Is Hancock Bank supporting Debbie Villio?

Hancock Bank Veterans and Clearview Pky

Leaving aside for a minute that Ms Villio has a boatload of legal problems surrounding her candidacy I had no idea that Hancock Bank endorsed political candidates which this sign placement clearly implies.

Steve I don’t know about Mssrs. Chaney and Hairston but Uncle Leo certainly would not have approved of such. Then again something tells me Mssrs Chaney and Hairston won’t approve once this is brought to their attention, especially given the approriate tagging of this post.

sop with h/t to a reader.

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  1. This is odd because it clearly implies that Hancock Bank supports Villio. Very rarely do you see a business like this take a position supporting a candidate, especially one with the baggage of “That ordinance was loosely enforced” Villio.

  2. Nothing surprises me with Hancock Bank. They need to remain “politically connected” so they are not run out of the State. Hancock made millions and millions of dollars after the two hurricanes in this area by taking peoples insurance money paying off the loans and making people repair their homes with road home money. Hancock has done more to slow the recovery in the New Orleans area than any insurer. Keeping close political contacts is a wise idea especially with Judges and legislators when you are looking to have public funds deposited in your bank. Louisiana tax dollars should be in a Louisiana bank not a Mississippi bank.

  3. Daniel, I understand your sentiment, but your statment, “Hancock has done more to slow the recovery in the New Orleans area than any insurer” is hyperbole without basis in fact. That honor would go to the thieves at Allstate, State Farm and Lafayette Ins.Co. Trust me on this one.

  4. Sorry Daniel but as a member of a family which still has IPO (yes, great grandpa bought his first share in 1899) Hancock Bank stock, in the family so to say, let me clarify how Hancock Bank behavied after Katrina…

    First let me tell you Daniel this is not a story you will find the management of Hancock Bank seeking out interviews or press conferences to let the world know about. No this comes from an account one person found so powerfull they decided to transcribe it from an oral history project at the Univeristy of Southern Misssissippi so others may know what happened. When our National Guard, FEMA, Federal Government, other banks, insurance companies, technology failed—Hancock Bank did NOT. Why? Leo Seals—

    “However, interviews also revealed that in the immediate post-Katrina crisis an almost obsessive mission focus drove the key decision-making that got the organization back into business more quickly than any other bank in the region.”

    “In a gutsy move, bank officers decided to allow people

    1. Give away money to customers in need after the storm and still not have to take TARP. How refreshing, unlike that scat under the Hancock Bank sign on Vets and Clearview.

  5. This post of yours triggered some memory cells about some old reports in the TP:

    For instance:

    From the 1/20/01 TP:

    “Parish President Tim Coulon was featured in radio commercials for Omni Bank, where he sits on the board of directors. Coulon said he was not paid for the spots but does get paid a stipend for serving on the board .

    Parish Council Chairman Aaron Broussard and state Senate President John Hainkel, R-New Orleans, were highlighted in print and radio ads for First Bank and Trust, where they are board members. Bank President Ashton Ryan Jr. said they were not paid but do receive a fee for serving on the board.”

    By the way, that story is entitled “Developer’s pals push him for U.S. attorney” and it goes:

    “Real estate developer Fred Heebe, a West Banker who recently moved to Old Metairie, has lined up 25 elected officials to send letters to President-elect George W. Bush’s staff in his bid to be appointed U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

    More than half the letters came from officials in St. John the Baptist, St. Charles, Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes, which have contracts to send their garbage to Heebe’s River Birch landfill in Waggaman. Heebe is a co-owner of River Birch with his stepfather, Jim Ward, who is Jefferson Parish Councilman T.J. “Butch” Ward’s brother. In Terrebonne Parish, all nine members of the Parish Council agreed to support Heebe.

    Heebe said his business connections helped him to get to know some elected officials, but that is not the reason they are endorsing him.

    “I think they are supporting me because I’ll be firm but fair,” Heebe said Friday from Washington, where he was attending Bush inauguration festivities.

