Lights Camera Action!: A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update

OK folks time is short today but we had additional coverage of yesterday’s resignation of disgraced former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson that included a new revelation by Fox 8 reporter Val Bracy that I want to make certain is not overlooked. Before we get to that lets begin with the WWL TV story on Wilkinson’s resignation:

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We also have a copy of Wilkinson’s resignation letter courtesy of WWLTV and Scribd:

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Next up is Val Bracy’s excellent report for Fox8 which I excerpt:

Wilkinson’s resignation comes one day after the parish announced that it turned over evidence of possible wrong doing to state and federal investigators.

That evidence includes possible payroll discrepancies in Wilkinson’s office and political activity he participated in that violated the parish code of ordinances.

The story behind the story was revealed today on Slabbed by Whitmergate:

I am now told that the Federal Government is investigating the possibility that there are numerous Asst. Parish Attorneys on the payroll, but where are they? Ms. Barton’s return of a PRR request of the names of all Asst. Parish Attorneys may not be complete; or that possibly these individuals have been assigned to the various boards and/or commissions and have been lost to her mismanagement.

I think the bottom line here is there is more to this story than Mr. Theriot is letting on which also adds a bit more color on why I highlighted that piece of Parish business which is now known in Slabbed parlance as item #84 the night before last council meeting. (Those that wish to follow Paul Rioux’s coverage of item #84 and link to the T-P story can find the link on my post on that topic here.)

So while the powers that be at the T-P tap their collective toe waiting for Mr Theriot to explain the Tuesday Night Massacre lets visit with a companion story at Fox 8 and that new revelation:

The Jefferson Parish attorney’s office confirms that federal investigators are planning to subpoena documents related to the parish’s controversial red light camera program.

The red light camera program is very familiar to Slabbed readers as we profiled the media coverage plus added a little of our own here, here and here. To shortcut things traffic violation appeals from the Parish court would be heard in the 24th Judicial District Courts where Robert Murphy is chief judge. We have since learned that there was an evergreen commission going to insurance agent Bryan Wagner for whom Judge Murphy’s wife Julie was associated. Aside from the fact that Jefferson Parish traffic appellate court now appears to be a rigged game is it now any surprise the two lawsuits against the red light camera have also languished in the 24th Judicial District Court?

Slabbed reports you decide.


12 thoughts on “Lights Camera Action!: A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update”

  1. A bottomless pit! Is there anything the Parish government does that doesn’t have some element of corruption?

  2. Speaking of bottomless pits I hope to further explore the River Birch bottomless pit very soon and tie a few more things together.


  3. Ok then, no remorse from Tommy. No sorry I boo-boo’d. No apology for using your tax dollars for my own aggrandizement. In fact a threat that he is going to try to continue the personal and professional relationships he has developed. That was exactly the problem Tommy. You were developing personal and professional relationships instead of doing your job as Parish Attorney. Personal and professional relationships that were unethical and possibly illegal. He just doesn’t get it. I am nauseated.

  4. Tom is fixing to find out some basic facts of life Unslabbed. What judge in their right mind would put the fix in for him knowing he may be wearing a wire?

    Slowly but surely Letten will get him in the ol’ ball squeeze just like he did to Hubbard.

    There is no honor among thieves.


  5. First, Mr. Wilkinson, and then Mr. Theriot.

    The US Attorney should have no hesitancy at the sentencing stage of Mr. Wilkinson’s trial to introduce his letter of resignation as referenced. No APPOLOGY to the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish, No REMORSE for his disgraceful conduct.

    ” I have truly enjoyed my tenure as Parish Attorney and look forward to continuing the personal and professional relationships I have developed” Mr. Wilkinson wrote.

    This man is truly delusional. The battery on my phone died from the amount of calls I received from people on all sides of the spectrum rejoicing in his downfall. And as to professional liaisons, forget it. Remember the old adage Tom ? What have you done for me lately…well, no one wants to be near you to do anything for them, you might be wired !

