I pulled the post on DA Connick and conflicts of interest…

Folks events are moving so quickly I had to pull the post as it contained a major factual error. DA Connick’s firm Connick and Connick is not representing Tom Wilkinson or Ken Trahan nor is the Parish as of yet paying their legal bills. I have not been contacted by anyone in Parish Government but in talking with other sources it became clear the accounts I received were confused somewhat. DA Connick’s firm does do work for the Parish just not in the capacity representing potential criminal defendants. We apologize in advance for any confusion this erroneous posting may have caused as we are committed to getting this story right.


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  1. Margie Seemann (a woman of many talents not the least of which is QUESTIONING the use of her tax dollars) asked to address the Council on Item #84. Council Chair Young suspended the rules to allow her to do so and she immediately related your post re #84 and asked if Slabbed was correct about what the Item could mean. Chris Roberts retorted he had no idea what Slabbed was but that all was well, patted her on her head and thought she would go away. The tenacious Miss Margie persisted to the point of seemingly reading from your post and asked if the Connick law firm had a conflict with all the outsourced work they already perform for the Parish ( some estimates say to the tune of a cool $1M per year) via the Risk Managment/Workers Comp work they do. Roberts replied it was not the DA Connick who did the work and then quickly punted to Pegs Barton the interim Parish Attorney. She’d already been slow to respond on a prior question and proceeded to on this one to say Roberts was right that it was not the DA. Miss Margie insisted it was Connick and Connick and that the DA was involved. Barton backed down and more gobbelty-gook spewed from her about the DA being only a minor partner in the firm or some such foolishness. Margie finally gave up and the Barton flubs mercifully ceased.

    1. Thank you for that important clarification Unslabbed. I will roll the corrected post back out later. I’ll note that in the very short time the factually incorrect post was up it received 13 views and several of those were from the Parish Government who were no doubt gleeful that I flubbed it. I’ll add we have a responsibility to those we identify as double dealers that we get their double dealing right.


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