    Heebe, a Republican, also has widespread support from GOP officials in Jefferson Parish, where he has lived most of his life and where his wife, Jennifer Sneed, is a Republican state representative from Metairie. Parish President Tim Coulon, Assessor Lawrence Chehardy and Councilmen Lloyd Giardina, John Lavarine Jr. and Ed Muniz all signed a letter in support of Heebe’s bid.

    “We all have confidence in Fred’s abilities to be independent, and we all have friendships with him,” Coulon said. “It’s simple: He’s qualified, capable and a friend.”

    Heebe builds and manages apartment complexes as well as co-owning the landfill. He ran unsuccessfully for district attorney in 1996 and now serves on the West Jefferson Medical Center’s board.”

    So there you have Omni and First Bank, plus some Lagniappe, i.e. Hainkel and Ashton Ryan.

    Here’s another:

    From the 5/12/01 TP:

    “The replacement

    A pinch hitter has stepped up to the plate of the Jefferson Parish Charter Advisory Board .

    Political consultant Greg Buisson could not attend the board ‘s biweekly meetings, so he asked his sponsor, Parish Councilman Ed Muniz, to find a replacement.

    Muniz tapped Todd Murphy, vice president of business development at Omni Bank and a sometimes-political consultant himself. Murphy said he will approach the board ‘s work with an open mind.

    “I’m not walking into this with an agenda,” he said.

    The 15-member board is expected to review several topics of the parish charter, including a proposal supported by Coulon to stagger term limits so the president and all council members don’t leave at the same time.

    “My speculation,” Murphy said, “is that (term limits) will stay at they are. People have voted for them, and you have to give them a chance to go through.”

    A lifelong resident of Kenner, Murphy said he’s been thinking about a run for the Parish Council in 2003. The decision will depend on redistricting, among other factors.

    “I have given it some thought, but it’s very preliminary. I’m just laying the ground work,” Murphy said.”

    So there we have a Todd Murphy – I realize it’s common name (Happy St. Pat’s) but who wants to bet Todd is related to Robert and Julie.

    By the way you gotta love the assslappin good times found in the TP’s old JP “reporting” (from the same article):

    “For a few hours this week, Jefferson Parish had two presidents when Chief Administrative Assistant Tim Whitmer filled in for President Tim Coulon at Wednesday’s Parish Council meeting.

    Coulon, in Baton Rouge for a meeting about the future of the New Orleans Saints, missed his second council meeting in five years as president. Meanwhile, Whitmer carried out the duties with royal treatment from council Chairman Aaron Broussard .

    “Mr. President ad hoc, it’s good to see you this morning,” Broussard said to general laughter as Whitmer settled in to deliver Coulon’s regular presentation.

    Whitmer remained his usual stoic self and limited his speech to declaring May as Home Remodeling Month. He stayed on the sidelines for the rest of the session. As the meeting adjourned and Whitmer’s short term came to an end, Broussard wisecracked again.

    “I’d like to commend Mr. Whitmer for doing an outstanding job as parish president today. Your words of wisdom are still ringing in our ears,” said Broussard, who has made it no secret that he will run for parish president in 2003.

    Lauded as Coulon’s right-hand man, Whitmer has been rumored as a potential candidate for parish president. Coulon is banned from a third term by term limits and has said he would not run for again for president even if term limits were changed.

    Asked if Wednesday’s meeting was an inspiration to run for the permanent job, Whitmer was noncommittal.

    “I’ll need eight more years after this term is over to retire,” he said. “I’ll be looking at my options.””

    Boy, he sure did, huh?

  6. It is easy to turn down TARP if you have not been running your bank as a mortgage fraud which loans money to people without proper credit checks or worse without any regard to their ability to pay back the loan. That is what the TARP banks did and they paid for it—with our tax money of course. Leo Seals spent his entire career preparing for the next great depression and his stock is still trading for pre-crash prices. Paid a dividend every year since the great depression. It even paid dividends in the great depression. How? They run a bank not a scam designed to make the top exe’s rich. There is a differnce. Simple. People want a bank to be a place where they put their money in and when they need it— they can take it out. Thus the money was available even when there was no bank building.

