A look back at the NOPD beating of Robert Davis: Evangelist v NOPD The fix was in. Will justice ever be done?

I’m a firm believer that a picture is worth 1000 words. Meet Robert Davis. The Crime? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Gotta give the NOPD credit on this one. They fired the perpertrators. But the fix is in all the way up chain. Next stop, a meet and greet at the Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeals as we now go back in time:

Robmi Evangelist, a New Orleans police officer, appealed his termination by the Superintendent of Police, Warren Riley, to the New Orleans Civil Service Commission. The Commission denied his appeal. He then filed an appeal in this court. We reversed that denial and we rendered judgment in Mr. Evangelist’s favor. Upon the timely application of the appointing authority, we granted rehearing in this matter in order to consider video evidence which was inaccessible to us at the time we first decided this appeal. Having now accessed the video evidence, and after allowing the parties additional briefs and oral argument, for the reasons which follow, we reverse the decision of the Commission.

Is it any wonder elements of the NOPD felt free to open a special hunting season after the storm?

A former police officer accused in the videotaped beating of a man in the French Quarter after Hurricane Katrina was acquitted Tuesday by a judge who heard the case without a jury.

“I didn’t even find this a close call,” said District Judge Frank Marullo.

Robert Evangelist, 37, had been charged with beating Robert Davis, 66, during an arrest videotaped by an Associated Press Television News crew the night of Oct. 8, 2005, about six weeks after Katrina.

The Picayune covered the 4th circuit opinion here.

Finally it just occured to me Ashton has a blood brother. And to think AROD repeatedly inquired as to the location of the those FBI guys. His story is told in depth here.