yes,” Maestri replied.”


    This is probably where the AMV suit will one day go and sound like. But the feds have more persuasive means when it comes to Broussard, Whitmer, Wilkinson, Ward and their shell corporations.

  7. Hey Rocheblave:

    You are a moron. M A Pirshaley passed away a couple of months ago. Don’t include him on your salary list that proves nothing other than I am sure you as well as the rest of the insane bloggers are jealous because you wish you made those salaries. If you did, you wouldn’t be complaining. And some of those employees have 30 years of service. But just like a typical ignorant blogger, you just state numbers.

    Do your homework before posting.

    And why don’t you go whine about New Orleans’ salaries. They surpass Jefferson Parish’s in a big way.

    1. Lots of folks keeping an eye on NOLA Insightfulness. We’re just not much on relativism here.

      Speak for yourself on being jealous, as a group us Slabbers and our readers are very well heeled to the point where working for the Parish would be slummin’ it.

      Team Theriot and them quacks in the Parish Attorney’s office could lay on the publics legs for 100 years and not be worth that much money. Please let us know when Debbie Villio gets a private sector job.


  8. Mr. Simon is not alone.

    Leon Melancon

    Lonnie Robinson

    Anne Marie Vandenweghe

    and the hundreds of other JP employees who have had to suffer the insults, obscenities, and harrassment for the years of Coulon, Whitmer, Wilkinson, Broussard, Clem Donelon, et al. are in the soup with them.

    Not the employees who were the ‘favorite sons and daughters’ or those who bartered for their places and prices. The employees who suffered were the ones who had no where and no one to turn to…not to Junior Mendoza or Phil Rupp or Clem Donelon or Louis Gruntz or Peggy Barton or Jose Gonzalez or to any of the other Authorities in the Yenni Building.

    Lonnie Robinson allegedly was accosted by Phil Rupp ( one of the Human Resources goons sent in by Mendoza the director to intimidate employees) and when he tried to make a complaint with the Yenni Bldg Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detail at the building, Mendoza and Rupp and another goon tried to stop the deputies from taking his complaint. That event is just heating up courtesy of the M & M sisters. Stay tuned for updates as the SHTF.

    Leon Melancon’s case is so disturbing that the M & M sisters are working that one also. More as it is fleshed out.

    AMV : What’s to say. First woman elected to the JP Council in 1991. Knocked out their ‘good buddy’ Larry Hooper who withdrew when she came in ahead of him and 5 or 6 other male contenders , forcing him into a run-off. From Nancy Drew at the TP ( who was just following orders from Ward and his handlers) to the male directors in place in Mike Yenni’s administration to a man ( I am using that word with great hesitation) they harrassed her and tried to sabotage her from the outset. No surprise they are still at it. ‘Cause, as you so aptly put it sop, she keeps handing them their asses and they just don’t get it.

    As the Simon v Kerlec matter shows JP through whatever tit-sucking parasitic lawyer or law firm willing to be their lackies will stop at nothing to defend the indefensible. And in some cases it is sickening to watch how certain lawyers actually seem to go the extra mile just for their own enjoyment.

    What next? Should be interesting. I would have to surmise the divine M & M sisters are not going to let up.

    I would also surmise that ANY action by the JP government against any of these people is suspect at this point. JP Government has NO credibility. NO validity either considering the illegality of the appointment process used by the Council of Six to appoint TheRiot.

    Phelps better not be paid ONE DIME! They should be sued for malpractice.

    Oh my: I guess they are in Mrs. V’s lawsuit now too.

    And oh yes: can you spell SPOLIATION?

    Apparently somone named Larry Palmisano ( maybe in JP drainage dept?) was overheard on the Parish radio system by dozens of employees ordering employees to ‘bury’ records in a dump or something. No info yet on what records but does not bode well for ANY lawsuits where JP claims not to have something the other side asks for…

    SPOLIATION = anything I ask for that you should have ( like emails, or public records) and that you say you cannot find, results in the court saying that anything I say the stuff said or showed is accepted as gospel truth. Oh and also the court tells you that anything you have to disprove what I say it said or shows cannot be used by you. Geez. Darn.