    Mr. Theriot tells us that Mr. Wilkinson’s resignation was consistant with the outcome that he himself believed to be in the best interests of the administration and the Council. If Mr. Theriot was not the gatekeeper he was illegally appointed to be, he would have fired this man for the best interests of the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish the first day in office.

    We have been told that Mr. Theriot’s stint as Louisiana Legislative Auditor, for a period of 5 years, ending with his retirement in Novenber 2009, was the best thing that could have happened, nothwithstanding his hijacked illegal appointment by the Parish Council. I noted on the Legilative Auditor’s web-site, FAQ Public Meetings Law, an enumeration of 30 queries, several which would have explained to Mr. Theriot why his appointment is still illegal. Do as I say, don’t do as I do !

    Mr. Theriot, as Legislative Auditor was charged with being “the watchdog of public spending”…obliged to”follow up on allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse”. Well where in the hell has this man been for the last 5 years as Mr. Coulon, Mr.Whitmer, Mr.Wilkinson and Mr. Broussard raped the Taxpayers of Jefferson Parish ? I have yet to find any evidence of any concern by Mr. Theriot as Legislative Auditor to investigate corruption in Jefferson Parish during his tenure. And there in lies the fraud of his appointment. He has been a Westbank politician and manipulator for 40 years. Councilmen like Mr. Capella and Mr. Roberts as kids were on the playground being run by Mr. Coulon and Mr.Whitmer, while Mr. Theriot was making his political bones under the tutelage of the master, Mr. John Alario.

    The Parish President does nothing but screw up; his excuse is that he’s only been in the position 7 weeks. The Parish Council does nothing and tells Mr. Theriot to handle what’s screwed up that’s why we put you there. What a conundrum !

    All which brings me to touch on a subject matter I am developing for another piece to write about at a more opportune time, the legal tort of DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE. With the help of my Bayou Lafouche legal eagle, le cousin, Placide, I am beginning to grasp the potential of social advocacy employing this legal doctrine. Having studied in France, Placide has some rather unconventional yet soundly reasoned arguments in promoting the use of this tort in the political arena. Pelican and I will need to get a bottle of Rebel Yell to discuss this more fully.

  6. Re: Tommyboy Wilkinson

    “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something.
    Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”

    Charles Manson

  7. Rumors are a buzzing about Lawrence Chehardy & Fred Heebee’s business relationships. Sounds like these two gentleman are going to see secret room to talk about how business is conducted in Jefferson Parish. There are major issues with their cozy relationship and with the firing of the Latter & Blum guy the feds must be all over Chehardy right now like a blue tick hound in Mississippi.

  8. If I were the feds I would value Mr Wilkinson’s testimony more than Mr Broussard because Wilkinson can give up most everyone, especially Mr Heebe. The land transactions ionvolving the landfill would be a very topic to research, especially zoning.

    It should not be lost on anyone that job was most recently occupied by Debbie Villio and would be an important position one to staff by someone freindly to the inside cause.


  9. Ignatius you are not seeing the forest for the trees:

    “The Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of the Jefferson Parish Code of Ordinances along with reviewing and issuing building permits for all structures, signs, and trash dumpsters in unincorporated Jefferson Parish. They also handle weed control, lot fill, abandoned vehicles, building abatement, and requirements for New Business Start-Ups.

    This department is an umbrella agency consisting of the following sections:

    Together, Building Plan Review, Site Plan Review and Building Inspections (Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical) regulate all new construction and renovations by issuing permits for all structures, signs, trash dumpsters, and site restrictions within the Parish. In addition, the Plan Review section issues permits for garage sales in unincorporated Jefferson Parish.

    The Zoning Section enforces Parish zoning laws pertaining to the use and upkeep of private property.”


    1. I consider this comment authoritative for background info on the landfill.

      There was a documented deal involving easements in at the DEQ. If memory serves all 4 volumes total 2200 pages and a couple are mammoth downloads.


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