    Also when Hancock Bank showed up to hand out millions after Katrina they didn’t hire blackwater security types like State Farm did. Of course State Farm didn’t hand out money or checks, just bullshit thus the need for armed guards.

  7. The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’. — Larry Hardiman

  8. Putting signs up by banks must be some kind of sign? Not a good me thinks. The Whitney Bank joined in the political hoopla too; it has several Villio signs on it’s corner location in the LILJEBERG Building at Veterans and Cleary. What next ?

  9. An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought. — Simon Cameron (1799 – 1889)

  10. The humor in the pic for me is that now that she’s not the Code director their must be no one to have illegal campaign signs taken down….That use to fall to her department

  11. Jefferson Parish Ethics Question of the Day:

    The Judicial Cannon of Ethics, Cannon 7, part A. reads: ” A judge or judicial candidate SHALL not (b) publicly endorse or publicly oppose another candidate ”

    So if Judge Hans Liljeberg is a partner or stockholder in a corporate entity or participates in any type of financial arrangement which owns the LILJEBERG BUILDING, which would have been responsible for permitting the Villio signs to be erected, WOULD he be in violation of that particular provision of Cannon 7 as cited above ?

  12. Ignatius, unfortunately it gets even more humorous; although that might depend on one’s sense of what’s funny here in JP. Approximately 3 weeks ago, Ms. Loren Morino, an Asst’t DA, was appointed as Director of Code. In reviewing Ms. Villio’s contributor schedule, we read that Ms. Morino’s former boss, DA Paul Connick gave $1000 and the Connick & Connick Law firm(which Paul is a senior partner) coughed up $500. The kicker is that Ms. Morino’s husband’s law firm, Marino Criminal Law, handed over $500 to the cause.

    My quess is Ms. Villio can put a sign anywhere she damn pleases !

  13. History repeats itself ? Or is irony the constant ?

    Porteous was an ADA whose experience as a prosecutor was touted as his creds to be elected judge. IMPEACHED !

    Green was an ADA whose experience as a prosecutor was touted as his creds to be elected judge. CONVICTED !

    Bodenheimer was an ADA whose experience as a prosecutor was touted as his creds to be elected judge. CONVICTED !

    Benge was an ADA whose experience as a prosecutor was touted as her creds to be elected. FORCED TO RESIGN !

    Villio was an ADA whose experience as a prosecutor is being touted as her creds to be elected judge. ??????????

    The fact is that the average criminal docket of a judge in the 24th JDC is about a 13% criminal docket—-87% are civil matters. The machine demagogues like Normmand always use the “bogeyman crime” as their desperate pitch for their ethically challenged friends who want to be judges whom they control.

  14. It looks like the owner of the property located at Veterans and Clearview (Villio supporter and financial contributor, George Cella) has made Hancock Bank his bitch.

  15. Funny. The TP (Toilet Paper rag a/k/a The Times Picayune supported Ray Steib against Broussard buddy Debby Villio. They endorsed Steib in the election. Then the TP got scared. After Normand’s whores made clear to the TP what they could expect, they got scared — real scared. Debbie Villio, I ain’t scared about you. You are a despicable corrupt skank. The pressure that was brought to bear. Debbie Villio, Newell Normand, come on by and firebomb my house. I’m sick of the antics as Villio as a Broussard/Normand whore, her sending out Newell’s cops to my house at JP Councilman’s Chris Roberts’ request (another idiot), and Brett Lawson’s threats towards me. Back off! I say BACK THE F OFF OF ME! I’m disabled and dying. Debbie Villio, GET OFF the board of The Children’s Bureau of New Orleans! My father Richard Zeilinger was the execautive director there for 23 years and bless his soul in his watery grave, would consider you a vindictive skanky whore. Notice how I’m the only person to give my real name. You skank. You want a fight. Go be judge. Or not. Or get the GD hell out of Louisiana before someone posts your divorce paers.

  16. And if you, your agents or assigns, or your maid ever bothers me and my family again, look out for litigation. All the way to the United States Supreme Court for violations against civil liberties, taking a crap on the First Amendement, and well, you know … that other stuff. You totally disgust me.

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