    Unless JP can prove just exactly what Palmisano ordered destroyed , any public records requested by the other side in ANY lawsuit that JP says they don’t have or cannot find will subject JP to claims of SPOLIATION.

    Hope all the attorneys with cases against JP are reading Slabbed.

    Again GREAT news about the lawsuit being withdrawn but caution dictates that all this means is that they have gone to ground again…no doubt to come up with some other bonehead move.

    American Zombie I agree: It won’t be a slow, boring summer in New Orleans. And the heat is not going to be hottest outside.

    Prepping a post on our friend Jose Gonzalez who should know better than to be a part of all this. Viva Cuba Jose.

  9. “Insightfulness”: I posted the link as a source and the date of the list is there. I agree and somehow I doubt Mr. Pirsalehy (Rest In Peace and prayers) or Mr. Hadjialikhani are or were really ever the problem seeing as how they were devoted to drainage (that is in public works, though, right? Not Mr. Simon’s area? Ok.), but then again seeing as how that is/was their job well it seems likely that Mr. Broussard had no need for them in a pinch anyway, at least not during Katrina.

    As for New Orleans, yes, let’s compare: an active and independent and fully funded IG, a Police Monitor from a nationwide search seeking a shared database of police complaints, an invitation to the feds to look at whatever they want, a wesbite where all contracts are published, an active and energetically reform minded Council, several energized civic organizations, a press begging and demanding information every day, a reform movement directed towards the assessor (say when does Chehardy make property assessments in JP avauilable online?), a reform movement towards the courts, etc., etc.

    And in JP, we have *what*, exactly? Right, I know we get “results” for our graft, so don’t complain.


  10. Two things.

    First, Insightfulness should be aware that some “bloggers” on this great site pay more in taxes than the highest salaried Parish employee makes in a year. I enjoy the rare, shrill comments like these that arrogantly condone rampant corruption. These commenters usually take their deserved beating and leave (at least from commenting).

    Second, Ms. Vandenweghe (and anyone involved in her lawsuit) shoud understand that the dismissal of the defamation lawsuit does not negate its existence . She, and/or her lawyer(s), can use the suit, the resuting articles and blog comments (if authenticated), and the recent dismissal as IMPEACHMENT EVIDENCE. It can also be used as evidence of motive, habit or routine practice of intimidation (Rule 406). At some point a real trial attorney, like IMAANGRY, can show you how to screw Phelps-Dungbar with its own tool.

    I already miss The Riot’s defamation suit.

  11. Oh Sock Puppet & Nowdy Ah just love it when you all talk legal.

    Ah declare I see $tars when ah read your posts.

    Ya’ll a hafta excuse me now as ah’m fixin to have a vapor.

  12. Dear Insightfulness,

    I, like Sock Puppet, want to welcome you. And here’s your baptism, “tire-toi morpion “. Reciting Jefferson Parish’s entitlement class’s anthem and mantra “look at New Orleans, don’t pay attention to us. We do anything we want with taxpayers’ money. We’re arrogant and stupid and call ourselves insightful and not greedy. ”

    How about a new name, Ourselfishness, at least it would be honest and complement your “look at New Orleans” BS at the same time.

    Better brush up on the French so we can have some fun, leche-bottes !

  13. Dear Insightfulness,

    Vous voulez dire que vous BS bechez tout ca chaque jour ?

    Well I quess ignorant is, as ignorant does…I’m a blogger…and, you’re a blogger…one might say we’re blognorant…

    Revenez apres le lever du soliel, voulez-vous ?

  14. Unslabbed, so pleased to be included in same sentence with Sock, Esq. that I believe I could use a vapor, too!

  15. I’ve written about this case on many occasions and it still turns my stomach. Whether it’s Kerlec verbally assaulting Mr. Simon as a “Dago Jew” or the visually assulting Heil Hitler arm wave. Clem Donelon defended JP’s firing of Simon who complained of this harassment; Donelon, nonetheless, defended the indefensible, chose this reprehensible position. That JP payed attorney’s fees to Blue Williams for a period of 5 years to defend the indefensible, only to have JP pay damages to Mr. Simon in a settlement just prior to trial is perverse. I thank God for Mr. McGovern’s fortitude in representing Mr. Simon through this horrendous ordeal. The JP Council, it’s President and the Directors and supervisors should publicly appologize to Mr. Simon.

