Coming up at 9 on Fox 8

We’re told Val Bracy will be reporting on Team Wilkinson. I urge the Slabbed Nation to tune in. Meantime WWL Channel 4 has a Paul Murphy report on Wilkinson already up. Make no mistake folks this bunch on the Parish Council has only turned over what Mr Letten subpoenaed and is no more out front of this than the man on the moon. Again note how interim Parish President Theriot so easily fired the Deputy Parish Attorney that was in charge of public records requests that has no allegations of wrong doing associated with her yet continued to stand by his man Tom Wilkinson until his toxicity forced his hand and even now defends this at will employee despite the overwhelming evidence against him. All I can say is those “pictures” Wilkinson has on Theriot and Company must be good. The video is below the fold.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.926023&w=425&h=350&fv=]



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  1. “In addition to the reduced impacts and greater efficiencies associated with the Highway 90 alternative, the Highway 90 alternative likely will ameliorate community opposition and governmental concerns in Jefferson Parish associated with the proposal described in IER # 25.”

    Really. Ameliorate governmental conerns in Jefferson Parish will it…

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