It’s official – O’Dwyer out on bond, Magistrate’s Order sets conditions

I’ve had the good luck to have the best partner-in-blog ever – and the bad luck to know all too well how Ashton’s rants can be disturbing, at best.  Consequently, this is my first post on USA v O’Dwyer despite my long-time support of alternatives to incarceration, particularly for those with an apparent need for health and/or mental health services.

Magistrate Judge Karen Hayes, however, merits recognition and I wanted to tip my hat to her sensible, yet sensitive, handling of the situation.  The Minute Entry documenting her decision noted, “Counsel for the Government object to the setting of a bond”.  It also noted the Magistrate granted the Government’s “motion for pretrial psychiatric and psychological examination for competency to stand trial” and set other conditions for O’Dwyer’s release to home confinement on an unsecured $100,000 appearance bond:

The special conditions of bond are: 1) Pretrial Services supervision ; 2) avoid all contact, directly or indirectly, with any persons who are or who may become a victim or potential Continue reading “It’s official – O’Dwyer out on bond, Magistrate’s Order sets conditions”

Anne Marie Vandenweghe speaks out part deux: Public records requests contain disparities.

Stay tuned to Fox 8 for the latest developments on the Tuesday Night Massacre as Val Bracy evidently taped an extensive interview with Ms Vandenweghe,the second part of which aired at 5pm today. While there is no video up yet on the story we do have Val’s print report from which we glean a few more nuggets including a bomb shell regarding discrepancies in responses to public records requests involving the River Birch landfill:

“In August of last year we received requests from a law firm in Baton Rouge for copies of the River Birch contract. The initial response to the individual’s public records response was in August or September. In, I believe November when the grand jury subpoena for the River Birch information came in I received a totally different response from the same people. The signature pages were not the same and what I turned over to the grand jury were four different signature pages,” said Vandenweghe.

I’m not certain if Theriot’s remarks for today’s story were in the can or new but of I had to guess, given his quotes from Friday’s report I bet they are new and Mr Parish President is feeling a bit less secure concerning the “proof” of her playing on the computer. If I may be so bold, I’ll add that I think Mr Theriot is still trying to dig dirt on Ms Vandenweghe so that he can make the firing stick. IMHO Mr Theriot has been a very naughty boy who has been caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Speaking of public records, I have a document from the Parish regarding River Birch, specifically the tabulation workpapers used by the Wilkinson and friends to give Ward and company the exclusive courtesy of a reader and Scribd. A bit of background: Continue reading “Anne Marie Vandenweghe speaks out part deux: Public records requests contain disparities.”

That Eau de Landfill has me in a spell. Slabbed ties a few things together on the River Birch landfill as we add an Alario to the woodpile.

A quick note on this series:

Slabbed is the end result an internet community sharing a wealth of information. This post and others in the upcoming series were made possible by the efforts of two people, primarily BayRat4Life and secondarily a reader that we’ll call Alex Trebek who gave us the answer which, in turn, helped us define the question, “Why did the Jefferson Parish Council install Steve Theriot as interim Parish President.” This series of posts deals with the history of River Birch Landfill, as we highlight the various players involved in securing the exclusive arrangement it now enjoys with the Parish. We begin today in the middle of the River Birch timeline back in 1995.

1995 was the pivotal year for River Birch Inc, a company founded in 1968 by Albert “Butch” “Jim” Ward. 1995 would also mark a turning point for the company in its quest to become a permitted landfill as Mr Ward cut a deal that would bring new ownership to the company. So we begin at the end of 1995 and set the stage for 1996 as I quote from the narrative of an opinion which ultimately resulted from a hearing before Administrative Law Judge Michelle Finnegan:

On December 18. 1995, the permit application was deemed technically complete by the Solid Waste Division. On January 8, 1996, the then Secretary of the Department, William A. Kucharski, rendered a decision denying River Birch’s permit application. On or about January 16, 1996, Continue reading “That Eau de Landfill has me in a spell. Slabbed ties a few things together on the River Birch landfill as we add an Alario to the woodpile.”

A look back at the NOPD beating of Robert Davis: Evangelist v NOPD The fix was in. Will justice ever be done?

I’m a firm believer that a picture is worth 1000 words. Meet Robert Davis. The Crime? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Gotta give the NOPD credit on this one. They fired the perpertrators. But the fix is in all the way up chain. Next stop, a meet and greet at the Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeals as we now go back in time:

Robmi Evangelist, a New Orleans police officer, appealed his termination by the Superintendent of Police, Warren Riley, to the New Orleans Civil Service Commission. The Commission denied his appeal. He then filed an appeal in this court. We reversed that denial and we rendered judgment in Mr. Evangelist’s favor. Upon the timely application of the appointing authority, we granted rehearing in this matter in order to consider video evidence which was inaccessible to us at the time we first decided this appeal. Having now accessed the video evidence, and after allowing the parties additional briefs and oral argument, for the reasons which follow, we reverse the decision of the Commission.

Is it any wonder elements of the NOPD felt free to open a special hunting season after the storm? Continue reading “A look back at the NOPD beating of Robert Davis: Evangelist v NOPD The fix was in. Will justice ever be done?”