    So my question to the Jewish Community in Jefferson Parish is: where were you ? I have reviewed the contributors to the various political “elite” and I know for certain that many of these people are of the Jewish faith. The very same politicians you have contributed to, have condoned this action, whether by neglect or intent; just as other similar despicable conduct that has and is taking place within JP’s toxic workplace, similar to the Simon case; whether it be a black worker or a female worker over too long a period of time. Did anyone in the Jewish community know ? Probably not. But now there is no excuse.

    So Mr. Schudmak, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Sizeler and all members of the Jewish community in Jefferson Parish, is this the kind of governmental conduct you want your children and grandchildren to inherit ? Next time any of these current politicians ask you for a contribution, just say no. They voted in “executive” session to approve the course of action taken in the Simon case. That says it all. Period.

  16. Whitmergate: I know this is a long post but I believe it is necessary. And I intend ( unless sop requests that I not ) to do exposes on more upper elite hypocrites in JP as the information is sent my way.

    I too am nauseated by the anti-semitic behavior which was allowed and perhaps condoned by JP officials, elected and non-elected.

    One Director in particular has heretofore escaped notice: JOSE GONZALEZ.

    Let’s visit Mr. Gonzalez:

    Jefferson Parish News Release dated January 07, 2010

    ( This can be found on Parish website in archived News Releases)

    Aaron Broussard proudly announced that Jose Gonzalez, Chief Administrative Assistant for Public Works for JP was the new Chief Administrative Officer replacing Tim Whitmer who resigned amid allegations of numerous naughty deeds.

    Broussard cited Jose’s ” work ethic, integrity, and experience” in administering seven major public works departments.

    One of those departments Jose administered with his work ethic,integrity, and experience was the Streets/Sign department where Armand Kerlec assaulted Mr. Simon calling him a dumb dago jew and making Heil Hitler gestures at him. This is also the department from which Mr. Simon, the aggrieved victim, was fired post-Katrina when most JP employees most needed their jobs.

    Jose administered this dysfunctional department throughout the five (5) year lawsuit.

    Jose as of January 07,2010 had a salary of $142,340.00 and upon assuming his new position ( I am not making this up these are exact words from the News Release) will receive a five per cent raise, with another five per cent raise due after six months of satisfactory work performance. ( Did I dream it or did the Council pass a Resolution about raises that are over a certain % being illegal?)

    Aaron extolled Jose as having been chosen for his many years of experience and institutional knowledge in the inner workings of JP government and his excellent job performance over his many years of service.

    ” (Jose is) greatly respected by ( his) co-workers and the administration and (has) worked closely with this Council…The immediate mission of Mr. Gonzalez will be to refocus the administration’s efforts on providing the day-to-day services to the people of Jefferson Parish in the most effective manner possible.” Quoth Aaron.

    The News Release states: ” When he was 13 years old he had immigrated with his family to the United States from Cuba, fleeing the Castro communist regime.” HE FLED CUBA TO GET AWAY FROM CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME. Let me repeat that: HE FLED CUBA TO GET AWAY FROM CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME.

    His family must be so proud of him now.

    If you read AMV’s Whistleblower complaint Jose Gonzalez, WHO FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME, sat silently by as da Fuhrer TheRiot, Banana-boy and Herr Donelon framed her. As they sent her into exile. As they isolated her.

    And let’s discuss your MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS POLICY NUMBER 3.06 and AMV: In her Supplemental and Amended Whistleblower complaint she states that upon her reinstatement ( still under a cloud) she was handed a Media Communications Policy # 3.06 which had a cover memo from Tim Whitmer as CAO saying it was essential that all employees understand the enclosed Media Communications Policy. The policy said all media requests had to be sent to the Public Information Office to expedite their request and eliminate multiple departments working on the same issue. It mentions that when permission has been granted ( by Castro?) to speak with a reporter ON A PARTICULAR TOPIC AND THE TOPIC CHANGES MID INTERVIEW you must state the you are not authorized to speak on that topic and you must get APPROVAL ( from Castro?) to continue. The policy itself states it was revised 4-1–2000. Some interesting exerpts from it include: Employees may not provide Parish business information to the media in any form or manner without proper authorization ( from Castro?). AND, …the Director and Public Information Office will decide whether or not the issue is of controversy and therfore, make the media inquiry known to the Deputy CAO, the CAO , Parish President and/or others. Picture Whitmer (CAO) and Broussard (Parish Pres) and Bert Smith ( Depty CAO) getting with other Wilkinson ( Parish Attorney) to discuss responding to the Media inquiries. Uh huh. Regarding on camera interviews all the aforementioned would decide who, if anyone, would be interviewed and to what extent.

    Now get this: The Public Information Officer ( Patricia Borne) will be responsible for reporting back to the Parish President/CAO if there is SUSPICION OF A NEGATIVE REPORT RESULTING FROM THE INTERVIEW OR INFORMATION PROVIDED. In cases where media inquiries involve …notorious or “Hot” ( I am not making this stuff up) issues with legal consequences, the Parish Attorney should be immediately notified. ( Wilkinson????? Barton????) If a media rep shows up at a JP worksite the employees must “immediately” contact their superiors. And not talk.

    Aaron Broussard signed the Policy as Parish President.

    AMV was handed this policy on April 05, 2010 when she returned to work after her forced exile on trumped up charges.

    Suddenly on April 20, 2010 all Parish Attorney employees received an email from Mary Galley ( Wilkinson’s and now Barton’s secreatry) with a new policy. Just like the old policy. But now with a cover letter from JOSE GONZALEZ saying essentially the same thing as the old one. And the policy is EXACTLY the same as the old one only FUHRER TheRiot signed it. It says it was revised on April 06,2010 one day after AMV was handed the old one by Peggy Barton. Hmmmm. Mrs. V : you listening?

    And even now with the AMPLE EVIDENCE of the wrong-doing by TheRiot, Donelon and Banana-boy JOSE GONZALEZ ,WHO FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME AT THE AGE OF 13, sits silently by. A 13 year old is old enough to understand what is going on. A 13 year old is old enough to grasp the reasons his family wants to get to the free shores of the United States of America.

    Apparently the years have dulled Jose’s memories. He has forgotten why his family fled Cuba. Maybe he regressed over his years in the JP gulag and just accepted the oppression, the censorship, the abuse.

    Jose: How could you not have known what was going on in Public Works/Streets/Signs? How could you not have been aware of Kerlec’s 30 years of illegal behavior? Why did you turn a blind eye when Mr. Simon complained? Why did you turn a blind eye when he was terminated after Katrina? Why did you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when he sued? How could you let him suffer for 5 more agonizing years after the abuse you condoned and conspired to cover-up?

    Why didn’t you stand up for the lone woman in the room and demand she be given due process? That she be given what you and your buddies fought so hard to give Tim Whitmer; Who really was a deadbeat employee; Who really was mis-using Parish time and property; Who really was ripping off the Parish BIG TIME. Where is your outrage about his behavior?

    Where is your outrage over Fuhrer TheRiot’s attempt to trample on the 1st amendment freedoms of all Americans with his ridiculous lawsuit? The freedoms your family enjoy because you FLED CUBA TO ESCAPE CASTRO’S COMMUNIST REGIME. What ? were you afraid to speak out? Did you think you were back in Castro’s Cuba? Was the flashback too painful? Or have you forgotten what freedom is all about?

    Tell me again why your family fled Cuba, amigo. Viva los Cubanos who remember. Who fight the good fight every day. The ones who could not get out. When they can where will they go ? To Fuhrer TheRiot’s communist Jefferson Parish?

    And especially Viva the gringa who fights to make sure JP stays libre for your children and grandchildren.

    Shame on you Jose Gonzalez who fled Cuba to escape Castro’s communist regime. Shame on you.

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